Friday, October 31, 2014

Maritime Beer Report - October 31, 2014

Hello and welcome to the October 31 edition of the Maritime Beer Report

Big Axe Brewery are preparing for a busy weekend and ANBL growler fills next week but had time to get a new beer on tap. From Big Axe "Partidgeberry Belgian Ale is light to pale gold in colour, it weighs in at 5.6%.  Brewed with pefect combination of fall spices like corriander, real oranges, partidgeberries from Newfoundland and Saaz hops. Addition of partidgeberry lends this beer mild but complex tartiness and mild berry, clove and cinnamon aroma" .

Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault has given me a few details on their new amber ale. It is coming next Thursday, Nov. 6th for growler fills and on tap in bars and restaurants locally but will be bottled next January, as part of their regular offer. The name is a secret until it is released next Thursday, but they say it's in the same spirit as Bob and Blanche. They describe it as "amber ale, with up front caramel notes, toasted bread aroma, hints of toffee, roastiness and fruitiness. Well rounded with balanced bitterness. Made with local specialty malts, it has 27 IBUs and 5.5% ABV."

Hammond River Brewing and the Saint John Ale House will be hosting the first annual Hammond River Brewing homebrew competition soon. What is available right now is that it will be a BJCP certified event, entry deadline will be January 16th, it will be open to all NB homebrewers, and the style will be category 21b (Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer). More details soon

Picaroons Traditional Ales will start releasing Winter Warmer tomorrow and there will be a launch party with Shivering Songs pals on Wednesday November 5th. They also busy this week brewing Feels Good Imperial Pilsner. 

The Pump House Brewery says that Glenn's Barley Wine is on tap at The Pump House Restaurant & Brewery at 5 Orange Lane in Moncton. They say get down early as it won't be on for long and only while supply lasts. The Limited Edition Stonefire Ale officially dropped yesterday at The Pump House Restaurant location and again thay say to make sure you get down to pick up your bottles while supplies last. If you don't get to Moncton and live in Nova Scotia I heard they shipped a pallet down to NSLC of 576 bottles, it should be in stores sometime next month, watch my twitter feed for a heads up.

Railcar Brewing finally opens tomorrow. To celebrate they are taking 10% off all merchandise tomorrow. They will have Railcar Red, SMaSH IPA and their Artisian Brown ready. The space isn't 100% finished but it's well on it's way. Stop in and share their vision.

Shiretown Brewing's new Porter the "Venezuelan Express" is now on tap at the King Street Ale House in Fredericton! This Porter has tasty coffee, chocolatey, roasted notes with nice clean finish hopped with a local unknown hops. It has an ABV of 5% and about 25 IBU's approximately.

A new brewery is coming soon to the Fredericton North area. Trail Way Brewing popped on twitter this week and watch for a full report about the brewery when they have a chance to send me the details.

Authentic Seacoast Brewing Company says their award-winning Rare Bird Craft Beer Pumpkin Ale is now available for sale in Dartmouth at Harvest Wines and Spirits, Bishop's Cellar in Halifax, Cristall Wine Merchants in Bedford and the Rare Bird Pub in Guysborough. 

Big Spruce Brewing brewed their 200th batch and decided to bring something back, because fans all asked for it so many times this summer. The Whole 9 Yards should be ready in a few weeks.

Boxing Rock Brewing Company is having a party tomorrow from 12 to 3 PM at the brewery 78 Ohio Road in Shelburne. There will be a BBQ and other snacks starting at 12. First come, first served. they are having free tours and free samples. Check for details on their facebook page

Garrison Brewing Company announced that The Klingon Empire has landed and taken over Garrison Brewing to produce a dark and spicy Klingon ale. Warnog Roggen Dunkel invades just in time for Hal-Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy Convention The style is hybrid German - Dunkelweizen with a rye twist - so darker with chocolate notes & all the great taste a true weizen yeast brings. It is a 5.5% ABV beer.

Meander River Farm has a new beer on . Smokey Chipotle Porter is brewed with cherry smoked malt and infused with chipotle peppers, this brew has rich dark chocolate notes with a nice hop balance, full smokey flavour and a subtle bite of spice on the finish and comes in at 7.2% ABV. 

Rockbottom Brewpub had a smoked lager on this week, a classic rauchbier to be precise. It is brewed with 82% of the grist as beechwood smoked malt, the remainder being Munich malt. It's also laced with a healthy dose of Hallertau Tradition hops. It was preview of the main batch that will soon be hitting the taps. It is a 5.3% ABV beer.

Schoolhouse Brewery had a great announcement that their flagship beers "The Chequers" and "Principal Ale" as well as their "Hants County Hop Series" will be featured at Bar Stillwell this coming week end. They will  also have its Hants County Goldings, Hants County Galena, Hants County Zeus, Hants County Zeus and Galena on, they come in 20-30 IBUs and  4.5% ABV.

Tatamagouche Brewing Company launched their newest beer, an India Black Ale named DREADNOT, after a ship built in Tatamagouche in 1877. This beer is 7% and is partially hopped with Malagash grown Cascade. Dreadnot is a bold IBA with pronounced citrus and floral hop aromas. The debittered black malt lends a dark hue, with hints of roastiness while generous amounts of Waimea, El Dorado, and Malagash grown Cascade provide citrus flavours with subtle pine characteristics. They also say they have a very small quantity available this time around, but looking to brew it again in the new future. It is available only in growlers this time, and in a few licensees: The Stirling Room (Tatamagouche), Stubborn Goat, Bar Stillwell, and Lion and Bright.

I hope everyone has a great and safe Halloween and until next time enjoy responsibly.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Canadian Beer Day November 28, 2014 - A day to celebrate Canadian Beer

The morning of October 27th  I noticed on twitter it was American Beer Day. This led me to look for when Canadian Beer Day was and my search came up empty. This brought me to tweet "I see today is #AmericanBeerDay . Is there a #CanadianBeerDay ?  Oh and Happy #AmericanBeerDay". What came next was a flurry of activity from Lloyd Chambers of Fredericton Craft Beer Festival and Troy Kirby of Pub Magazine and ultimately a let's do it.

The date picked is November 28th to celebrate proudly suds made in Canada and all the breweries and brewers that make what we love. Watch for details coming soon and make sure to use the hashtag.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Maritime Beer Report - October 24, 2014

Welcome to the October 24th edition of the Maritime Beer Report. It is kind of a slow news week this week.

New rules to the liquor control act are coming into effect will allow P.E.I. brew pubs and microbreweries to produce stronger beer for their customers. The Prince Edward Island Liquor Control Commission had limited brewing beer with no higher than 6.5 per cent alcohol content. But beer products from other provinces and countries with higher alcohol content could be sold. The change, set to take place tomorrow, watch for some new beers out of PEI.

Big Axe Brewery was brewing Shakesbeer Stout getting ready for ANBL growler fills November 5 Prospect Street store. 

Hammond River Brewing is gving a heads up to everyone that they are participating in the ANBL growler program again at the KV store.  On November 20th they will have Red Coat India Red Ale and Christmas week they will feature Back In Black Oatmeal Stout that is infused with Star Anise.

You can tell colder weather is coming, Picaroons has been posting pictures of themselves brewing Winter Warmer, this strong beer is always a welcome seasonal.

Boxing Rock Brewing released a new seasonal today called "Unobtainium". They describe it as a "full bodied intrepid amber ale. Dark mahogany-walnut in colour, with a malty rich backbone supporting some unexpected hop flavours. At 5% ABV it's a super drinkable, sessionable ale. The hop profile is as unique as it gets. Heavily dry hopped with Centennial, Simcoe, Cascade, New Zealand Orbit, and a very special find: Whole leaf organic Nelson Sauvin hops". Find this one at private stores, the brewery and the Seaport Farmers market or if you are going to Celtic Oktoberfest tomorrow you can try it there.

North Brewing collaborated with Ben Swetnam and Avondale Sky Winery to make Saison de L’Acadie The new brew blends pilsner and wheat malts with 200 litres of L’Acadie Blanc grape juice, to balance out the acidity they added 10 kgs of Cosman’s honey. I tried it last night and it is terrific. This is a 7.5% ABV beer.

Thanks for joining me again this week and whatever you try this week end, enjoy responsibly. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Maritime Beer Report - October 17, 2014

Hello and welcome to the October 17th edition of the Maritime Beer Report.

PEI Brewing Company says Blood Orange Tangerine IPA has made a come back and is now on tap. In case you don't remember this is an American IPA with a 6.5% ABV and 50 IBUs.

Big Tide Brewing Company announced new this week, the Darkening Imperial Stout. They say it is "Rich, malty and sure to warm you up at 8.2 ABV. Brewed with 2 row and pale ale malts, lots of chocolate malt and some caramunich. About 70 IBUs from Goldings and Willamette hops".

Hammond River Brewing released that their newest beer, an Imperial Vanilla Porter is now available at select taps in the Saint John. It weighs in at 8.1% ABV. HRB had three new recipes that they are looking at brewing. They are a bold American Brown Ale, a hoppy Black IPA and a Coffee Porter using all local Java Moose coffee beans. They ran a poll on their facebook page to leave it up to fans to choose which one they brew. The winner is the American Brown Ale called "Switchback". They say it won't be your typical American Brown as it will be mash hopped, dry hopped and should be about 62 IBUs and 6% ABV.

Railcar Brewing Company is pleased to announce they will be open regular hrs and be able to fill growlers starting November 1st. They will have their Artisan Brown Ale and their Railcar Red ready for fills that Saturday. They also say they will fill any clean growler from any brewery. Prices are 1L for $5.00 and 2L for $10.00. Mitch also just worked out a Peanut Butter Porter recipe. This is an all organic recipe that features peanut butter, maple syrup, pale, caramel, and chocolate malts with fuggle hops.

Shiretown Beer's Runnin Down the Road Brass Ale is back. Packing a grapefruit aftertaste, but not big "pink" grapefruity taste more like straight regular grapefruit. Hopped entirely from Shiretown's own hops (unknown) grown on the Leslie property. Small quantity available at the brewery. 

Big Spruce Brewing has announced their second annual Home Brew Competition and is open to all Nova Scotia homebrewers. This year's style is BJCP 6D which is American Wheat or Rye. The competition is open now and beers are due November 24th at either the brewery or at a Halifax drop-off location and judging will take place the following weekend.
The winning brewer will be invited to brew their beer at Big Spruce in time for launching at the Local Connection Halifax Craft Beer and Local Food Event on January 15th, 2015 and in general release after that. I will release more details as I get them, getting brewing.

Gahan House - Halifax released their new seasonal ale. Hopgoblin is an imperial red ale, weighing in at 8.4% ABV, is now on tap.

Garrison Brewing Company shared that they are barrel-aging Spruce Beer and Grand Baltic Porter. The barrels started their journey at Wild Turkey with a stop at Ironworks Distillery. Stay tuned for more information and release dates.

Hell Bay Brewing Company released another batch of the R.I.P.(A.) this week in growlers and kegs. No details but Mark says limited quantity.

Rockbottom Brewpub is releasing Ultimate White IPA on Saturday Oct 18th at 4 PM. This latest brew is a hybrid of sorts; a redux of their Ultimate White IPA. From Greg Nash's blog "IPA meets Witbier. Brewed with malted barley, wheat, oats, coriander, bitter orange peel and plenty of hops: bright and fresh with hop forward citrus notes, coriander and orange cut through making their presence known - it's almost like orange soda plowed with hoppy goodness. Hybrid deliciousness for your glass." Rock Bottom is pairing this up with Cyra Belbin's famous deep-fried Mac'n Cheese bites. This beer comes in at 5.7% ABV and 8 IBUs. 

Looking forward to tomorrow's Nano tap takeover at Stillwell. This iteration is probably what I looked forward to the most as these beers I report on but rarely or never get to try. 

Speaking of Stillwell's they released today that they collaborated with Boxing Rock Brewing on their Anniversary Beer. It is called Merci Biere and it is a strong ale weighing in at 8.4% ABV. Look for this one at Stillwell on November 16th and in private stores after that.

That is all for this week, take care and until next time enjoy responsibly.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Maritime Beer Report - October 10, 2014

Hello and welcome to the October 10th edition of the Maritime Beer Report

Pumphouse Brewery released a status update on their Stonefire Stienbier, it is going to be released on October 31st and is a limited addition, be on the look out for that one in the Maritimes.

The long awaited opening of Railcar Brewing Company is now here. Mitch happily announced on his facebook page that they are now fully open for business.

Shiretown Beer released that its Siren's T'ale was being brewed with Southan Farm's Golding hops. Look for Batch #146 to sample this wet-hopped one-off.

Stillwell's New Brunswick Nano-brewery Tap-takeover line-up on October 18th has been released. It is all subject to change but as of right now it looks like Hammond River Brewing, Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault, Railcar Brewing, Big Axe Brewing, Acadie-Broue, Grimross Brewing and Red Rover Brewing. There are tickets available for both sessions but you are too late to get in on the t-shirt.

Rare Bird Craft Beer Pumpkin Ale that won gold at the Atlantic Canadian Beer Awards should be released next week. I will release more details as I get them.

Big Spruce Brewing has a couple of seasonals on at the brewery this week end. The Das Sprucebier Octoberfest Ale that I mentioned last week and Smoking Jack It. They say "we brewed this with 58 kg of our own organic, on farm produced pumpkin. We hot smoked the pumpkin for 5 hours and then incorporated it into the mash. This beer conditioned on Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Cardamom that we had soaked for 72 hrs in a bottle of 15 yr old Flor de Caña Centenario rum.....oh and that made it into the beer too!"

Boxing Rock Brewing Company announced that they are planning a fall party for November 1st at the brewery and to stay tuned for details. They also teased that they brewed a new fall seasonal. All they are saying is that it is an amber with a very special hop that they believed to be unobtainable.

Hell Bay Brewing has its Honey Blonde beer out in bottles. It is a light refreshing ale with a sweet honey finish that is lightly hopped with a light body. They go on to say that it is a North American style beer and has a bit of sweet, with hints of citrus, which makes this beer light and refreshing. The  beer is unfiltered, unpasteurized and contains no preservatives. It is a 5% ABV and 17 IBUs.

North Brewing has a new beer coming out. It is a Winter Saison. I tried it last week end and it has pepper and ginger as the predominant spices, it went very nice paired with the duck. It was also leaked that they are working on a milk stout, so some exciting new beers coming.

Thanks for joining me again this week, have a great Thanksgiving and until next time enjoy responsibly.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2014 Atlantic Canadian Beer Awards

The inaugural Atlantic Canadian Beer Awards were held over the week end here in Halifax. There were several events from food pairings to beer judging and the gala on Sunday night at The Stubborn Goat. There was great support with 27 Breweries and Brewpubs entering 168 beers into the competition. 

The judging was officiated by 18 judges, a head judge and nine other volunteers. The beers were judged in 15 categories and beer of the year. Additionally the was an award for brewery of the year, brewpub of the year and Peoples choice award. Boxing Rock Brewery took the tops in medals with two gold and two silver followed closely by Bad Apple Brewhouse with two gold, one silver and two bronze. Beer of the Year was a tough choice for the judges but it went to Pumphouse Brewery's Barley Wine. Lastly there was the Stillwell's Peoples Choice Award that went to Big Spruce Brewing's Cereal Killer. Full medal count see Table 1 and medal details Table 2. 

In addition to the beer categories there were two other awards given out, the first being Brewpub of the Year that went to Rockbottom Brew Pub and the other was Brewery of the Year that was given to Bad Apple Brewhouse.

It was a great success and they tell me they are already working on next years awards. Congratulations to all that participated.

Table 1 : Medal counts 
Company Gold  Silver Bronze
Boxing Rock Brewing 2 2 0
Bad Apple Brewhouse 2 1 2
Propeller Brewing 2 0 1
Pumphouse Brewery 2 0 1
BarNone Brewing 1 1 2
Rogues Roost Brew Pub 1 1 1
Hop City Brewing 1 0 0
Rare Bird Craft Beer 1 0 0
Rockbottom Brew Pub 1 0 0
Uncle Leo's Brewing 1 0 0
Garrison Brewing 0 2 3
North Brewing 0 2 0
Big Spruce Brewing 0 1 1
Big Axe Brewing 0 1 0
Moosehead Breweries 0 1 0
Paddys Brew Pub 0 1 0
Tatamagouche Brewing 0 1 0
Grimross Brewing 0 0 1
Brasseurs du Petit-Sault 0 0 1

Table 2 : Full Beer Category Breakdown 

North American & European Style Lagers
Gold:    Hop City Brewing - Barking Squirrel
Silver:  Tatamagouche Brewing - Lagerhosen
Bronze: Propeller Brewing - Bohemian Style Pilsner

German Specialty Beers
Gold:    Uncle Leo’s Brewing - Vohs Weizenbier
Silver:   Paddy’s Brewpub - Dom Arthur
Bronze: none

UK Specialty Beers
Gold:    PEI Brewing - Iron Bridge Brown
Silver:   Gahan House - Iron Bridge Brown
Bronze: Paddy’s Brewpub - Raven Ale

North American Specialty Ales
Gold:    BarNone Brewing - Black Eye Pale Ale
Silver:   Boxing Rock Brewing - Hunky Dory Pale Ale
Bronze: BarNone Brewing - Sessions Ale

Belgian Style Specialty Ales
Gold:    Pumphouse Brewing - Pompier à Vos Garde
Silver:   North Brewing - Summer Saison
Bronze: Grimross Brewing - Chantelope

North American Amber & Red Ales
Gold:    Boxing Brewing - Rock Tempation Red
Silver:   BarNone Brewing - Substanchel
Bronze: Garrison Brewing - Sweet Rye’d Harvest Wheat Ale

Fruit & Field Beers
Gold:    Rare Bird Craft Beer - Pumpkin Ale
Silver:   Rogue’s Roost Brewpub - Raspberry Wheat
Bronze: Bad Apple Brewhouse - Operation Green Ring

Pale Ales
Gold:    Bad Apple Brewhouse - American Pale Ale
Silver:   Moosehead Breweries - Boundary Ale
Bronze: Garrison Brewing - Hop Yard Pale Ale

Stout & Porter
Gold:     Rogue’s Roost Brewpub - Oatmeal Stout
Silver:   Big Axe Brewing - Shakes Beer Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
Bronze: Pumphouse Brewing - Muddy River Stout

Strong Stout & Porter
Gold:     Propeller Brewing - Revolution Russian Imperial Stout
Silver:   Bad Apple Brewhouse - Black & Tackle Russian Imperial Stout
Bronze: Rogue’s Roost Brewpub - Imperial Stout

India Pale Ale
Gold:     Rockbottom Brewpub - Fathom IPA
Silver:   Big Spruce Brewing - Tim’s Dirty American IPA
Bronze: BarNone Brewing -  IPA

Imperial IPA
Gold:     Bad Apple Brewhouse - Mosaic Double IPA
Silver:   Boxing Rock Brewing - Vicar’s Cross Double IPA
Bronze: Garrison Brewing - Imperial IPA

Strong Ale
Gold:     Pumphouse Brewing - Barley Wine
Silver:   North Brewing - Strong Belgian Dark
Bronze: Brasseurs du Petit-Sault - Bob LeBoeuf

Experimental Beers
Gold:     Boxing Rock Brewing - U-­889 Russian Imperial Stout
Silver:   Garrison Brewing - Honey Lavender Ale
Bronze: Big Spruce Brewing - Hoppucino Coffee IPA

Wood & Barrel Aged Beers
Gold:     Propeller Brewing - Lambic Style Framboise
Silver:   Garrison Brewing - Barrel-Aged Grand Baltic Porter
Bronze: Bad Apple Brewhouse - Barrel-Aged Black & Tackle Russian Imperial Stout

Friday, October 3, 2014

Maritime Beer Report - October 3, 2014

Hello and welcome to the October 3rd edition of the Maritime Beer Report. 

PEI Brewing Company has welcomed its Sydney Street Stout back to its shelves. Be on the look out for this, one of my favorites.

Big Tide Brewing Company now has its Pumpkin Ale on tap. They say to get it while you can and its Indian Beach Pumpkin Ale should be ready mid-week. They brewed another batch of pumpkin this week but no more fresh hops though. 

Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault had Bob LeFrais available this week at the brewery, it is Bob LeBoeuf made with the fresh hops grown in Grand-Falls.Quantities of this are very limited.

Celtic Knot Brewing says for those who missed it the first go round Tide and Boar tapped a fresh keg of "Ring of Fire" smoked jalapeño and habanero beer for a limited time. Celtic Knot is now brewing a "Caledonia Scottish Ale". Brewed as a 70 or a heavy depending on what you prefer and will come in around 3.8% and guaranteed to be a malty quaffer.

Bad Apple Brewhouse has been quiet but busy this summer. They sent me a quick note to tell me what they are up to. They brewed a Cucumber Mint Beer called Operation Green Ring that is a 5% ABV, a 7% wet-hopped IPA called Terroir and they filled 2 red wine barrels with Black & Tackle and these should be ready around Christmas time.

Big Spruce Brewing has made Das Sprucebier! An Oktoberfest Amber they brewed especially for the Marion Bridge Oktoberfest on Saturday at the Mira Centre, 4037 Gabarus Highway from 3pm to 10pm. They released a small amount at the brewery. It is 5.9% ABV and 23 IBU and was brewed with 100 % imported malted barley from Germany.

Garrison Brewing Company has released its annual wet-hopped ale, 3 Fields Harvest Ale today. They also released its new Double Jack Imperial Pumpkin ale. This 8.0% ABV dark amber ale is made with local pumpkins from Howard Dill's Pumpkin Farm.

Rockbottom Brewpub made some beer changes this week. Thulsa Doom is out so they are putting on the Insidous Black IPA and they have also run out of our Jacktar stout for a bit so they will have a lovely London Style Porter on for a bit.

Atlantic Canadian Beer Awards are this week end. They will be judging 166 beer entries in 15 categories from 27 Breweries & Brewpubs on Saturday. Public events are a beer and food pairing event on Saturday afternoon, the awards gala on Sunday evening at The Stubborn Goat and the Ladies Beer League is having a book launch with Mirella Amato on Monday at Lion and Bright.

Bar Stillwell has announced another exciting event on October 18th. A NB Nano tap takeover highlighting seven breweries from our neighbor to the north. There are two sessions and the cost is 15.00 and that will get you a t-shirt and your first drink. There will be several styles on the taps that we've never poured before, including a young lambic, a berliner weisse and and an all-brett beer.

East Coast Beer Tours has adjusted their beer tour and cut the price in half to try to attract more people They've downsized the bus to a 28 passenger mini-coach. It's the same number of tickets but no tables or mini kitchen in the back and as a result, there is no space for a live musician or to offer/prepare food or beverage service while en route. They will still going to be visiting Meander River, Paddy's Brewpub and Bad Apple Brewhouse where you will still get to sample their beer and talk with the brewers.There will be a light snack provided at Paddy's and a BBQ in Berwick with some local sausage and pork. It is a great deal for 50 bucks check it out.

Tomorrow is City Harvest 3.0 and Halifax is teaming with great deals. I wrote a quick guide for beer lovers to highlight some of the beer stops. Check it out here

Thanks for joining me again this week and until next time enjoy responsibly.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Beer Lovers Quick Guide to City Harvest 3.0

On October 4th the third installment of City Harvest is happening in Halifax and with about 100 businesses participating I have listed the highlights for beer lovers to help plan your day.

A stop at North Brewing Company on Agricola Street will get you a  $1 off 750 ml growler fills, $2 off 1.89 l growler fills and 10% off merchandise. 

Stubborn Goat Gastropub on Grafton is offering $2 Cask Beer Samples and a backdoor $5 Mac & Cheese, take a selfie with the Mac from 11-4  to win free stuff

Premiere Wine & Spirits on Dresden Row is having tastings of Tsingtao & Tiger Beer and they are giving away free Tsingtao glass to first 100 people.

Garrison Brewing at the Halifax Seaport is releasing its 3 Fields Harvest Wet Hopped Ale and Double Jack Imperial Pumpkin Ale. While you are there you can grab a Meatball Sandwich from Getaway Meat Market.

Bishop's Cellar at Bishop's Landing is celebrating Nova Scotia farm wineries & local Craft Beer with samples of wine & craft beers.

Obladee Wine Bar on Barrington Street has Nova Scotia Red or White wine, paired with Nova Scotia Cheese for $12 or a local craft beer with a local smoked sausage for $10.

There is a lot to see and sample but it is all about supporting local, watch for tweets as I work my way around Halifax.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Son Vita Restaurant launches new menu and beer

After being in business for a couple of years Son Vita Tapas is now Son Vita Social House. What is the difference? Previously it was mostly a Mediterranean inspired restaurant that was a great place to eat but most wouldn't consider it a place to hang out. Now it still has a lot of Mediterranean fare but added is food from other of Hamachi's restaurants and traditional pub fare. The change in the menu was also accompanied by big screen televisions in the bar area and loads of Nova Scotia beer. 

The restaurant has always been focused on local food so adding local beer was a logically extension. I got to try several of the new menu items and they are all a hit, if you are in the Larry Uteck area give it a try.