Thursday, December 8, 2016

Tidehouse Brewing officially launches in Halifax

(Halifax, NS) - Tidehouse Brewing Company (TBC) officially launches this week end in Halifax with two events.
They'll be bringing their core four beer plus a special "one off" to Bar Stillwell on Friday December 9th at noon and the following day, December 10th, at noon as well to Good Robot Brewing's taproom.
TBC four core beer are:

  • Mild Thing - An English style dark mild. 
  • The Copper - A dark amber beer with hints of smoke from an addition of beech smoked malt. 
  • Golden Glacier - An American pale ale made only using the Glacier hop variety. Grains for this are Horton Ridge Pale and Munich malts. 
  • Like A Motorcyc-ale - A black ale (TBC says  "think of a baby India Black Ale") with some dank, earthy hop character. The name is an homage to their friends in the local punk rock foursome Like A Motorcycle.
For the Stillwell event they will also be pouring an India Saison that they say is "a well hopped Saison" and for the Good Robot event they will be bringing a spruced up amber they have dubbed Sprucey The Wonder Beer.
As far as their retail space it is still awaiting a final inspection with hopes of opening with a couple of weeks.