Friday, November 8, 2013

Maritime Beer Report - November 8, 2013

Hello and welcome to the November 8th, International Stout Day, edition of the Maritime Beer Report.

Big Tide Brewpub in Saint John has the Tidal Wave Double IPA  on tap again coming in at around 9% ABV.

Big news for Hammond River Brewing, they just received it's Provincial Brewer's License so let the brewing begin.

Shiretown Brewing now has available at the brewery Choke Cherry Wheat, Five Rivers golden ale, Siren's T'ale and of course Blonde du Quai. The choke cherry is their base wheat recipe made with local choke cherries, woody with tannins up front with a nice clean finish. Siren's t'ale is their new, bitter sweet red ale slated for release in stores this coming December. Five Rivers is a golden ale full body with subtle hop sweetness. Go get 'em.

Grimross Brewing has a new beer in the fridge, the "Pugnacious Porter" coming in at 6.2% ABV. I don't have the details on it but I am sure it is another hit.

Pumphouse brewery released the Schwarzbier lager on tap yesterday, nice chocolate and coffee flavors  and a 7% ABV.

Two big items for Authentic Seacoast Brewing Company. First they were picking pumpkins on the weekend to make some Authentic Seacoast Brewing Company Rare Bird Pumpkin Ale and, drumroll please, they shipped their Rare Bird Pale Ale to the NSLC this week for a launch later this month. I can not wait, I had a great time visiting them last summer and they told me then it should be in NSLCs by Christmas and sure enough.

Garrison brewing have a couple of interesting items this week. Their Citra One Hop IPA is making her last appearance on their retail draught line and they have Black Raspberry on tap at the retail store. The Black Raspberry is 25% raspberry Wheat and 75% Martello stout. 

Boxing Rock Brewing have released their new seasonal, Crafty Jack, an English Brown Ale with a rich, roasty malt profile and classic English hop flavours. It is a smooth and easy drinking at 4.2% ABV. They hope to have some in bottles next week.

The Devour Craft Beer Film Festivalis at Paddys Brewpub in Wolfville from Nov 13 to Nov 17. It is 5 Days of Celebrating Craft Beer with 3 Great Beer Films . Tickets are $10 and includes finger food buffet, pint of craft beer, brewery tour and screening of three great beer movies. Check out the face book page for all the details.

Rogues Roost announced that their Porter is now on tap. Dark, smokey and a little peat with about 5.5% ABV.

Ladies Beer League has confirmed their Cask-Conditioned Ales for their event on November 17th:

- Hell Bay Brewing - Dark Cream Ale
- Propeller Brewing - Dry-hopped IPA
- Garrison Brewing - Winter Warmer
- Picaroons Brewing - Smoked Porter
- Big Spruce Brewing - Glenora-infused Stout
- Boxing Rock Brewing - English Brown Ale
- Bridge Brewing - Belgian Apricot IPA
With the evening sold out and the afternoon almost it is safe to say we will see another one. Watch here for a special report on the event by local blogger Krista Spurr.

Looking for something to do in Fredericton on Sunday, look into the Fredericton Poutine Festival. The evening Session is 19+ only with all you can sample poutine, non-alcoholic beverages, 4 - 4oz beer samples - Regular Ticket or 12 - 4oz beer samples - beer experience ticket. There will be at least 15 Craft Beer to choose from: PicaroonsPumphouse BreweryGrimross Brewing and McAuslan Brewery.

Lastly in honor of International Stout Day Mothers Pizza on Agricola in Haliax is making a Garrison Martello Stout beer dough. Drop in for lunch and try it out.

That is all for this week thanks for listening. I am off next week so join me in two weeks time for the next report, until then enjoy responsibly.