Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Atlantic Canada Craft Beer Oktoberfest Celebrates Year Three

I recently had the chance to ask Amber Richards, the organizer of Atlantic Canada Craft Beer Oktoberfest, a few questions about the upcoming event coming back to Moncton on September 30th.

Maritime Beer Report (MBR): Why did you decide to have a craft beer fest in Moncton?

Amber Richards (AR): As a lover of craft beer myself, I tried to get to all of the beer festivals in the Maritimes, but a few times a year was not enough to to get to try and buy all the varieties of local craft beer that was being made.  I started the Moncton Beer League in January 2014 as a way to get together with more craft beer lovers and found that many others also wanted access to more local products. So, in 2015, the Atlantic Canadian Craft Brew Oktoberfest was born incorporating all the best parts of the other beer festivals I had attended, yet focusing exclusively on local Atlantic Canadian craft products. 

MBRWhat do you think of the beer scene in Moncton and New Brunswick? Where do you think it is going?

AR: The beer scene in Moncton is good, but it is not as easily accessible as it is in places like Fredericton and Halifax. Most brewers here are small and only sell to licensees, so it can be hit-and-miss when trying to find their beers. But, I know of a few brewers who are, or recently have expanded like Celtic Knot and the Pump House. Now you can get growlers filled on a regular basis when you want. Growth is happening so keep supporting your local craft brewer!

MBR: How many brewers, cider makers and exhibitors are coming?

AR: We have 32 brewers (including 3 cideries, and one meadery), 6 food exhibitors, and 4 non-alcoholic options to sample - all from the Maritimes! You can now see the full list at ambereffect.com/events. Get up close and personal with them...taste and ask questions. 

MBRWhat can people expect at the festival?

AR: The #ACCBOktoberfest event is the only brew festival in New Brunswick promoting local Atlantic Canadian craft beer, cider, mead and food exclusively, allowing you to interact with over 30 brewers and owners in attendance. Every ticket sold helps United Way work to improve communities in Southeastern New Brunswick (Kent, Westmorland and Albert counties). Everyone who arrives for their session receives a sample glass to use and take home at the end of the night. Samples are unlimited, but pace yourself and be sure to have a safe ride home. Food samples are included and we have a Designated Driver ticket available as well. Several exhibitors will have products for sale and we'll have a photo place to have a fun way to document the evening with your friends.

MBRWhat charities are benefiting from this years event?

AR: The United Way creates long-term, positive change; moving people from poverty to possibility, building strong communities, and ensuring that kids be all that kids can be. Working for over 60 years in Southeastern New Brunswick, United Way partners with over 27 community agencies and helps fund over 32 programs and initiatives to make this change possible. 2,661 kids had a place to go after school or in the evening to connect with their peers, be themselves and get the support they need to grow in a positive way thanks to dollars donated to the United Way Community Fund. For more information, please visit http://www.gmsenbunitedway.ca/

MBRWhich beer are you most looking forward to coming to the fest?

AR: There are so many new breweries and old favorites in Atlantic Canada that I just cannot choose one!

MBRIf people want a ticket where can they go? 

AR: Tickets are still available at ambereffect.com/events