Friday, July 21, 2017

MBR July 21, 2017 - Nova Scotia Edition

Happy Friday, kind of a slow news week but we are not empty handed. 

Garrison Brewing launched It’s Rhubarb Saison today. They say "It’s Rhubarb Saison! is a refreshing wheat beer in the saison-style. The clean, tart character along with a pale orange hazy colour and juicy acidity will hit the spot on a hot summer day wherever people relax."
It is the ultimate in crowdsourcing as it is brewed with rhubarb collected from fans across the province. It is clocking in at 5.1% ABV and 0 IBU. It is available at the brewery for samples and growler fills, as well as some taps beginning this week end.

Another week, another release at Good Robot BrewingShocking Pink v. 3 is now on tap and available for growlers and grunters. It is a Goseface Killah radler with the same concoction of Pink Lemonade and Fruity Oasis, Queen of Tarts David's Tea blends, this time with fresh, unsprayed beets from Elmridge Farms. Shredded and cold-steeped.
Their Beta Brewsday on Tuesday next week is Wit's Up Doc? by Dominique Jure and Kelly Costello. A extra healthy beer with pilsner malt, wheat malt, flaked oats, tettnang hops and carrots (grated and added to the end of the boil). It is a light 3% ABV and 14 IBU that they say "will be a refreshing dose of vitamin E for soggy summer evenings".

Stillwell Brewing had an update this week to let us know what is happening. They say things are progressing as expected with the styles they are creating but while we are waiting they made a hoppy, unfiltered pils that has been slowly maturing over the past 11 weeks. It's almost ready to go but will be a hose beer at Bar Stillwell and Beergarden only. Watch for release information. 

Tatamagouche Brewing has a couple of new releases and a bit of bad news. First up, Fog lights is a north east IPA coming in at 6.4% ABV uses huell melon, azacca and amarillo hops with Foggy London yeast from escarpment labs. Brewer says "Hazy!" as we would expect.
Next is Guava Heist Berliner Weisse is a sour wheat ale that comes in at 3.6% ABV. It is aged on organic guava and Tata says "Really tropical. Tart and lemony".
Lastly they had an issue with the yeast on the Main Street mayhem IPA that came out recently. A lot of off flavours, including the smoky medicinal, have developed over the last week. As a result they have pulled all of the beer that is left from private stores as well as their store. 

Off Track Brewing hopes to be the first craft brewer in Bedford when the open this fall. Partners Allan MacKay, Matt Scott and Jon Saunders are all from the area and wanted to open their brewery in Bedford. After a great struggle to come up with a name that worked for the brewery, Off Track seemed to fit after many of their planning meetings seemed to go that way. The brewery has begun renovations at the 275 Rocky Lake Road location with its brewing equipment due to arrive in September.
The new brewery will be 5 BBL with 4 fermentors and 4 brite tanks and will have a growler fill station as well as space for serving tasting flights onsite. Their initial focus will be getting kegs of their beer into the local market as soon as possible when they open. 
Allan MacKay, who will be the head brewer and has been home brewing since 2008, says the initial offerings will be a K├Âlsch, Stout, Wheat and a Pale Ale with seasonal one offs as they proceed. 
Watch for a more details around September or October on the start-up.

Screening of Sociable!!, A Nova Scotia craft beer documentary will be screened at Roof Hound Brewing on Saturday at 9 PM. There will be a $5 cover at the door with all proceeds going to the film makers SOCIABLE!! who will be there to chat with. Special guest brewers from Lunn's Mill Beer, Heritage Brewing, and Schoolhouse Brewery will be there with a keg of their finest. 

Have a great week and whatever you do make sure to plan ahead.