Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Valonray Farmhouse Brewery Opens In New Brunswick

 (MacDougall Settlement, NB) –  Valonray Farmhouse Brewery says "After almost a full year of hard work, we are proud to announce that will be opening our store front for direct sales" . They opened on Saturday at 749 MacDougall Road in MacDougall Settlement with five beers, Single, Pale, Blonde, Saison and Triple, that were all open-fermented and bottle-conditioned. 
Photo from Valonray Brewing
Valonray's aim is to offer Belgian style barrel-aged ales with ingredients used from local sources, with some ingredients grown directly on the premises with the goal of becoming an authentic Belgian style, farmhouse brewery within the next few years. Eventually they will expand to barrel aged sour beers, such as lambics and gueuze style ales, which can take years to develop and produce. They currently have four whiskey barrels and plans on doing a bourbon barrel triple soon. The tap room will be located on the premises with views of the hop fields which are on the farm of owner Philippe Fontaine, whose family has owned it for seven generations, and wife Allison Fontaine with an expected opening in the summer 2018.
Photo from Adam Jones
The brewery is located just 5 km from the Northumberland Straight, 10 km from the tourist destination town of Shediac and 20 km from Moncton. They currently have hours for Friday and Saturday but say they will be expanded over the summer.
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Thanks to Adam Jones for checking out the brewery and sending me the details.