Friday, October 6, 2017

Downeast Beer Factory Ceases Operations

(Dartmouth, NS) - After a little over a year in operation Downeast Beer Factory has shuttered its operation. Plagued by poor reviews of the restaurant and lawsuits from investors the brewery failed to tap in to the success other Nova Scotia craft brewers are enjoying. 
I visited the operation a couple of weeks ago and knew it was circling the drain as they had started offering macro beer and there was a local distillery touring the building as a potential investor. I have heard there is a Nova Scotia brewery looking at the the location but the whole brewhouse will need to be redone as it was very poorly installed. 
This was Harold MacKay's third attempt at a brewery previously opening Maritime Beer Company and Keltic Brewing. Doiwneast is the first brewery to go out of business in Nova Scotia since Hart & Thistle in 2014.