Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Backstage Brewing Opens in Stellarton

(Stellarton, NS) - Backstage Brewing should be opening this month at 37 Bridge Avenue in Stellarton Nova Scotia. Head Brewer A.J. Leadbetter took time from building his brewery recently to answer a few questions about himself and Backstage Brewing. 

Maritime Beer Report (MBR): Where are you from?
A.J. Leadbetter (AJ): I’m a Stellarton boy.

MBR: What is your brewing experience?
AJ: I’ve been home brewing a few years now. I made the jump to all-grain after a few weeks and haven’t looked back. I’m a foodie so that creativeness that makes me want to make great food also lit the fire to make great beers.

MBR: What made you want to open a brewery?
AJ: Before I got into home brewing, Beth and I used to have wing parties. We’d deep fry hundreds of wings and all our friends would come over. They were great parties. Once we introduced the beer I had been making to these parties they quickly turned into “The Leadbetter’s Beer Party”. Almost a cult following. haha

MBR: How big will it be to start?
AJ: Once we are at full production we will be doing 2.5 BBL batches.

MBR: How do you plan on selling your beer? store, farmers market, etc
AJ:Our plan is to sell most of our beer out of the brewery and taproom.

MBR: Do you have bars lined up to sell your beer?
AJ: I haven’t approached many yet but the few I’ve approached have shown interest.

MBR: What styles of beer are you planning to make?
AJ: We have 4-5 that will be in our core line-up.

  • Daydreamer is a pale ale that comes in at 4.8% and 21 IBU.
  • Hangover Helper is an American Pale. 5.3% and 40 IBU. Light bodied and packed with flavor.
  • Headliner is big juicy IPA. It’s 6.3% and 60 IBU.
  • Gemini is a DIPA. 8% and 100+ IBU. It’s big! It’s bitter! And surprisingly easy to drink!
  • None More is an American Stout. 6.6% and 75 IBU. Roasted, Hoppy, and Black. How much more black can it be? None.

We’ll also be throwing in some seasonal beers as well.

MBR: What area of Stellarton is your planned taproom?
AJ: The taproom will be located on Bridge Avenue in Stellarton. We really look forward to bring craft beer to Stellarton. When all is said and done, we want to offer 12 taps of Nova Scotia craft beer and also have a cider on tap for those who don’t do beer.

MBR: Anything else you would like to add?
AJ: We look forward to getting beer out there for people to enjoy.