Maritime Craft Breweries and Brewpubs

Nova Scotia 

2 Crows Brewing

9Zero2 Brewing

Alexander Keith's Brewery

Annapolis Brewing

Backstage Brewing

Bent Nail Brewery

Big Spruce Brewing

Boxing Rock Brewing

Breton Brewing

Brightwood Brewery

Candid Brewing

Cape Smokey Brewery *

The Church Brewing

Delta Force Brewing

FirkinStein Brewing

The Gahan House Brewery

Garrison Brewing

Good Robot Brewing

Half Cocked Brewing

The Harbour Brewing

Hardisty Brewing

Hell Bay Brewing

Heritage Brewing

Hill Top Hops' Brewhouse

Horton Ridge Malt & Grain

King Street Beer Co

Lazy Bear Brewing

Lightship Brewing

Lunn's Mill Beer Co.

Meander R
iver Farm and Brewery

New Scotland Brewing

Nine Locks Brewing

North Brewing

Off Track Brewing

Ol' Biddy's Brew House

Paddy's Pub

Painted Boat Beer Company

Propeller Brewing

Rare Bird Craft Beer

Roof Hound Brewing

Route 19 Brewing

Rudder's Brew Pub

Saltbox Brewing

Salty Killick Brewing *

Schoolhouse Brewery

Sea Level Brewing

Serpent Brewing

Shipwright Brewing

Smokehouse Nano Brewery

Sober Island Brewing

Spindrift Brewing

Stillwell Brewing Company

Tanner & Co Brewing

Tatamagouche Brewing

Topside Brewing

Unfiltered Brewing

Upstreet BBQ Brewhouse

Wayfarers' Ale

Prince Edward Island

The Gahan House Brewery

Lone Oak Brewing

Moth Lane Brewing

Prince Edward Island Brewing   

Upstreet Craft Brewing

Village Green by Modern Brewer

New Brunswick

13 Barrels Brewing 

Acadie-Broue Nanobrasserie

AWOL Brewery Corp

Bagtown Brewing Company

Big Axe Brewery, Bistro and B&B

Big Tide Brewing

Brasserie Chockpish

Brasseux d'la Côte

Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault    

Broue du Païen

Cask and Kettle Brewing

CAVOK Brewing

Celtic Knot Brewing

Cross Creek Brewing

Distillerie Fils Du Roy

Downtown Brewing *

Flying Boats Brewing

Foghorn Brewing

Four Rivers Brewing

Gahan House Hub City

Gahan House Port City

Gahan House Riverside

Gore Farm Brewery

Grand Falls Brewing

Graystone Brewing

Gridiron Brewing

Grimross Brewing

Hammond River Brewery

Hampton Brewing Co.

Happy Craft Brewing

Holy Whale Brewery

Hop To It Brewing

Johnny Jacks Brewery

King West Brewing Co

Long Bay Brewery

Loyalist City Brewing

Mama's Pub

Maybee Brewing Company

Microbrasserie Houblon-Pêcheur

Microbrasserie - Microbrewery Sanfar & Resort

Moosehead Small Batch

Morale Brewsters

New Maritime Beer Co

Novum Boreas Microbrasserie

O'Creek Brewing

Off Grid Ales

Picaroons Traditional Ales

Pump House Brewery

Retro Brewing

Saint Andrews Brewing Co

Savoie's Brewhouse

Sussex Ale Works


Think Brewing

Tide & Boar Brewing

Timber Ship Brewing

Tobique River Trading Co

Trail Way Brewing

(Breweries denoted in red and * are in development)


Annapolis Cider

Bluff Cider

Boars Back Cider

Bulwark Traditional Craft Cider

Casa Nova Fine Beverages

Chain Yard Cider

Coastliner Craft Cider

Corberrie Cider

Double Hill Cidery

Dunhams Run Estate Winery

Elderkin's Traditional Hard Cider

Faraway Cider

Gagetown Distilling & Cidery

Island Folk Cider House

Lake City Cider

Lovelace Corner Cidery

gash Cidery

Meadowood Cider *

Maritime Express Cider

No Boats On Sunday

Noggins Cider

Red Island Cider

Red Rover Brewing Company
Stutz Premium Craft Cider

Tideview Cider

Yip Cider

York County Cider 


Midgard Meadery

Mountain Meadworks

Sunset Heights Meadery

Ursan Meadery