Thursday, June 22, 2017

Tanner & Co Brewing Opening in Chester Area Summer of 2017

(Chester, NS) - Tanner & Co Brewing is planning to open in August on Angus Hiltz Road in Chester Nova Scotia. Owner and brewer Dan Tanner brings a wealth of knowledge from the restaurant industry, is a sommelier as well as having five years of homebrewing experience. Tanner and his partner Peggy Locke plan to be producing a core group of ales including a lightly hopped pale ale, as well as a lighter Dampfbier and darker Roggenbier. 
They’ll be doing different beers and experimenting also around the German beer roots with a Cabernet Franc Stout and Chardonnay Hefeweizen that they produced last year with grapes grown in their onsite vineyard.
Mr. Tanner, a Lunenburg native, will be brewing on a 3 BBL system with sales coming from keg sales and Farmers Markets. Longer term there may be onsite growler fills at the brewery but not initially. 
Tanner says he got a lot of assistance from Jeff Saunders from Bad Apple Brewhouse as he proceeds toward his production brewhouse.  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

NS Craft Beer Sales Grew 34.2% Last Year at NSLC

(Halifax, NS) -  The NSLC released its year-end results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017. The result showed a decrease in earnings ($239.2M) and total volume there was a slight increase in sales ($611.8M). 
Overall total beer sales shrank about 1% to $276 million or just over 45% of total sales at the provincial agency and Nova Scotia Craft Beer growth continuing at stellar rate with sales growing by 34.2% to $10.2 million. 
The NSLC says there are now 18 local breweries products on their shelves, up from three four years ago and one of every four beer listings in their stores is a local craft beer.

Other items of note are:

  • NS Craft Beer surpassed NS wine made with local grapes last year
  • Nova Scotia ready-to-drink products, which are largely ciders, had a strong year with sales increasing by 83.7% to $2.9 million
  • Nova Scotia commercial beer sales coming in at $160.9 million

NSLC Announces 2017 Year End Results

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Fathers of Fermentation Brews Special Eh'le

Seven brewers from across Canada joined together last week to brew an historically authentic national beer. These independent microbrewers have come together to celebrate the signing of Confederation with a signature collaborative microbrewery beer to toast Canada’s 150th. Participating in this National Event are the following breweries:

As a patriotic celebration of Canada’s 150, this group of brewing friends shall henceforth be known as the Fathers of Fermentation”. The project brainchild of Doug White, of Four Mile Brew Pub, who discovered that these brewers all have two things in common beyond a shared passion for creating truly great beers. They all use the traditional Open Fermentation and direct fire Peter Austin brewing system, and can create the same unique ale. More importantly, they are all located in the original provinces who signed on to create this great nation in 1867 with the exception of BC.
Sir John’s Special Eh’le will be delicately aged for release on July 1, 2017. 

Upstreet releases Commons Czech Style Pilsner in six packs

(Charlottetown, PE) - Upstreet Craft Brewing has released Commons Czech Style Pilsner in a new size. Just in time for summer Commons will be put in 355 ml bottles in six packs. Find these in the taproom at 41 Allen Street and at liquor stores across Prince Edward Island. 

New Acadian/Cajun Beer Style Released

To mark the 170th anniversary of the poem Evangeline: tale of Acadie. several brewers have joined to create a new beer style. The official launch of the beer style was on June 9, 2017. The Henry W. Longfellow poem was published in 1847 and presented to the world the tragic history of the Deportation of the Acadians. 
The 1400 line poem, written in hexameters, is an epic poem based on the oral tradition. It is the story of a young girl, Evangeline Bellefontaine, engaged to her lover, Gabriel Lajeunesse, who are cruelly separated from one another during the Deportation of Grand Pré in 1755. 
The Acadian Nut-Brown or Cajun Nut-Brown was not a historical fact but was mentioned on line 330:
Then Evangeline lighted the brazen lamp on the table,
Filled, till it overflowed, the pewter tankard with home-brewed
Nut-brown ale, that was famed for its strength in the village of Grand-Pré
Each brewery that participated were told they should give their beer a francophone name or a name from a place or a person that was Acadien or Cajun. It would also be appropriate to give it a name related to the poem of Longfellow (Evangline, Gabriel etc). 
The ten brewers and beers are as follows:

  • Acadie-Broue (Moncton, NB) was found in 2004 by Patrice Godin. Their Nut-Brown will be called La Bringue, 
  • À l’abri de la Tempête (Îles de la Madeleine, QU) La Palabre acadienne is the name they choose for their Nut-Brown. This microbrewery opened their doors in 2004 and is in a former fish processing plant in the Iles de la Madeleine.. Located by the sea, its magnificent terrace offers views of the sea and the Dune of the West.  The microbrewery values the use of local raw materials in the design of its beers such as the development of a local smoked malt, algae harvesting of native spices and picking fresh herbs are used to create unique beers.
  • Brasseux d'la Côte (Tracadie, NB) have called their Nut-Brown, “La Belle Acadienne”. The microbrewery is an idea that started in the head of a group of friends who wanted to offer locally crafted beer. After a few years of hard work and the support of a group of investors and a cooperative, the project finally broke ground in 2017. 
  • Cajun Brewing (Lafayette, LA) called their Nut-Brown Evangeline. Located in the heart of Cajun country in Lafayette, Louisiana, Cajun Brewing is proud to be the first brewery in a dynamic city known for incredible food and unmatched hospitality. 
  • CAVOK Brewing (Dieppe, NB) called their Nut-Brown Bellefontaine de Grand-Pré. CAVOK is a new brewery looking to open in Dieppe this fall. 
  • Distillerie Fils du Roy (Petit-Paquetville, NB)  has called their Nut-Brown Évangeline. Fils du Roy has been operation since 2012, located in the Acadian peninsula. The distillery is specialized in the production of spirits, but makes small batch of beer. It is possible to visit the distillery and samples their products both for free.
  • Flying Boats Brewing (Shediac, NB) has created The General's Armada Acadian Nut Brown Ale. Named for the storied Italian general Italo Balbo, lead an "armada" of hydroplanes (S-55 Savoia Marchetti) to Shediac, on his way to and back from the Chicago World's Fair in 1933.
  • Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault (Edmunston, NB) Nut Brown Ale was baptized La Madoueska. Madoueska is a town in Maine, a county in New Brunswick, a river born in Québec and a legendary republic. Madoueska, Maliseeet land of the porcupine was adopted by an indomitable people called the Brayons. Rooted in its lands and forests, it’s the part of Acadia not quite like the others. 
  • Microbrasserie le Naufrageur (Carleton-sur-mer, QU) is in the heart of the Bay of Chaleur. Le Naufrageur, The Wrecker, very name is a nod to the fact that the founders of the brewery have ancestors who practiced piracy in one form or another through the maritime troubled history of Acadia and New-France. Microbrewery Le Naufrageur has always worked with Quebec and organic ingredients to create beers with Gaspesian accents. Several of its beers draw their flavour from plants and shrubs of the Gaspe and almost 100% of its raw materials are grown and processed in Quebec. 
  • Savoie's Brewhouse (Charlo, NB) called their beer the Savoie's Nut-Brown. They started their operations nearly two years ago and now house their microbrewery at Herons Nest in Charlo. 
Look for the beers at the breweries now. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

MBR June 16, 2017 - New Brunswick/PEI Edition

As we finish the last full week of spring, here is the beer news for this week. 

Big Tide Brewing have Zippy Pale Ale now on tap. Zippy Pale Ale is an American Pale ale and is 4.6% ABV and 43 IBU from Cascade and Summit hops. Dry hopped with citrusy cascade for a refreshing summer beer.

Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault released an new  Acadian Nut Brown Ale, La Madoueska. The 6% ABV beer is part of the a group of beers released. 

Distillerie Fils du Roy is marking the 170th anniversary of the poem "Evangeline" by Henry Longfellow by releasing two new beers. Évangéline is an Acadian Nut Brown Ale that is 7% ABV and Gabriel, a Dark Spruce Ale that is also 7%. The brewer suggests blending the two beers. 

There will be a new microbrewery opening in Bathurst this coming winter. Four Rivers Brewing will be located on Murray Avenue in the former Toyota dealership building in November or December. The beer will be produced and brewed on site in a state of the art brew house and served in a newly built tasting room. The brewery is a family business formed by René Legacy, his two sons, Chris and Stephen, and his brother-in-law René Landry. The brewery and taproom hope to create about a dozen jobs when they open. 
Follow them on Facebook and Instagram ( @four.rivers.brew) over the next few months as they work toward opening their brewery. 

Graystone Brewing released Wild Child, a refreshing, light bodied radler with subtle citrus from real grapefruit. It is 4.5% ABV and 5 IBU and is available in pints, Crowlers and Growlers.

Maybee Brewing has a new beer out this week. Introducing Orion Quadrupel, a Belgian Dark Strong beer conditioned with Briggs Maple Syrup. This heavyweight rings in at 11.5% ABV and is available now 

Picaroons Traditional Ales is part of  a Canada 150 collaboration project with some other breweries in Canada that they have a very special kinship with. That kinship being that they produce beer using traditional open fermentation and direct fire Peter Austin brewing systems. Along with Granite Brewery in Nova Scotia, Golden Lion Pub & Brewery in Quebec, Granite Brewery in Toronto, Ashton Brewing Company and Clock Tower Breweries in Ottawa, and Four Mile Brewing in BC, they brewed a coast to coast collaboration ale to celebrate Canada 150. The Fathers of Fermentation are calling their brew Sir John’s Special Eh’le.

Trailway Brewing released a fruit bomb this week. Seeing Citra is a 6.7% ABV IPA made exclusively with, you guessed it, Citra hops. Available at the brewery now. 

Thanks for checking in this week, have a great week. 

MBR June 16, 2017 - Nova Scotia Edition

Happy Friday, here is the beer news for June 16th. 

Propeller Brewing has launched The Gottingen Small Batch series that is an evolution of the One-Hit Wonder series. Moving forward, the "Gottingen Small Batch" series will be rolled out on a regular (monthly) basis highlighting styles of beer that often go overlooked in the mainstream beer market. They want to explore more beer styles by bringing forward a greater variety of true-to-style (but rarely seen) beers. The first Gottingen Small Batch release is a simple summer India Session Ale entitled "Gratitude". It is a 4.5% ABV and 56 IBU beer hopped with Centennial, Moose Mountain Cascade and Amarillo. 

Good Robot Brewing as their Shocking Pink, their Gose radler, out and on tap.  is on tap as of today. Looking ahead there are two new brews next week, First up is Beta Brew "Cream Team" brewed by Kelly Costello and Doug Kehoe: A cream ale at 6.56% ABV and 15 IBU with a nice sweet, honey, straw aroma, slightly lemony flavour and grassy aftertaste. Creamy mouthfeel, of course. Warrior, tettnang and willamette hops. Next up is SMaSH Pale Ale #2: Pacifica (Name TBD) is a 4.7% ABV and 24 IBU pale ale showcasing the pacifica hops. 

Garrison Brewing is hosting Backlot Bash, featuring The Sheepdogs, ECMA winner Port Cities, Juno Award winner Garret Mason and local favourites the Royal Volts, on Saturday. It is in support of the Ecology Action Centre. Before the concert they will be hosting Red Racer’s Sprinter van on their brewery patio from 1-4 PM. They have been travelling across Canada on their Celebration Tour, stopping by breweries on their way. Daryn Medwid, Gary Lohin and James Hume will be there from Central City pouring samples of  Garrison's collaboration, the “New” Scottish Ale which is part of the Red Racer Across The Nation Collaboration 12-pack commemorating the country’s milestone birthday. Speaking of that “New” Scottish Ale, it is now on tap at the brewery for growler fills and samples, and will be making its way to some accounts shortly. The 5.7% ABV and 38 IBU beer has nice smoked aroma with caramel & hints of berry-like fruits. Dominant caramel flavour with pleasant smoky character and low-medium bitter finish.

Chill Street Fresh Beer and Cider Market opened for business this week in Elmsdale. They opened with four products Unplugged Pale Ale, Skinny Dippin' Apple Cider, Honey I'm Home Honey Brown Ale and Hants Down Pilsner. They are open 10 AM to 10 PM Monday to Saturday and Noon to 8 PM on Sunday. 

Gahan House - Halifax has a couple beer updates for their waterfront brewpub. The final keg of Barrel Aged Golden Ale with Brett was tapped this week. It was aged for 8 months in Hungarian Oak and is 5% ABV. They also just released the second batch of Impatience Sour Brown Ale, aged on Morello cherries and raspberries. It's a dark ale, yet still very thirst quenching. 

Granite Brewery is part of a National Brewing Collaboration for Canada's 150. The Fathers of Fermentation are doing a Unique, Canadian Brewing Collaboration to Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Signing of Confederation - Sir John’s Special Eh’le.
A truly Canadian concept, 7 microbreweries and brewpubs from across Canada are collaborating to produce the first handcrafted national beer brewed from Coast to Coast. This liquid treasure will be available at the following breweries as of July 1, 2017:
Granite Brewery, in Halifax NS 
Picaroon’s Traditional Ales of Fredericton NB
Golden Lion Brewery, Lennoxville Que. 
Granite Brewery, Toronto Ont.
Ashton Brew Pub, Ottawa Ont 
Clock Tower Brewing, Ottawa Ont.
Four Mile Brewing Co, Victoria BC

North Brewing released a Barrel aged Headline Milk Stout as a limited bottle release. The beer was aged in barrels for 5 months and conditioned in the bottle just shy of 2 months. 

Roof Hound Brewing announced a new Kettle Sour. It is called Thyme to Grow A Pear Blueberry Kettle Sour and is 4% ABV. Find it at the brewery this week end.

Salty Dog Brewing collaborated with My Home Apparel to create Home Brew Session Ale. They say this light, fresh, 3.5% ale is perfect for summer sipping. They are also hosting a pop-up at My HOME Apparel this Saturday afternoon from 12-4, with samples, music and half-price growlers. 

Schoolhouse Brewing are celebrating their grand opening tomorrow. Their "Graduation" will start at 11 AM and continue throughout the day until address and speech by the Principal at 7 PM. Over the day, they will be having the biggest tournament of Four Square that Nova Scotia has ever seen, washer toss, some music and food and, of course beer. After the address they have The Basin Brothers, Tony Wood Trio & Special Guests along with some hot eats from some of the finest food trucks in the province.

Tidehouse Brewing has Birthday Sauce now available. It is a classic IPA with a good hit of bittering, pine & orange notes and clocks in a 6.5% ABV. 

Have a great week and I will be back next week. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Heritage Brewing opens in Yarmouth

(Yarmouth, NS) - Heritage Brewing opened its doors at 19 Kirk Street on Saturday, June 10th. The second brewery to open in the town they currently have an electric 1.5 BBL system with 8 fermenters. 
They are starting with four beers, a Blonde Ale, Amber Ale, Session IPA and a Stout.  They also have plans for Cream Ale, Double IPA, Porter, Brown, Red, and Strawberry Rhubarb Wheat as they progress. They are quite excited about their Strawberry Rhubarb Wheat after making it last year. It was so much work and so messy they swore we would never make it again but after tasting and giving some away the response was so positive they have already started freezing rhubarb and tracking down strawberries.
They are currently selling and filling 950 ml and 1.89 litre growlers on site along with tasters. Heritage looking for local establishments to have their beer on tap and in bottles.  They plan to be distributing bottles to restaurants in the coming weeks and have hopes and plans for a taproom expansion.
The brewery will currently be open Thursdays from  4 PM to 8 PM and Saturdays from 10 AM to 4 PM, subject to change. 

Four Rivers Brewing coming to Bathurst this Winter

(Bathurst, NB) - There will be a new microbrewery opening in Bathurst this coming winter. Four Rivers Brewing (FRBco) will be located on Murray Avenue in the former Toyota dealership building in November or December. The beer will be produced and brewed on site in a state of the art brew house and served in a newly built tasting room. 
FRBco is a family business formed by René Legacy, his two sons, Chris and Stephen, and his brother-in-law René Landry. The brewery and taproom hope to create about a dozen jobs when they open. 
Follow them on Facebook and Instagram ( @four.rivers.brew) over the next few months as they work toward opening their brewery. 

Horton Ridge Malt and Grain launches new brewery and taproom

Horton Ridge Malt and Grain launched their new brewery and taproom on June 1st. The 1 BBL brewery and taproom are in the maltery on Ridge Road just off exit 10 on highway 101 and will sport six taps. Three taps will be their own beers that will rotate with Big Spruce Brewing and Tatamagouche Brewing each having a permanent tap and the last one being breweries that use Horton Ridge's malt.
Atlantic Canada's only Malt House opened in April 2016 producing organic floor malt and see the tap room as a venue to showcase its malt an the breweries who use it. The venue has a fantastic view overlooking the farmland.
The hours of operation are 11 AM to 8 PM seven days a week for pints and growler fills in 1 litre swingtops. 
The Grand Opening is slated for Saturday June 24th from 11 AM - 10 PM and will include music, food, washer toss, mega jenga, tours and beer!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

MBR June 9, 2017 - New Brunswick/PEI Edition

Hope all is going well, here is the beer news. 

Barnone Brewery says they are now open both Thursday and Friday all summer long starting this week in Rose Valley.

Half Cut Brewing released Tickle Fight IPA this week. The 5.8% ABV beer is available now.

The wait is almost over. Hammond River Brewing announced they are now ready to start brewing in the new Rothesay brewhouse. The inaugural brew will be happening on Monday, and as a tribute to Shane Steeve's Father, it will be the Gammie California Steam Ale. 

Picaroons reminds us The Across The Nation party with Central City at The Roundhouse is next Friday. This is going to be an evening of live music, local food, likely some ball hockey, and  Hop(e) Restored ESB  on tap. NB Liquor will be on site selling the Across The Nation Canada 150 mix packs.

Tide and Boar Gastropub will be filling growlers this Saturday Morning then check out the Samuel Adams Utopia Release. The three beers on tap this week are:

  • Pow Pillows IPA - This Brand New, New England IPA features Nelson, Citra and Galaxy. With an added addition of lactose.
  • Hand Plant IPA - All Galaxy, and one crazy yeast strain makes for one hoppy yeasty beer.
  • Layback Lager - German Lager Yeast, New Zealand Hops and a little rye for some spice.

Trailway Brewing have our brand new Porter. Blueprint is available in cans and on tap at the brewery. A chocolate-forward, sessionable, dry, crisp Porter that rings in at 4.6% ABV.

There was a launch of a new Acadian/Cajun beer style this week by ten breweries in two provinces and one state. The 170th anniversary of the poem Evangeline: tale of Acadie is this year and in the poem a "Nut-brown ale" was mentioned. Acadian Nut-Brown / Cajun Nut-Brown was brewed with each brewery creating the recipe.
The beers :
Acadie-Broue :The Nut-Brown will be called La Bringue.
À l’abri de la Tempête: La Palabre acadienne is the name choose for the Nut-Brown.
Brasseux d'la Côte : Have called their Nut-Brown, “La Belle Acadienne”. 
Cajun Brewing : called their Nut-Broun Evangeline. 
CAVOK Brewing: called their Nut-Brown Bellefontaine de Grand-Pré.
Distillerie Fils du Roy has called their Nut-Brown Évangeline. 
Flying Boats Brewing: The General's Armada - Acadian Nut Brown Ale. 5.2% with 23 IBUs. 
Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault baptized their beer La Madoueska. Madoueska is a town in Maine, a county in New Brunswick, a river born in Québec and a legendary republic! Madoueska, Maliseeet land of the porcupine was adopted by an indomitable people called the Brayons. Rooted in its lands and forests, it’s the part of Acadia not quite like the others.  
Microbrasserie le Naufrageur : released l'Évangéline
Savoies Brewhouse : released Savoie's Nut-Brown.

Moosehead Breweries is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, and everyone’s invited. They announced that the company will begin offering public tours of their historic Saint John brewery, with tour booking now open at
The Moosehead Brewery Experience will offer beer fans the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at a working brewery, with stops in both the brewhouse and packaging operations. Visitors will hear about the rich history of this celebrated brand and, as - as a highlight of the 60 minute tour - sample a selection of Moosehead products.
The cost of the tour is $15 per adult, and $5 for people 18 and under.

BrewHopper began operating group tours in the Fredericton area. They offer 24-28 passenger shuttles, a selection of breweries and pubs to suit your desires and hourly start times from 1 to 5 pm.  ​
Fredericton BrewHopper circuit with 2 different routes: The River Hop and the Hill Hop running Friday and Saturday.

Have a great week. 

Friday, June 9, 2017

MBR June 9, 2017 - Nova Scotia Edition

Looks like the week end is going to be great weather, at least here in Nova Scotia. Here is the beer news for June 9th. 

Good Robot Brewing is adding the final touches on Shocking Pink 2.0, the gose radler brewed as the signature beer for OUTeast Film Festival. This will be released on opening day of the festival, which is Thursday, June 15th. The Shocking Pink v 2.0 is a blend of Goseface Killah  with pink lemonade, ‘Queen of Tarts’ and ‘Fruity Oasis’ organic herbal teas from David’s Tea. A nice 5.2% ABV and 11 IBU.

Garrison Brewing has a lot of news this week. First off they are launching a new version of their Pucker Up this time as a kettle sour with the same pomegranate and hibiscus notes as before. It clocks in at 4.7% ABV and tastes, according to Daniel, like an “adult fun dip”. It is available at the brewery for samples and growler fills and will be available at select licensees very shortly. The beer has 0 IBU and because of this it can’t suffer from being lightstruck, making it the perfect patio beer.
They are also still looking for your excess rhubarb, they'll give you a free taster plus an in-store credit of $1 per pound for fresh, usable rhubarb leaves removed, limit of 10 lbs per person.
They are also busy gearing up for Backlot Bash which is happening next weekend, Saturday June 17th 2017. This year’s bash is featuring Port Cities, The Royal Volts, Garret Mason and The Sheepdogs. 
Finally on June 17th they will be welcoming the folks from Central City who will be in Halifax on their Across the Nation tour. They will be parking their Sprinter Van on the patio and will be pouring samples of Garrison's contribution to the collaborative pack, the “New” Scottish Ale beginning at 1 PM. 

2 Crows Brewing released a collaboration with 902 BrewcastIn Theory is a dry hopped sour tapping in at 5.1% ABV and 18 IBUs. 
They also released Angel Eyes yesterday, a super tropical brett pale ale. Fermented with a blend of 6 different brettanomyces strains, and dry hopped twice with Azacca, Galaxy, and Citra. It is a  6.5% ABV and 34 IBU limited release. 
They also got our patio license for 60 people and will be opening tomorrow. 

Chill Street Fresh Beer and Cider Market announced they will be opening on Wednesday, June 14th inside the Sobeys in Elmsdale. Watch social media for specials and features. 

Heritage Brewing will open its doors on Saturday, June 10th at 11 AM. They can't guarantee they will be a well oiled machine on the first day but are confident you will find one or of their four beers to suit your tastes. They will have samples, growlers and growler fills available as well as a selection of glassware and clothing. 

Big Spruce Brewing will be hosting five beer paired dinners on select Sundays this summer. They will be a five course Farm to Fork dinners with each course paired with a Big Spruce beer set up entirely on their new brew floor. Reservations can be made at the brewery or by calling.

Triders Craft Beer has bottled a new beer. It is a honey wheat ale and should be available at the brewery this week end. 

Annapolis Cider Company's newest Something Different is a Sangria Cider. This is a 7.0% ABV sparkling cider, crafted by combining cool-fermented dry cider made from diverse apple varieties with dry red wine from locally sourced Frontenac Red grapes.
This blend was then finished with fresh-pressed apple juice, as well as juices from oranges, lemons and limes. With aromatic notes of citrus and crisp apple and the characteristic hints of cherry, blackcurrant and plum from the wine, this lively and refreshing rosé-hued cider is the perfect patio sipper. $0.50 from each refill of Sangria Cider will be donated to L'Arche Homefires in Wolfville, who provide meaningful work opportunities for adults with special needs.
What do Rhubarb Ginger, Hopped Pear and Sour Cherry have all been released as part of their latest Creative Series. Each is available in 750ml bottles only at their Wolfville Cidery.

The Coast is presenting Summer Launch Food Truck Party on June 15th, from 4:00 - 8:00 PM at Museum of Natural History on Summer Street. There will be 20 food vendors including:

  • Asado Charcoal Hibachti
  • Bottleneck Coffee
  • Lemon Dogs
  • Jamaica Lee Style Cuisine
  • Taco Stiles
  • Ol’ School Donuts
  • Nomad Gourmet
  • Halifax Press
  • Miller’s Kettle Corn
  • Bud the Spud
  • Beavertails
  • Cheese Curds
  • Gecko Bus
  • Benny’s Ice-cream
  • Benny’s Burgers
  • Souper Duper Soup Club
  • Good Robot Brewing
  • Cove Kombucha
  • Smokinstein
  • Fresh Food Truck
  • Tea North

and six confirmed Craft Breweries and cideries including:

  • Garrison Brewing 
  • Nine Locks Brewing
  • Good Robot Brewing
  • Meander River Farm and Brewery
  • Chair Yard Cider
  • Spindrift Brewing

Have a great weekend and I will be back next Friday. 

Monday, June 5, 2017

MBR June 2, 2017 - New Brunswick/PEI Edition

Welcome to the first report of June and lets hope summer will show up soon.

The 2017 Canadian Brewing Awards were handed out last week end at the end of the 15th annual conference. the awards had 55 categories for beer with an additional 6 for ciders. Local brewers were successful in bringing home a lot of awards including many gold. Get the local results here.
They also announced next year's conference is in Halifax Nova Scotia. 

Upstreet Craft Brewing was bottling their De Novo II Brett Farmhouse Saison this week, look for this one coming out on June 26. Also they said a yet-to-be-named Belgian Pale Ale Summer seasonal with Mosaic, Cashmere and Azacca hops will be unveiled soon.

Flying Boats Brewing kegged the first batch of their summer series beers this week. Session IPA - Galaxy edition beer packs a big flavor profile and a citrusy aroma of Australian Galaxy hops with its juicy passion fruit character, but light on alcohol at 4.7% ABV. Some kegs are destined for one of the Growler stations in Moncton and a few kegs going to James Joyce in Fredericton.

Picaroons Traditional Ales invites everyone to come party with them as they celebrate the Red Racer Brew Across The Nation Collaboration Mix Pack on June 16. Central City Brewers + Distillers are touring the country to celebrate with every brewery they collaborated with on their mix pack. Picaroons will have a full batch of their collab beer, the Restored Hop(e) ESB, on tap. NB Liquor set up on site and selling the mix-packs. FREE ADMISSION. Doors will open (and the beer will be flowing) at 5pm. Food will be available by 6pm. Music will start by 8pm.
Melonhead is back today and available on tap and in bottles at the The Picaroons Roundhouse and The Brewtique in Downtown Fredericton. AND it's now on it's way to The General Store in Uptown Saint John, The 5 Kings Restaurant & Picaroons Brewhouse in St. Stephen, and to NB Liquor locations throughout New Brunswick.

Shiretown Beer released its Hops on for Nowhere IPA. Look for it at the brewery and in its ANBL stores in the coming weeks. This IPA weighs in at 6.5% ABV.

Tide and Boar will have growler fills this Saturday June 3rd featuring three beers. The new Chaga Pale Ale - this beer is a special Collaboration with the Moncton Beer League, and features locally foraged Chaga, with Pacifica Hops. They also will have Robot Food IPA and Killington IPA.

Red Rover Craft Cider released a very limited batch of "Wyld" Cider. It is a wild fermented dry cider coming in at 7% - This cider is a cider for fans of farmhouse funk or sours. They will only be selling this cider at their Ciderhouse for pints in house or flagons to go.

On June 3rd there will will be Beer Day at The Station from 11am-3pm. Product launches, beer cocktails, food pairings, and much more from breweries from all over Atlantic Canada and beyond! Don’t forget to enter your name to win one of their amazing door prizes!

See you next Friday, have a great

Friday, June 2, 2017

MBR June 2, 2017 - Nova Scotia Edition

Here is all the news for the first week end in June 

The 2017 Canadian Brewing Awards were handed out last week end at the end of the 15th annual conference. the awards had 55 categories for beer with an additional 6 for ciders. Local brewers successful in bringing home a lot of awards including many gold. Get the local results here.
They also announced next year's conference is in Halifax Nova Scotia. 

Nine Locks Brewing have released their latest Brewer's Choice. Ginger Rye is a one off that will be in kegs only. Described as a dusky red ale that is full-bodied, with subtle caramel notes and a restrained ginger presence on the palate. The finish is long combining the cereal astringency of the rye and wheat with the assertive spiciness of the ginger. Grab the 5.6% ABV and 15 IBU beer while you can.

Good Robot Brewing this week will be the return of many of their flagship beers including Burban Legend APA and Goseface Killah. 

Unfiltered Brewing launched their latest edition to their SMaSH series, this time made with Amarillo. It is another crazy juicy east-meets-west DIPA designed to make you forget all you've got to deal with. It is 8% ABV and 100+ IBU. 

Garrison Brewing released its Juicy! DIPA in cans this week. The 8.0 ABV beer is joining Tall ship a little earlier than expected. 

Horton Ridge Malt and Grain launched their new brewery and taproom. The 1 BBL brewery and taproom are in the the maltery on Ridge Road and will have 6 taps. Three taps will be their own beers with Big Spruce Brewing and Tatamagouche Brewing each having a permanent tap and the last one being breweries that use Horton Ridge's malt. 

Rare Bird Craft Beer invites everyone to join them  at the Authentic Seacoast Distillery & Brewery on Saturday, June 3rd from 12 noon to 2:00 pm. They will be throwing burgers and brats on the grill and serving Rare Bird Craft Beer as they welcome June on the historic Guysborough harbour. No reservations are required. Just come and taste their new IPA and Maple Ale and celebrate the arrival of warmer days ahead.

Salty Dog Brewing is now open for business in Truro. You can bring your growlers for a fill-up. They have Pale Ale, IPA, Blueberry Wheat, and Amber Ale on tap. If you don't have your own they have 1L and 1.89L growlers for sale for $9.95.

Sober Island Brewing have a summer beer coming out. Kirby's Canoe is a 5% ABV Rye Pale Ale that has a floral and citrus aroma with some rye spiciness. Look for it coming out this month. 

Annapolis Cider have released Geneva Crab Rosé. This specialty, 8.6% cider is crafted soley from hand-picked local apples, which come from only 6 trees in the Annapolis Valley; and produces fewer than 250 cases of cider each year. 
First, Golden Hyslop crabapples are pressed and fermented dry. Then, fresh-pressed juice from Geneva Red crabapples is cryo-extracted, enhancing this red-fleshed apple's natural tannin and colour. Blending both together results in this unique, scarlet-tinged rosé with a distinct tannin structure and intense notes of tart apple. Available exclusively at the Wolfville cidery for a limited time.

Have a great week end and I'll be back next week. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Moncton Beer League and Tide & Boar Collaborate on New Beer

Photo by Adam Jones 
Members of the Moncton Beer League recently collaborated with the Tide & Boar Brewing Company to brew an experimental ale featuring locally foraged chaga. The beer features both Pale and Vienna malts, Green Bullet and Pacifica hops, and multiple chaga additions throughout the brew. Expect this beer to be light in color, yet with woody and earthy flavors. Get a commemorative Moncton Beer League glass to keep and your first pour for $11 on June 3rd when this beer is released. They'll also feature a special cask version on launch day and you can also pay as you go as well.

Amber Richards lives in Moncton New Brunswick and is the owner of the event management company Amber Effect. Amber Effects provides project management, time and resource management public awareness campaigns, event coordination and media relations. Through her company she regularly produces unique food and beverage pairing events, has coordinated corporate VIP grand openings and is also locally known as a leader in non-profit fundraising events such as the annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® event which she founded. 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Maritime Brewers Bring Home National Awards

The 2017 Canadian Brewing Awards were handed out last evening at the end of the 15th annual conference. the awards had 55 categories for beer with an additional 6 for ciders. The Brewery of the Year went to Mt. Begbie Brewing from British Columbia and Beer of the Year was Indie Ale House's Spadina Monkey. 
Local brewers successful in bringing home a lot of awards including many gold. The following list is of all the local breweries and their awards:
- Brasseurs du Petit-Sault won Bronze with La Kedgwick in European Style Lager (Pilsner).
- Boxing Rock Brewing captured Gold with Stayin’ Alive is Bock – Traditional German Style category
- Uncle Leo’s Brewery also grabbed Gold with its Vohs Weizenbier  in the Wheat Beer – German Style (Weiss) category 
- North Brewing had a double Gold night winning in the Belgian Style Abbey Ale/Pale Ale category with Gus’ 65m Ale and in Wood and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer category with its newly rebranded Midnight Glenora Barrel Aged Strong Dark Belgian.
- PEI Brewing had a triple award outing with a Silver for Patience in Belgian-Style Brett Beer category, a Bronze in the Session India Pale Ale category for Vic Park APA, and another Bronze in Wood and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer for Hell Street.
- Propeller Brewing won Bronze for its Porter in the Porter category. 
- Pump House Brewery took Gold in the Dry Stout category with their Muddy River Stout.
- Moosehead Breweries won a pair of Bronze awards for Moosehead Lager in North American Style Premium Lager category and for Moosehead Cracked Canoe in the Light (Calorie-Reduced) Lager category.
Nova Scotia cideries Bulwark Cider and Ship Builders Cider did very well in the cider category. Bulwark Cider took Silver with Bulwark Original for New World Cider, Bulwark Blush took Gold in Cider with Other Fruit, a Bronze for  Bulwark Hopped in the Cider with Herbs/Spices, and Gold in Specialty Cider for Bulwark Rum Cider.
Ship Builders Cider took a Gold and a Bronze in Sid’s Chai Cider in Cider with Herbs/Spices and Sid’s Wild Blueberry Cider in Cider  with Other Fruit respectively. 

View full results here

Friday, May 26, 2017

MBR May 26, 2017 - New Brunswick/PEI Edition

As we enter the summer season local brewers are not disappointing with a lot of new beer and news. 

Moth Lane Brewing has a new beer that they describe as "tart, floral, sour beer with a lingering candy-berry essence and a bit of funk". It was brewed with cranberries and hibiscus and lightly dry-hopped and comes in around 4.75% ABV. The name is pending and it is limited in quantity. 

PEI Brewing is debuting the After Hours series of seasonal beers with a tap takeover at bar 1911 on June 2nd from 4 PM to 9 PM. There will be music from Bridgette Blanchard, Nudie, and Alex Madsen of the Divorcees, plus a Q&A with the PEIBC Brewers.
The After Hours Series allows the PEIBC brewers to experiment with unique recipes and new brewing styles. The beers will be available on tap at the PEI Brewing Company taproom, select bars and restaurants in the Maritimes and through the growler programs at your local liquor stores.

Upstreet Craft Brewing is going to be taken over by North Brewing and Battery Park Beer Bar on Friday , June 2nd when they welcome the head chef of Battery Park and North Brewing's brewmaster to the Island for a special one-night-only dinner menu and 10 guest beer taps. Taps will be flowing from noon on, and the food will be available during regular dinner hours, but it will only be available while supplies last, so plan to get here early.

Beckwith Road Brewing told me they will be on hiatus for the next six to nine months to allow for some regrouping. Best of luck to them and hope to see them in 2018. 

Big Tide Brewing has a brand new, dry hopped and extra juicy batch of Tidal Wave  Double IPA on tap this week that is 7.8% ABV. Get it while it lasts. 

Long Bay Brewery put on their first batch on Friday and it's fermenting away. They added the equipment worked perfectly and the hops smelled incredible. Watch for beer announcements next month. 

Loyalist City Brewing released the next edition of their Hop Series. Hop Series El Dorado is brewed with 100% El Dorado hops and has an intense tropical fruit aroma of pineapple, mango, watermelon and stone fruit. LCB revised their base recipe to give the finished beer a softer mouthfeel and a slight sweetness on the finish to accentuate the tropical fruit aroma and flavor. A restrained bitterness allows the unique flavor profiles of the El Dorado hops to come through and for this beer to be truly sessionable. 

Shiretown Beer has a seasonal beer out. La Vie Continue Summer Wheat Ale is out now and can be identified by a yellow cap on the bottle. The ale is a summery 4.5% ABV perfect fot those patio days. 

Trailway Brewing released a new batch of their DIPA Hop Stains today at 4 PM. They do say there is  a slightly altered hop schedule and the freshest hops available. The brewer describes it as "very juicy with a candy-like character coming from the El Dorado forward hop blend". The cans are limited at only about 40 cases the tasting room in Fredericton while supplies last. This was brewed especially for TrailWay's first anniversary of being open on Main street this week end and add they likely wont brew this beer again for a little while.

Oktoberfest des Acadiens, hosted by the village of Bertrand, New Brunswick, is celebrating its eight edition this year. This weekend celebration is a family-friendly festival where people have the opportunity to discover Bavarian traditions in a welcoming and festive atmosphere. The festival features Bavarian music, a children's play area, tasting sessions where local products and more than 100 beer products are displayed, from micro-breweries to imported beers, and concerts in the evenings. 
In 2015, Canadian Geographic magazine named them in its « 10 Best Oktoberfest in Canada » list. This puts the Acadien Oktoberfest in the same class as other renowned Oktoberfest celebrations like the Kitchener-Waterloo and Vancouver Oktoberfest festivals. 
Mark your calendars for the 2017 edition that will be held from August 31st to September 3rd. 

Have a great week end and I will be back next week. 

MBR May 26, 2017 - Nova Scotia Edition

Hope everyone had a great week. Here is the beer news from this week for Nova Scotia. 

Good Robot Brewing actually didn't get Dr. RUDI (first of the SMaSH series) out last week as reported. It' also named How Wude. The entire SMaSH series will be named after bizarre misfit comedians who made it big in the public's eye. How Wude is a reference to Bob Saget; it was his character's daughter's  tagline phrase on Full House, and also references his out-there, krass demeanor as a standup comedian, despite the fact that was on a very clean-cut TV show.
Their Dave & Morley Coffee Brown version 3 will be out in the next week. This time around it is made with Burundi Kayanza Gacokwe coffee (beans from Java Blend and cold-brewed by Low Point Coffee Co.). The coffee itself has notes of caramel, candy apple, peach and dark cocoa and is 5.25% ABV.

Breton Brewing released a couple of teasers this week on Instagram. They say to look for a new seasonal beer and a Beergarden coming soon.

Brightwood Brewery has Halifornia Commons California Common available. See them at the Alderney market to grab this 6% ABV beer. 

Firkinstein Brewing has a new IPA in their bright tanks. Tempus Fugit has Cascade, Citra, Pearl, Saaz and mosaic hops and is a hefty 8% ABV.

Garrison Brewing wants your extra rhubarb. They say will give you a free taster plus an in-store credit of $1 per pound for fresh, usable rhubarb (leaves removed), limit of 10 lbs per person. Last year they brewed It’s Rhubarb Saison! with the community sourced rhubarb.  

Hell Bay Brewing has a new Bourbon Barrel Brown. It weighs in 9.5% ABV with lots of bourbon and oak flavour and is currently only on tap at the brewery. 

Heritage Brewing received their licence to brew this week. Look for news on the first of many brews coming soon. 

Rare Bird Craft Beer has released a new IPA. The dry-hopped IPA has a big hit of New World hops on the nose. The taste is juicy with lots of upfront citrus and peach notes with light caramel notes. Rare Bird says "The finish is clean and dry, a refreshing and immensely drinkable East Coast take on the classic beer style". The 5.5% ABV and 60 IBU beer is out now at the brewery and select locations. 

Salty Dog Brewing are opening tomorrow in Truro. They will have Blueberry Wheat, IPA, Pale Ale, and Amber ale available for sampling. Drop by any time after 2 PM for growler fill-ups, apparel, glassware, and taster flights. They'll also be pouring pints street-side at the Block Party that evening as well. 

Boxing Rock Brewing released Grafted sour ale. The beer is infused with sweet orange peel and is the overall winner of Boxing Rock's 2017 Black Box Challenge, It was brewed with Black Box challenge winner Brian Harvey and is 5.5% ABV and 20 IBU. 

Chain Yard Cider and Unchained Kitchen are now open serving cider and food on Agricola. They also have cans and growlers to go.  

Propeller Brewing is the first brewery in the history of the East Coast Music Association to win one of the annual awards (in a Facebook auction).
Earlier this month, the band Like A Motorcycle declared that they would be “Pawning” their 2017 Rising Star Award and donating all proceeds to Phoenix Youth Services — an amazing Halifax-based non-profit that serves at-risk youth. In making their plea to “help a bunch of dirty punks turn this fancy metal into something that supports the future punk bands, artists, and creatives in Halifax” the band caught the attention of Propeller’s founder, John Allen.

Have a great week end, I will be at the Yarmouth Craft Beer Festival on Saturday and back here next week. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hammond River Brewing Announces First 4 Bottle Releases

(Rothesay, NB) - Hammond River Brewing have released details on their first four beers that will be bottled by them. Gammie California Steam Ale (a tribute to Shane's amazing Father that passed away in 2014), Hop Flash IPA, Red Coat IRA and Blood Orange Hefeweizen. 
HRB will be bottling in a 500 ml style bottle that is unique to this area and not being used by any other brewery in NB. Look for these on ANBL shelves across the Province and available for purchase at the brewery in a month or so. 

Garrison Releases Three Beers in Cans

(Halifax, NS) -  Garrison Brewing are planning to release three of their brands in 473 ml cans over the next few months joining the trend of cans at Nova Scotia breweries.

Tall Ship Amber has already been released and will be sold in addition to the six pack of 341 ml already in distribution. The cans are currently available at the brewery, private stores in Halifax and will be at the NSLC shortly. 

Seaport Blonde will be out very and will be replacing the 6x341ml Seaport Blonde that they have been doing the past few summers. Seaport Blonde is a light ale with a crisp and refreshing all-malt body with delicate hop aromas.  Purely 2-row and wheat malt. It will be in the NSLC as soon as it’s ready to go as a permanent listing in a 4-pack, in private stores as a single serve, and will also be in NB, PEI and NL as 4-packs soon for the summer.

Their newest beer Juicy! DIPA is going to be a brand new single serve can coming around in mid-July. It will be at the NSLC and private stores (late May/early June) and will follow in NB and NL shortly afterward.  This New England-style Double IPA has a hazy appearance and boasts smooth but intense tropical flavours with Citra, Mosaic, Comet and Ekuanot plus a secret hop Head Brewer Daniel Girard won’t disclose.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Picaroons Releases Pivot Imperial IPA

(Fredericton, NB) - Picaroons added an new Imperial IPA to the line-up with a twist. Pivot Imperial IPA is a special interactive ale where they are "pivoting" the hops around the same grain bill every batch. They have completed two batches so far. Picaroons has added a special page for you to get the details about each batch,
The new beer is 8% ABV and has a foundation of Canadian 2 Row and just a dash of Canadian Toasted Wheat. The first batch of Pivaot was hopped with Warrior, Azacca, and Hallertau Blanc. There brewers say to expect notes of melon, pineapple, bubblegum, and white grapes. Pivot #1 was tapped at The Picaroons Roundhouse, The Brewtique, The The Picaroons General Store, and The 5 Kings Restaurant & Picaroons Brewhouse just prior to the long week end.
They took what they learned from the first Pivot – and dialed it in a little bit more. They omitted the Hallertau Blanc hops and chose to focus more on the tropical nature of Azacca and the piney-ness of Warrior. They increased dry-hop addition to bring out even more hop aroma. Tasting notes on this one are huge pineapple notes, along with passionfruit, mango and pine. Looking for Pivot #2 in bottles around New Brunswick.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

MBR May 19, 2017 - New Brunswick/PEI Edition

Welcome to the May 2-4 week end edition of the Maritime Beer report, a little late as I am visiting family.

Picaroons Traditional Ales announced its new Pivot Imperial IPA. This is a special new 8% ABV Imperial IPA with a special concept. At the centre of this beer is a solid foundation of Canadian 2 Row and a dash of Canadian Toasted Wheat. Around this foundation Picaroons will pivot the hops from batch to batch as they experiment and play with different hop varieties. Each batch will be different and you will be able to find out about your specific PIVOT by checking the batch number on the label and going to Pivot #1 is now at The Picaroons Roundhouse, The Brewtique, The The Picaroons General Store, and The 5 Kings Restaurant & Picaroons Brewhouse. Next week they will be releasing bottles of Pivot #2 throughout New Brunswick.
Pivot #1 is hopped with Warrior, Azacca, and Hallertau Blanc and they say it is fruity and floral and to expect notes of melon, pineapple, bubblegum, and white grapes.
They took what they learned from their first Pivot and dialed it in a little bit more. They omitted the Hallertau Blanc hops and chose to focus more on the tropical nature of Azacca and the piney-ness of Warrior. They also increased the dry-hop addition to bring out even more hop aroma. They describe tropical and resiny with huge pineapple notes, along with passionfruit, mango and pine. 

Barnone Brewery released Try on this week. Brewed with 100% Island grown barley grown by the Craig Family in Tryon and malted by Horton Ridge Malt and Grain in N.S. The beer is available at the brewery and is 5.0% ABV.

Big Axe Craft Beer Festival announced that a second bus will be added departing from Food at The Crowne Downtown at 1:30 PM arriving in Nackawic at 2:30 PM and departing Nackawic at 9:15 PM, expected arrival back in Fredericton is 10 PM. Get your tickets now. 

Foghorn Brewing has brought back Yellow Dart their India Session Ale. They say they think it's the best craft beer to kick off your May long weekend. 

Hammond River Brewing have released details on their first four beers that will be bottled by them. Gammie California Steam Ale (a tribute to Shane's amazing Father that passed away in 2014), Hop Flash IPA, Red Coat IRA and Blood Orange Hefeweizen. They will be bottling in a 500 ml style bottle that is unique to here and not being used by any other brewery in NB. Look for these on ANBL shelves across the Province and available for purchase at the brewery in a month or so. 

Trailway Brewing released Ellipse this week in cans. Ellipse was originally brewed back in December but was not canned and the majority left the tasting room for the growler program. The inspiration for this one was the intense orange-citrus character coming from the absolute freshest Amarillo hops they could find. Some Columbus hops add dankness and spiciness giving this one an interesting complexity. The ale is 6.3% ABV and has wicked orange juice character.

Hope you all have a fun safe long week end.