Wednesday, December 5, 2018

North Brewing Announces Major Expansion

(Halifax, NS) - North Brewing announced that it is expanding to a larger production facility at 899 Portland Street and will include a 5000 sq foot production space and 100 seat taproom with a full kitchen. 
In addition to a new space North Brewing is launching the “North Brewing Co. Conservation Initiative” (NBCI), a fundraising effort to acquire and protect ecologically significant land in Nova Scotia in partnership with the Nova Scotia Nature Trust. North Brewing is launching the NBCI with a beer named ‘Blanc’. “Blanc is a grisette fermented on Sauvignon Blanc grape skins from our friends at Benjamin Bridge,” said Josh Herbin, co-owner of North Brewing. “It’s a unique and beautiful beer.  We’re excited for people to try it and to learn more about what we are working to achieve with the NBCI. Fifty cents from each can of Blanc sold will be donated to the Nature Trust to kick off our larger fundraising efforts” said Herbin.
Construction at 899 Portland St. is scheduled to begin in December and the North Team is targeting a late spring/early summer opening for its taproom. North Brewing will be closing its Agricola Street production space and retail store in the winter/spring of 2019.  
Josh Herbin owner and head brewer said: “We will dearly miss working in the neighbourhood that raised us as a business, but are beyond excited to outfit a new space that will allow us more capacity and flexibility in production moving forward. When people come into our current location and see how little room we have to work, they are always amazed by the volume and quality of beer we are able to produce. Our new production location and adjoining taproom will allow us to consistently keep our core brands in stock, while satisfying our unending desire to experiment with one-off brews, wood-aged beers, and wild fermentations. We can’t wait to see you all there!”

Thursday, November 22, 2018

13 Barrels Brewing Opens in Bathurst NB

(Bathurst, NB) - 13 Barrels Brewing has become the third brewery to open in the northern New Brunswick town of Bathurst. The name is derived from old Bathurst folklore from Prohibition Days when in the summer of 1920 Joseph Gammon, an upstanding Bathurst citizen who upheld the Prohibition Laws of the day, mounted a posse. They ventured up the Nepisiquit River and seized 13 Barrels of illegal alcohol thus keeping the town safe from the evils.
The new company is a family-owned business operated and managed by David and Margot Young who have extensive business and management experience. They have also been fans of locally produced craft beer for many years and have keenly watched the growth of the industry in New Brunswick over the past decade and believe Bathurst would be an ideal location to launch their brewery. 
13 Barrels Brewing Company will operate from a new 5100 square foot building on the waterfront with a 15 BBL system and a Tasting Room with a view of the harbour. 
Ben Doucet will take on the Head Brewer role and is a native of Bathurst and returns to his home town to manage brewing operations. Prior to 13 Barrels he worked at Picaroons Traditional Ales for the last five years.
Initially, the brewery will be producing four signature beers included an IPA, American Pale Ale, American Red and a New England IPA as well as specialty and seasonal brews coming in the future. Beer will be sold in the Tasting Room by the glass as well as in growlers and canned products for take-home enjoyment. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Matchstick Beer Factory Opening Soon in Hampton

(Hampton, NB) - Matchstick Beer Factory is about to open in the town of Hampton, about 30 km outside Saint John. The nanobrewery will be run by a husband and wife team, Luke MacGregor and Heather Avery, with Luke doing the brewing and Heather taking care of the day to day.
The name came from the Flewelling Match factory that used to be on Saint Andrews Street in Hampton and with Luke's background in engineering he wanted the brewery to have an industrial vibe.
Luke has been homebrewing since 2006 but his earliest brewing was making root beer and cream soda when he was a kid. When asked why they wanted to open a brewery Luke said "Besides my love of making and drinking beer, the plans started when we moved to NB from NS in 2015. We bought an old house with a large garage/barn, and the planning began. I was on the road a lot for work, and have two young kids and a wife at home that still likes me, so I was thinking of ways to change jobs to stay home more. I've since moved on to a local job which has given me time to focus on the brewery at night once everyone else is in bed and on most Friday's, as well as a few hours on the week ends". 
Matchstick Beer Factory will be opening with a 1 BBL system from Blichmann, which when maxed out makes about 180L. Once revenue starts coming in they will double it to produce closer to 350L (almost 3 BBL), Fermenters are all 3 BBL and the bright tank is also 3BBL.
They are starting off brewing English and Canadian/American ales, starting with two beers. The first is the Matchbook Pale Ale, which is hopped with El Dorado, Mosaic and Amarillo, with heavy dry hopping to give it a nice fruit punch. The second is the Fired Up Red, which is a strong English style ale, with a hefty 8% ABV and with a bit of rye in the mash to give the huge malt backbone a bit of spice. They have a few other recipes that they'll start rolling out once they get a couple months under their belts, which include a rhubarb Hefeweizen (likely summer seasonal only), a Belgian blonde fermented with American yeast, and a few others. They will throw a few IPAs in there as well and they have a few other recipes that Luke is working on.
Look for their beers at the Match Factory Restaurant in Hampton and at Bootstrap Brew Pub in Quispamsis initially over the next week or so. 
Luke noted " helpful other breweries and home brewers have been in getting this operation going. I haven't met one brewer who didn't make time to show me their brewery, discuss suppliers, sell me old equipment that they've outgrown, give advice on my plan or offer help in any way. I grew up on a farm in NS, and the attitude of Maritime brewers has reminded me of the helpfulness we received on the farm from other farmers".
Matchstick Beer Factory won't be open to the public until they get a commercial space set up. Matchstick Beer Factory is operating out of their home and due to zoning regulations they can't have sales from their location. They are looking at commercial properties now, but won't realistically have anything set up until next summer at the earliest.