Monday, October 23, 2017

2017 Atlantic Canadian Beer Awards Results

(Halifax,NS) - The fourth annual Atlantic Canadian Beer Awards were held on October 22nd in Halifax with a Gala and Dinner at The Stubborn Goat Gastropub. The judging of over 300 entries had taken place the previous week end on October 14th and 15th in Halifax. 

Atllantic breweries and cideries shared the 42 medals awarded in 14 categories as well as seven special awards ( To see full medal counts see Table 1 and category details see Table 2). The People's Choice Award was garnered by an online survey from all the submitted beers and ciders. 

The big winner of the evening was Big Spruce Brewing taking five medals and Brewery of the Year with Breton Brewing nabbing two gold medals and Beer of the Year or "Best of Show" with their Stirling Hefeweizen. Last but not least Paddy's Pub took Brewpub of the year.

The Cider House of the Year as well as a gold and bronze went to Chain Yard Urban Cidery and the Cider of the Year was awarded to Red Rover Craft Cider for their Fall Cider. 

The People’s Choice for Beer and Cider went to Upstreet Craft Brewing for Go Devil grabbing the beer category and Yip Cider getting the cider category for their Original 

Table 1 : Medal counts 

Breweries Gold Silver Bronze  Total
Big Spruce Brewing 1 4 0 5
Tatamagouche Brewing 1 2 1 4
North Brewing 1 0 2 3
Breton Brewing 2 0 0 2
Boxing Rock Brewing  1 1 0 2
Garrison Brewing 1 0 1 2
Chain Yard Urban Cidery 1 0 1 2
2 Crows Brewing 0 1 1 2
Good Robot Brewing 0 0 2 2
Pump House Brewery 1 0 0 1
Trider's Craft Beer 1 0 0 1
Sea Level Brewing 1 0 0 1
Alexander Keith's Brewery 1 0 0 1
Roof Hound Brewing 1 0 0 1
Red Rover Craft Cider 1 0 0 1
Moosehead Breweries 0 1 0 1
Split Rock Brewing 0 1 0 1
Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault 0 1 0 1
Uncle Leo's Brewery 0 1 0 1
Yip Cider 0 1 0 1
ShipBuilders Cider 0 1 0 1
Oland Brewery 0 0 1 1
Quidi Vidi Brewing 0 0 1 1
Hammond River Brewing  0 0 1 1
Big Axe Brewery 0 0 1 1
Nine Locks Brewery 0 0 1 1
Coastliner Craft Cider 0 0 1 1

Table 2 : Full Beer and Cider Category Breakdown 

North American & European Style Lager
BRONZE - Good Robot Brewing Co. - Extra BIG-ASS Beer
SILVER – Moosehead Breweries Ltd. - Moosehead Lager
GOLD – Boxing Rock Brewing Co. - Stayin Alive Bock

German Style Specialty Ales
BRONZE – North Brewing Company - Little Beast
SILVER – Tatamagouche Brewing Co. - North Shore Lagered Ale
GOLD – Breton Brewing Co. - Stirling Hefeweizen

UK Style Specialty Ales
BRONZE – Garrison Brewing Co. - Irish Red
SILVER – Split Rock Brewing Co. - Alli's Big Brown Ale
GOLD – Pump House Brewery - Barley Wine Ale

North American Style Specialty Ales
BRONZE – Oland Brewery - Keith's IPA
SILVER – Tatamagouche Brewing Co. - Giantess Barley Wine
GOLD – Trider's Craft Beer - Brew-Deau

Belgian Style Specialty Ales
BRONZE – Quidi Vidi Brewing Company - Winter Ale
SILVER – Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault - Tante Blanche
GOLD – Big Spruce Brewing - S'Il Vous Plait

North American Style Amber/Red Ales
BRONZE – Hammond River Brewing - Red Coat India Red Ale
SILVER – Boxing Rock Brewing Co. - Temptation Red Ale
GOLD – Sea Level Brewing Co. - Blue Heron Extra Special Bitter

Fruit & Field Beer
BRONZE – Tatamagouche Brewing Co. - Rushton's Peach
SILVER – Big Spruce Brewing - Guava GetMeSome!
GOLD – Alexander Keith's Brewery - Hortonville's Pumpkin Ale

Pale Ales
BRONZE – North Brewing Company - Priority Pale Ale
SILVER – Big Spruce Brewing - Kitchen Party
GOLD – Breton Brewing Co. - Seven Years Pale Ale

Stout / Porter
BRONZE – Big Axe Brewery - Shakespeare Stout
SILVER – 2 Crows Brewing Co. - Midnight Mood
GOLD – Tatamagouche Brewing Co. - Two Rivers Baltic Porter

India Pale Ales
BRONZE – Nine Locks Brewery - Fathom DIPA
SILVER – Big Spruce Brewing - Tim's Dirty American
GOLD – Roof Hound Brewing Co. Ltd. - Big Stink IPA

Experimental Beers
BRONZE – Good Robot Brewing Co. - Damn Fine Coffee & Cherry Pie v3.0
SILVER – Uncle Leo's Brewery - Nachtical Illusion
GOLD – North Brewing Company - Oh My Darlin - Clementine Brett Pale Ale

Wood & Barrel-Aged Beer
BRONZE – 2 Crows Brewing Co. - Bonanza! Wheat Wine
SILVER – Big Spruce Brewing - Wild Wild Wit
GOLD – Garrison Brewing Co. - Barrel-Aged Barley Wine

Standard Cider & Perry
BRONZE – Coastliner Craft Cider - Coastliner Original
SILVER – Yip Cider - Russett
GOLD – Chain Yard Urban Cidery - Foundation

Specialty Cider & Perry
BRONZE – Chain Yard Urban Cidery - Hopped Up
SILVER – ShipBuilders Cider Ltd. - Sid's Chai Apple Cider
GOLD – Red Rover Craft Cider - Fall Cider

Friday, October 20, 2017

Boxing Rock and Garrison Brewing to Collaborate on Tribute to Gord Downie

(Halifax, NS) -  Over the past few months Garrison Brewing and Boxing Rock Brewing have worked with graphic artist Erin McGuire to develop a limited release craft beer based on his Tragically Hip-inspired artwork ‘By the Numbers’. The beer will release in late-November as a true collaboration and fundraiser for the Brain Tumour Foundation.
Erin McGuire with 'By The Numbers'
This summer past, Erin McGuire, faculty with the NSCC Photography program and Graphic Designer, approached Emily Tipton, Founding Partner at Boxing Rock in Shelburne, with the idea of using his original design for a craft beer label. “When Erin first approached me, we set a release timeline for late fall” said Tipton. “Over the past month we’ve been working to fine tune the label and now, with the loss of Gord, things have grown from a fundraising release into a tribute to an iconic Canadian singer we all knew and loved.”
 Emily then reached out to Brian Titus, President and GM of Garrison, to gauge his interest in making this a collaboration. “No question. We’re massive Hip fans and we’re in!” said Titus. “We traded a few emails with the good folks at Boxing Rock and we soon had a style, recipe and brew-day on the calendar.”
Erin’s artwork ‘By The Numbers’ brings all the numerical references from Tragically Hip songs together into one phenomenal piece. “Last fall when the announcement was made that Gord Downie had been diagnosed with brain cancer I was floored. I’m a lifelong Hip fan and this news left me wanting to do something….anything…to try and help” said McGuire. “The poster I made sold out through In Gord We Trust and I wanted to keep doing good with the concept”
Titled “Courage (for Gord Downie)”, the beer will be a refreshing and premium amber Wheat Ale – bold, beautiful and special - just like Gord. Just over 2000 bottles will be produced with a portion of all sales going to the Brain Tumour Foundation.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hammond River Brewing Launches HRB Beer Club

(Rothesay, NB) - Hammond River Brewing is launching a beer club on October 20th. They say for $50 per year you will receive the following benefits over the next one year.
  • For every pint purchased you will receive an additional 5oz taster of any HRB beer on tap.
  • A punch card where you will receive a free Growler fill for every 10 Growlers filled.
  • A 15% discount on all HRB merchandise (ie, ball caps, toques, t-shirts, hoodies, glassware)
  • A bottle of beer of any new beer that comes off the HRB bottling line.
  • Free flight of beer on your Birthday
  • An HRB branded Belgian Chalice beer glass
  • Your choice of an HRB Ball Cap or Toque
  • An email newsletter with insider info and tastings on some special beers before they are released.
Swing by the brewery to purchase a Membership. 

North Brewing Releasing Ensō, Barrel-Aged Sour Brown

(Halifax, NS) - North Brewing says on Friday they will be releasing Ensō, barrel-aged sour brown ale. This beer was aged in oak barrels for four months and then bottle conditioned. Four unblended barrels were packaged and have notes of stone fruit, tart pear, vanilla and molasses. Ensō will be available in 650mL bottles in both North Brewing shops. 

Holy Whale Brewery Starts Serving Its Own Beer

(Alma, NB) - Holy Whale Brewery are now serving their own beer. They are testing out various styles until their grand opening in December. By this weekend, they will have an APA, a session IPA, and an Irish red pouring in-house only.

Trailway Brewing Releases Triple IPA

(Fredericton, NB) - Trailway Brewing pushed their brewhouse, theirr ingredients and their own technique to the limit for their latest release! Their 'biggest' beer produced to date is TRIPPA, a Triple IPA. Trippa was hopped, generously, with Idaho7, Ella and Vic Secret,  a truly tropical hop combo. It is 10% ABV and described as "Aromatic and juice-like with a super silky mouthfeel and pillowy body.and will be on tap and in cans this Friday at noon.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Breton Brewing Releases Trio of Seasonals

(Sydney, NS) - Breton Brewing are releasing a trio of beers over the next week. 
Storm Chaser Vanilla Oatmeal Stout is as bracing as a winter gale. Expect a flurry of vanilla, warm hints of roasted coffee and velvety chocolate. This smooth, cozy, easy drinking stout is brewed with the holidays in mind, no matter the time of year. ABV 5.5% IBU 35
Island Time is a Munich Helles Lager that is brewed with care, to be enjoyed in good time. Savour the bright, malty character of this clean, refreshing beer under swaying palms, or any patio umbrella. ABV 4.3% IBU 14
Coming next week, Seven Years Pale Ale, which was brewed in collaboration with Brathair Brewing, has seven hop additions that lead to flavours of tropical fruits, berries, and tangerine, balanced by a caramel finish. This New England Style Pale Ale packs a lot of hop flavour without the bitterness. ABV 5.2% IBU 25
Look for these at the Breton Brewing taproom and in Halifax at Harvest Wine and Spirits, Bishops Cellar, Rockhead Wine and Beer Market and Westside Beer Wine and Spirits.

Backstage Brewing Opens in Stellarton

(Stellarton, NS) - Backstage Brewing should be opening this month at 37 Bridge Avenue in Stellarton Nova Scotia. Head Brewer A.J. Leadbetter took time from building his brewery recently to answer a few questions about himself and Backstage Brewing. 

Maritime Beer Report (MBR): Where are you from?
A.J. Leadbetter (AJ): I’m a Stellarton boy.

MBR: What is your brewing experience?
AJ: I’ve been home brewing a few years now. I made the jump to all-grain after a few weeks and haven’t looked back. I’m a foodie so that creativeness that makes me want to make great food also lit the fire to make great beers.

MBR: What made you want to open a brewery?
AJ: Before I got into home brewing, Beth and I used to have wing parties. We’d deep fry hundreds of wings and all our friends would come over. They were great parties. Once we introduced the beer I had been making to these parties they quickly turned into “The Leadbetter’s Beer Party”. Almost a cult following. haha

MBR: How big will it be to start?
AJ: Once we are at full production we will be doing 2.5 BBL batches.

MBR: How do you plan on selling your beer? store, farmers market, etc
AJ:Our plan is to sell most of our beer out of the brewery and taproom.

MBR: Do you have bars lined up to sell your beer?
AJ: I haven’t approached many yet but the few I’ve approached have shown interest.

MBR: What styles of beer are you planning to make?
AJ: We have 4-5 that will be in our core line-up.

  • Daydreamer is a pale ale that comes in at 4.8% and 21 IBU.
  • Hangover Helper is an American Pale. 5.3% and 40 IBU. Light bodied and packed with flavor.
  • Headliner is big juicy IPA. It’s 6.3% and 60 IBU.
  • Gemini is a DIPA. 8% and 100+ IBU. It’s big! It’s bitter! And surprisingly easy to drink!
  • None More is an American Stout. 6.6% and 75 IBU. Roasted, Hoppy, and Black. How much more black can it be? None.

We’ll also be throwing in some seasonal beers as well.

MBR: What area of Stellarton is your planned taproom?
AJ: The taproom will be located on Bridge Avenue in Stellarton. We really look forward to bring craft beer to Stellarton. When all is said and done, we want to offer 12 taps of Nova Scotia craft beer and also have a cider on tap for those who don’t do beer.

MBR: Anything else you would like to add?
AJ: We look forward to getting beer out there for people to enjoy.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Half Cocked Brewing Releases First Harvest DIPA

(North Grant, NS) - Half Cocked Brewing released their first annual Changing Seasons beer and is a wet hopped Double IPA called First Harvest. Brewed with a blend of their own hops and double dry hopped with Columbus, this 8.3% ABV beer is described as "grassy, dank, and delicious".

Sober Island and ShipBuilders Release Core & Keel

(Sheet Harbour & Petite Riviere, NS) - Sober Island Brewing and ShipBuilders Cider have released Core & Keel Cider and Oyster Stout. Core and Keel is almost exactly a 50-50 formula with just a bit more stout than cider. It will only be available in farmer markets and at the respective shops shops in Sheet Harbour (Sober Island) and Petite Riviere Vineyards (ShipBuilders). It will also be available in select bars on tap. 

Propeller Brewing Releases Next Small Batch Beer

(Halifax, NS) - Propeller Brewing released Citra IPA (6.2% ABV and 50 IBUs), the latest Gottingen Small Batch Beer that will mark the first release of  Propeller Hop Collection – an experimental series designed to showcase unique hop varieties from around the world.  
Generous amounts of Citra hops reveal bright citrus and melon aromas and flavours which are complimented by earthy and piney tones from Simcoe hop additions. This Citra IPA gets its distinctive brown color from Blackprinz and Munich malts. Limited release at Gottingen and Windmill locations in growlers and pints only. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Horton Ridge Collaborates on New Beer

(Hortonville, NS) - Horton Ridge Malt and Grain brewed a collaborative beer with "The Godfather of Valley Brewing" Randy Lawerence of Sea Level Brewing. The beer is a Marzen and will be their Oktoberfest 2017 special. It is created made with their Pilsner and Vienna malts from Hortonville, locally grown Hallertau hops mashed in with grist and Hallertauer & Maderina Bavaria added during boil with a Nottingham yeast. The 4.8% ABU ale will be released on October 21st at Horton Ridge's Oktoberfest as well as at Sea Level's retail as Hoptoberfest.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Trider's Craft Beer releases Pumpkin Ale-Ixer

(Amherst, NS) - Trider's Craft Beer are releasing their new pumpkin beer this week in 500 ml bottles. The beer is called Pumpkin Ale-Ixer. The 5.6% ABV ale was made from this seasons fresh pumpkins, that's why it's out a little later than other pumpkin brews, oven roasted with brown sugar and then added to the boil. They lightly spiced it during conditioning with a secret blend of organic spices. There is only one 7 bbl batch for this fall season so get it while you can. 

Ol' Biddy's Brew House Opening in Lower Sackville

(Lower Sackville, NS) - Ol' Biddy Brew House has been quietly working toward opening a new nanobrewery in Lower Sackville Nova Scotia. Co-owner and brewer Keith Forbes is well known in the homebrewing community in the Maritimes. Although opening is a few weeks off Keith took time to answer a few questions on his operation and upcoming plans.

Ol' Biddy
Maritime Beer Report (MBR): Where are you from?
Keith Forbes (OBB): Originally I'm from Lakeview NS just outside Sackville and before Windsor Junction. My wife, Erin Delaney-Forbes, is from Lower Sackville.  

MBR: What is your brewing experience?
OBB: I started homebrewing about 7 years ago and have 5 years designing and brewing my own recipes. The experience came from a few sit in brews to get a feel for the process early on and involved a ton reading of various books. A much larger part was my involvement with Brewnosers and many friends in the industry who always provided honest quality feed back. 

MBR: What made you want to open a brewery?
OBB: Really I simply love beer. If it's brewing, helping someone through issues, chatting about what we are drinking, etc.  It's a passion and wanted to launch a brewery due to my love of beer.  I love sharing my creations and feel this is the best avenue to do so.

MBR: How big will your brewery be to start?
OBB: We will be quite small starting out at 1 BBL based out of our home and only producing 3 batches every 2 weeks to start.  The first year we don't anticipate brewing over 80 hectoliters or 8,000 liters.  Sounds like a lot but really it's a drop in the beer barrel. To put it into perspective.  We will have enough beer to serve 45 customers weekly if each bought a 12 pack (2 growlers).  

MBR: How do you plan on selling your beer?
OBB: Initially through select tap accounts, in the future we would like to offer growler fills if it's feasible. However, we will wait and see what the next month brings. 

MBR: Do you have bars lined up to sell your beer?
OBB: Working on a few but those are wide open.  Hope to hear from a few in the near future.  Have an account lined up in Lower Sackville but I'll keep that top secret for now. As a note looking for tap accounts 1 each in HRM, Cole Harbour, Dartmouth, Halifax, and Bedford.

MBR: When do you plan on opening?
OBB: ASAP haha. But hopefully before December.

MBR: What styles of beer are you planning to make?
OBB: Initial offerings will be our Funktown American Pale Ale that won a Gold medal in the Brewnosers National Competition in 2015.  Our Even Gooder Coffee Brown which has been referred to as the "Cocaine and Hookers of Beer" along with our Disco Inferno Red IPA which took peoples choice at the Big Strange Brew New Brunswick.  We also have 25 other recipes that you'll see released sporadically throughout the year as seasonals.

MBR: Anything else you would like to add?
OBB: Look forward to launching this brewery and sharing our creations with everyone.  If you see us out, feel free to chat over a pint.

Look for opening details here or follow Ol' Biddy on twitter

Boxing Rock releases Seasonal Next Chapter Rye IPA

(Shelburne, NS) - Boxing Rock Brewing released its seasonal The Next Chapter Rye IPA. The ale was first brewed in 2015 as a collaboration with rogue brewer Andrew Estabrooks who is now the head brewer at Foghorn Brewing in Rothesay, NB.Boxing Rock says it has "Lots of hoppy citrus, tropical fruit, and a bit of pine balanced out by the malt, which contains malt grown right here in Atlantic Canada, and over 30% rye malt for a really great background spiciness". Next Chapter will be available for the next several months at your local NSLC store, as well as RockHead Beer and Wine Market, Westside Beer, Wine & Spirits, Harvest Wines, and Bishop’s Cellar. As well you can get it at the brewery retail store in Shelburne, or in growlers at the Halifax Seaport Market or the Alderney Farmers' Market on Saturdays.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Pump House Brewery Releases Oktoberfest Beer

(Moncton, NB) - The Pump House Brewery has released its seasonal. Pump House says "the Oktoberfest beer is medium-bodied and has an abundance of maltiness, while the mouthfeel is velvety and creamy due to relatively low carbonation levels typical for a Munich Oktoberfestbier served from wooden barrels. The hop bitterness is very moderate, never dominating the taste profile.Although the alcohol level is slightly more elevated than an average mainstream beer, the phenolic taste of alcohol is not noticeable. Our Oktoberfest beer has the potential to be an every day beer, but we think it is best to serve on special occasions (such as Oktoberfest)". The beer is 5.5% ABV and 12 IBU and available now in 6 packs and on tap now.

Big Spruce Brewing Drops a New IPA and Wit

 Guava Get Me Some IPA (left)
and Wild Wild Wit (right)
(Nyanza, NS) - Big Spruce Brewing released Guava Get Me Some IPA (6.4% and 62 IBU) with organic guava. Notes from Big Spruce - Tropical, late addition hops and lots of fruit. They also released Wild Wild Wit, a farmhouse beer fermented on their proprietary wild yeast and then barrel aged in Francis Ford Coppola Chardonnay Barrels for 2 months. Described as Smooth, floral, easy drinking that rings in at 4.5% and 17 IBU. Both are available now at the brewery and will be at select taps. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Picaroons Traditional Ales Releases a Trio of Beers

(Fredericton, NB) - Picaroons Traditional Ales released its latest iteration of Pivot Imperial IPA. This time they are showcasing a lot of Sorachi Ace from Moose Mountain Hops plus Warrior in the hop perc and then Azacca to dry-hop with. From Picaroons "This batch is notably more bitter than some other batches, as well as dry. There's little floral taste happening however the Azacca and Warrior are still dominating with a great citrus and tropical fruit facet on top of everything else. This batch also came out extra bright and clear. In a world where hazy (and delicious) New England style IPA's are on the rise, it's sort of nice to see such a hop forward ale be so crisp and clear". 

Gourd Browny is back with a slightly different recipe this time. This pumpkin spiced brown ale is now 5.6% ABV. and was brewed with modest amounts real cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and nutmeg. Medium bodied and low hopped, the brown is  approachable with the spices adding a great warmth. On tap at The Picaroons Roundhouse as well as The Brewtique in Downtown Fredericton and will start getting tapped everywhere else next week. 

Lastly Harvest Ale is back, made with Maritime grain and freshly harvested hops from different local hop farmers around the Maritimes. This year they are showcasing hops from two different New Brunswick based hop farms. They used the proprietary hop from Moose Mountain Hops, and paired them up with centennial hops from Bloomfield Hops. Picaroons added they are very proud in fact to say we were Bloomfield Hop Farms’ very first sale. This first batch, batch 462/463, is a bit lighter in colour than other years and Picaroons also increased the dry-hopping more to really let the hops stick out. Bottles and kegs started shipping in New Brunswick this week.

Graystone Brewing Returns United Hops Harvest IPA

(Fredericton, NB) - Graystone Brewing brewed its United Hops Harvest IPA again for 2017. The community sourced ale is made with a mix of donated hops from Fredericton locals including Idaho 7 and El Dorado. The beer is a full bodied IPA brew and is a fundraising effort for United Way Central New Brunswick in which Graystone donates a $1 for every pint, crowler and growler purchased. 

Annapolis Cider Company Releases Currant & Cardamom

(Wolfville, NS) - Annapolis Cider Company has a new Something Different out just in time for Thanksgiving Dinner. Currant & Cardamom is a 6.8% ABV unfiltered sparkling cider made from cool-fermented dry cider, featuring early harvested apples, including Vista Bella, Paula Red and Jersey Mac, blended with fresh blackcurrant juice and infused with green cardamom pods. The resulting cider has an intense purple hue with notes of tangy blackcurrant and subtle aromatic autumn spice with a hint of bitter in the clean, dry finish.
As with other ciders in this series $0.50 from each refill of Currant & Cardamon will support a local charity. This time it is Valley Hospice Foundation, in establishing a Hospice and Palliative Care Centre, and enriching the enhancement of Hospice and Palliative Care in the Annapolis Valley.

Trailway Brewing releases Keejay Session IPA

(Fredericton, NB) - Trailway Brewing released Keejay Session IPA this week. The unique brew is generously hopped with Mosaic, Idaho7 and cashmere and then hit with a healthy dose of lactose resulting in an extreme tropical juice bomb. Trailway describes Keejay as "Super aromatic while the lactose provides a pillowy, creamy, juice-like body". They kept this one at a very sessionable 4% ABV and say if you liked Green Island you'll love this one. On sale now at the brewery in Fredericton North.

Sober Island Brewing Releases Two New Beers

(Sheet Harbour, NS) - Sober Island Brewing released two new beers just in time for the Thanksgiving week end. The first is their Chanterelle Mild Ale, the first release of their new Foraged Series. The 4% ABV ale was brewed with 25 lbs of locally foraged chanterelles and Sober Island describes it as having a "smooth, nutty and earthy profile".
The other beer is the Harvest Rye Ale and is a continuation of their Rye Series. Heavier in the alcohol at 7.4% ABVit has a stewed stone fruit character and a spicy finish that pairs well with those cool fall days.
Get one or both of them this weekend at the Farmers Markets they are at.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Tanner & Co. Brewing Opening This Week End

(Chester Basin, NS) - Tanner & Co. Brewing will be opening its doors and taps this week end, October 7th and 8th. As reported back in June, Dan Tanner and partner Peggy Locke will be producing many beers in which some will not be very common in this market.
The brewery at 50 Angus Hiltz Road in Chester Basin will have six beers for sale this week end including American Pale Ale, Belgian Blonde, Imperial Milk Stout with Masala Chai, Lemon Lavender Saison, Dampfbier, and Roggenbier. The hours this week end will be from 12:00 noon to 6:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday or until the beer is gone.

Chain Yard Urban Cidery Releases Cherry 3.14

(Halifax, NS) - Chain Yard released Cherry 3.14 cider yesterday. The ABV is 5.5% and is a blend of two wild ferments. Chain Yard says "Wild Foundation meets a wild cherry, this refreshingly clean cider bursts with big cherry flavour followed by notes of spiced cherry pie". They used Jonagold, Northern Spy and MacIntosh apples for the foundation blend  wild ferment  with sweet cherries from Stirling Fruit Farms

Downeast Beer Factory Ceases Operations

(Dartmouth, NS) - After a little over a year in operation Downeast Beer Factory has shuttered its operation. Plagued by poor reviews of the restaurant and lawsuits from investors the brewery failed to tap in to the success other Nova Scotia craft brewers are enjoying. 
I visited the operation a couple of weeks ago and knew it was circling the drain as they had started offering macro beer and there was a local distillery touring the building as a potential investor. I have heard there is a Nova Scotia brewery looking at the the location but the whole brewhouse will need to be redone as it was very poorly installed. 
This was Harold MacKay's third attempt at a brewery previously opening Maritime Beer Company and Keltic Brewing. Doiwneast is the first brewery to go out of business in Nova Scotia since Hart & Thistle in 2014. 

Uncle Leo's to Release Special Oktoberfest Sampler

(Lyons Brook, NS) - Uncle Leo's Brewery is releasing a special 4-pack Oktoberfest Sampler. The package will include the multi-award winning Voh's Weizenbier, the multi-award winning Altbier, Ceilidh Ale Kölsch and introducing NACHTical Illusion Schwarzbier.
Created in honour of Oktoberfest that attracts 6 million people annually and has been held since the middle ages. Each of the four styles highlight a region of Germany. Altbier is from Dusseldorf, Kölsch from Cologne, Weizenbier from Bavaria and Schwarzbier from the Southeast. 
The sampler packs will be available at the brewery this week end and hitting the NSLC shelves in a week or so and is for a limited time only, until November 19 or while supplies last and should be retailing for around $16.60.

Big Spruce to release Special Edition One Hundred Ale

(Nyanza, NS) - Big Spruce Brewing "conspired" with Horton Ridge Malt & Grain Co to produce a special edition canned batch of their 100% Nova Scotia ingredient beer, One Hundred Cape Breton Wild Ale . This beer will feature Big Spruce's wild proprietary yeast, their organic hops and organic barley and rye grown in the Annapolis Valley at Horton Ridge. The beer will be available toward the end of October when more details will be released. 

Garrison Releases Latest Federation of Beer

(Halifax, NS) - Garrison Brewing has released Star Trek Borg Ale its latest in their series under license from Federation of Beer. Star Trek Borg Ale is a delicious black ale made with dark munich and black malts. Garrison says "We are the Borg, and this is our ale. Lower your shields, raise a glass, and surrender your taste-buds. Resistance is futile… But, that’s OK because this is the most advanced black ale in the entire Delta Quadrant." The ale checks in at 5.6% ABV and 25 IBU and is available at the brewery.