Saturday, September 24, 2016

MBR September 23, 2016 - New Brunswick/Prince Edward Island Edition

Welcome to the New Brunswick/Prince Edward Island Edition report for September 23, 2016.

Bore City Brewing has a brand new Imperial IPA. Tipsy Giant Imperial IPA is a 8.5% ABV and 75 IBU beer hopped with heavy amounts of Equinox, Galaxy and Topaz. Brewmaster Jamie Melanson says "it's dank, it's fruity, it's delicious". 

Celtic Knot Brewing says that the previously announced oyster stout will be available soon. Brewmaster Bruce Barton says he added local wild oysters to the brew. Also coming soon is a new brown rye IPA that Rob Black from AWOL Brewing and Celtic Knot collaborated on. Lastly Toque and Mitts barley wine will return this year. The delicious full bodied oaked barley wine should return sometime in December.

Picaroons Traditional Ales is brewing their third and final batch of Harvest Ale this week. It is made with 100% Wild Moose Mountain Hops. Picaroons says the hops smell delicious and are grown in our good old New Brunswick Holmesville soil. The first batches will start pouring next week.

Trail Way Brewing released a couple of new beers this week. Rype a 5% ABV American Pale Ale was brewed with Comet, Mosaic and Topaz hops and a subtle addition of rye malt that provides background spiciness and complexity and also pairs great with the Mosaic hops. On tap now at the brewery.
The other beer now available is Sour 1, it is a 4.7% ABV kettle-soured ale hopped with Citra and galaxy that provides some nice background fruitiness

On October 15th and 16th, Red Rover Craft Cider is hosting an event based on the art of scrumping. While traditionally, scrumping would involve “borrowing” apples from local orchards or other properties, our event comprises of using apples from your own personal trees. We will be creating a special edition cider in honour of the Fredericton Region Museum with the profits going to this great organisation.
Bring them 2 bushels of apples, and they’ll give you a 750 ml bottle of cider created from all the scrumped apples. If you want to donate the bottle, They'll sell it and donate the profits for you. Local apples, local cider, local cause.

That is all I have this week, have a great week and as always, enjoy responsibly.