Saturday, May 23, 2015

What Craft beers are Nova Scotia MLAs enjoying

In honor of Nova Scotia Craft Beer week I asked, well emailed actually, every sitting member of the Nova Scotia Legislature what there favorite craft beer was. I got a handful of responses and most were enthusiastic and some even passionate.

Kevin Murphy (L - Eastern Shore) says he regularly has Hell Bay Brewing, Garrison Brewing, and Rare Bird Craft Beer.  He says "I have shifted a my buying habits over the past couple years to local craft beers.  In addition to the richer, more significant flavour and texture, there is a certain "feel good" component to the experience of actually being able to say I met the people actually making this local product".  Couldn't have said it better myself.

Joachim Stroink (L - Halifax Chebucto)  says his favorite is Garrison's seasonal Three Fields. He states "For the fact that the beer has a wonderful taste, the blend of hops is one you can really enjoy. But the best part of this beer is made up of 100% Nova Scotia ‎Hops. Coming from Meander River Farms, Fiddle hop Farm and Ross Farm Museum".

Patricia Arab (L - Fairview-Clayton Park) plainly said her favourite craft beer is Boxing Rock's Hunky Dory Pale Ale.

Allan MacMaster (PC - Inverness) had this to say "So many great craft beers in Nova Scotia right now.  I recall working for Rodney MacDonald years ago when he was Minister responsible for NSLC.  The NSLC was opposing shelf space for NS craft brewers.  Thankfully that changed.  Beer lovers and our local economies are the better for it.  My current favorite is “Kitchen Partry Ale” from Big Spruce Brewing in Nyanza.  North Brewing Company has some dandies too".

Diana Whalen (L - Clayton Park West) say she loves a growler of English Ale from the Hell Bay Brewing Company

Brendan Maguire (L - Halifax Atlantic) wins the longest answer award saying the following. 
There’s no better way to tickle your taste buds during the summer months than with a bottle of Maritime craft beer.
Haligonians are very lucky to be surrounded by many microbreweries such as Granite, Garrison, Rock Bottom and Propeller - just to name a few.
When it is time to crack open a cold beer, my taste buds tend to lead me to Propeller Breweries’ award winning India Pale Ale. This locally brewed beer is a smooth, slightly bitter and has beautiful golden glow. If you’re looking for a challenge, there is always the 1.9L growler!
I encourage everyone to support local this summer by visiting one of the many microbreweries across Nova Scotia.  
Karla MacFarlane (PC - Pictou West) says she is not usually a beer drinker, but she does enjoy the occasional Red Ale from Uncle Leo’s brewery in Lyons Brook. She also says "They have a fine selection of other offerings as well with beers ranging from a dark stout to an IPA." She seems to know a lot for a non-beer drinker. 

Jamie Baillie (PC - Cumberland South) says "There are many great craft beers in Nova Scotia. One that stands out for me is Butcher Block Red, by the Tatamagouche Brewing Company.  He may be Leader of the Opposition but not may people would oppose that.

Geoffrey MacLellan (L - Glace Bay) exclaims "I'm a proud Cape Bretoner and a fan of Big Spruce Brewing's Cereal Killer.  I'm new to the product and will get to pick up my first growler on the way home to Glace Bay." Someone tell Geoffrey that Cape Breton breweries and doubling next month.

I thank the hard working members who took the time to email me back and I will check back in a year to see if their tastes have changed.