Friday, October 6, 2017

Uncle Leo's to Release Special Oktoberfest Sampler

(Lyons Brook, NS) - Uncle Leo's Brewery is releasing a special 4-pack Oktoberfest Sampler. The package will include the multi-award winning Voh's Weizenbier, the multi-award winning Altbier, Ceilidh Ale Kölsch and introducing NACHTical Illusion Schwarzbier.
Created in honour of Oktoberfest that attracts 6 million people annually and has been held since the middle ages. Each of the four styles highlight a region of Germany. Altbier is from Dusseldorf, Kölsch from Cologne, Weizenbier from Bavaria and Schwarzbier from the Southeast. 
The sampler packs will be available at the brewery this week end and hitting the NSLC shelves in a week or so and is for a limited time only, until November 19 or while supplies last and should be retailing for around $16.60.