Thursday, March 16, 2017

Stillwell Brewing Company opening in Halifax

(Halifax, NS) - As a natural continuation of the beers Stillwell has brewed in other breweries Stillwell Brewing Company (SBC) is opening. Their space is in the warehouse at the back of Propeller Brewing on Gottingen Street. Focusing on patient oak fermentation they should be brewing within the next month, but will not have a release until later summer or early fall. 
Christopher Reynolds will be the brewer though he will share brewing duties with Kyle Jeppesen.
They are renting the use of Propeller's brewhouse and possibly a tank or two, they are a fully licensed and independent brewery.
Bottling will be the focus as SBC says "it is the best vessel for saison the same way a cask is the best vessel for an English mild". Draught produced will likely only be at Stillwell and Stillwell Beergarden with retail releases going to some shops across the land. Watch the progress by following them on instagram