Monday, October 9, 2017

Pump House Brewery Releases Oktoberfest Beer

(Moncton, NB) - The Pump House Brewery has released its seasonal. Pump House says "the Oktoberfest beer is medium-bodied and has an abundance of maltiness, while the mouthfeel is velvety and creamy due to relatively low carbonation levels typical for a Munich Oktoberfestbier served from wooden barrels. The hop bitterness is very moderate, never dominating the taste profile.Although the alcohol level is slightly more elevated than an average mainstream beer, the phenolic taste of alcohol is not noticeable. Our Oktoberfest beer has the potential to be an every day beer, but we think it is best to serve on special occasions (such as Oktoberfest)". The beer is 5.5% ABV and 12 IBU and available now in 6 packs and on tap now.