Wednesday, August 29, 2018

morALE brewsters launches in Oromocto NB

(Oromocto, NB) - morALE brewsters is opening about 20 kilometres southeast of Fredericton in the town of Oromocto. The nanobrewery is a team of four serving military members and one military wife that includes Rémi Lévesque, Nicholas Matheson, Bruno Plamondon, Samuel Roy and Johanna Osborne.  They all come from different areas within Canada, NB, NS and QC, but some of them have been in Oromocto for over 15 years. 
In December 2015, Bruno and Rémi were talking about home brewing at work and Bruno suggested that it would be fun to gather a small group of craft beer fans to start brewing together. The plan was to experiment with different recipes with the idea/hope that if they come up with some good ones they could transition into a real side business.  By January 2016, they officially sat down and all five joined together.  In the summer of 2017 they were very happy with their recipes and they decided to get more serious equipment. The real reason was the reactions of their friends when they were sharing beers and their comments were so positive that it convinced them to try one step closer to a real brewery.
Currently, it is a nano brewery right in Jo and Rémi's basement and are able to offer is kegs only. Local pubs in the Oromocto area is where they want to be involved in the community.  Their first beer sold by the pint will be starting Friday August 31st 2018, and will be at Griffin's Pub in Oromocto, NB.  Being very new they want to start slow and make sure that they will be able to provide to those they offer product to. It is part of their dream to eventually have their own taproom in Oromocto, NB. 
morALE brewsters are starting with a cream ale (CORNFLAKE) because that seems to be the fan favourite and the perfect introduction for them. They have seven registered styles of beer available at this time, that they will soon be able to offer by the keg, to limited local pubs in the Oromocto area.  Those include a red IPA (RED OVER BLUE), an APA (HOPS HONOUR), a brown ale (BOOT CAMP), a milk stout (BUG OUT), a Belgium blonde (PTE BLOGGINS) and a seasonal wheat cucumber ale (9ner DOMESTIC).  They kept the list within classic styles that they were confident to reproduce with consistency.
They add "We are very excited about this venture and we are looking forward to meet all beer fans and brewers to share stories and fresh craft beer with!!!"

Monday, August 20, 2018

Boxing Rock Brewing Expands to Halifax North End in Unique Partnership

(Shelburne, NS) - Boxing Rock Brewing will expand both their brewing capacity and retail presence in HRM by partnering with the Local Source Market in the North End of Halifax. The unique partnership, “Test Kitchen” is located adjacent to the Local Source catering kitchen & bakery, and a Boxing Rock Bottle Shop is now open in the Local Source Market at 2530 Agricola Street.
"Creating a local food hub has always been the goal of Local Source, says owner Sean Gallagher. “This partnership is an extension of that goal, connecting customers to local quality products and producers. The Boxing Rock retail will offer customers their regular and limited release bottled products, as well as growler fills for seasonal beers and experimental batches brewed in the 1-barrel brewing system. “This was exactly the type of partnership we were hoping for when we looked to expand into Halifax,” says Boxing Rock Co-owner Emily Tipton. “Sean has been a great customer of ours for years through the Lion & Bright Café & Wine Bar. We share similar values around sustainability, growing the local economy and enhancing local food culture in Nova Scotia.” The Local Source Market is now operating on extended “growler hours”, (M-W 9-7, Th 9-8, F 9-9, Sat 10 – 9, Sun 10-6). The grand opening event for the new Boxing Rock Bottle Shop will be held on September 1st with an exciting gift for their first customers that day. 

Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Harbour Brewing Company Opens in Musquodoboit Harbour

(Musquodoboit Harbour, NS) - The Harbour Brewing Company will be opening for business on July 28th August 1st at Noon at 7955 Highway 7 in Musquodoboit Harbour. Chris Downey, who you may remember from Nine Locks Brewing and Spindrift Brewing, has opened his own brewery.
They decided to open the 1 BBL nanobrewery in Musquodoboit Harbour because "that's where we live and because they are no breweries between Dartmouth and Sheet Harbour". 
They are starting out with an all ale lineup with the focus on first brewing our beers well before expanding the variety. Downey also adds "Our philosophy is to serve the local market, work with local suppliers and businesses when we can and produce beers the Eastern shore can be proud of".
The brewery is in the former Bear Den Cafe and will be serving beer on the deck as well as selling growlers and merchandise. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Hop To It Brewing : More than Just the 19th Hole

A small craft brewer north of Moncton is currently serving a single customer in Irishtown but hoping like others to grow. I recently got to ask owner and brewer Luke Rasmussen of Hop To It Brewing a few questions about his operation and plans 

MBR: What made you want to open a brewery?
HTIB: I started getting into craft beer and wondered about the process of making it. I spent a few months researching equipment and how to use it effectively until I decided on what I want to try and do. The plan was to build my own electric brewing system and just brew for fun as a home brewer. After about 5 months of sourcing, buying parts and assembly, I had a mostly functioning brewery.
The subsequent months were spent making all manner of different beers as I tried to learn everything I could about the brewing process. The golf course across the street got word of my little adventure and offered a tap if I could get a license to sell.

MBR: "How hard could it be to get a license?"
HTIB: About 8 months of red tape hard.

MBR: How big is your brewery?
HTIB:The brew house is 21 Gallons and I have 2 different fermenters. One is 42 Gallons and the other is 14 Gallons each with a matching brite tank.

MBR: Do you plan on selling your beer beyond golf courses?
HTIB: Definitely, the seasonal nature aside, most average golfers are not going to a golf course to experience craft beer. It's just a bonus for a few that happen to enjoy both. Once I have a steady production schedule, I'd like to be on some of the rotating taps in the Moncton area.

MBR: When did you open?
HTIB: September 5th 2017 is when I poured my first commercial beer.

MBR: What styles of beer are you planning to make?
HTIB: Currently I make a kolsch-like beer and a pale ale with plans to make an IPA and a smokey beer in the near future.

MBR: Anything else you would like to add?
HTIB:I'm hoping to move to town sometime soon so I can have a constant water supply. Currently storing city water in 7 gallon jugs
I'm also looking into the possibility of canning some of my beer, although I will need some larger storage tanks first.

Thanks Luke for your time and you will find Hop To It on tap at Maplewood Golf & Country Club

Monday, July 23, 2018

Upstreet BBQ Brewhouse Coming to Dartmouth

(Dartmouth, NS) - Upstreet Craft Brewing is coming to Dartmouth and hoping third, or is it fourth, time lucky at 612 Windmill Road. They have teamed up with Bill Pratt of Chef Inspired Group, founder of Cheese Curds: Gourmet Burgers + Poutinerie and Habaneros Modern Taco Bar to name a couple, to create Upstreet BBQ Brewhouse. The new BBQ restaurant and brewery will be opening in September and they say to expect awesome authentic BBQ with Upstreet beer brewed in-house and, of course, the Upstreet experience that they have become known for. 

Uncle Leo's Opens Quayside Beer Garden in Pictou

(Pictou, NS) - Uncle Leo's Brewery have opened up a Craft Beer Garden in Pictou Nova Scotia called Quayside Beer Garden. It has spectacular views of Pictou Harbour on the pier next to the replica of the Ship Hector. It has 8 rotating taps of Nova Scotia Craft Beer and Cider as qwell as  Red and White wine from Jost Vineyards.  The beers for Quayside are posted on Social Media on its its own Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Friday, July 13, 2018

New Scotland Brewing Opens in Dartmouth

(Dartmouth, NS) - New Scotland Brewing opens Saturday July 14th at 91 Alderney Drive in the heart of Dartmouth Nova Scotia. Kevin and Scott Saccary, of New Scotland Clothing, as well as Mike Gillespie are the driving forces behind the new brewery. Mike will be the brewer on the 5 BBL onsite system and plans a wide range of beer styles to be available on their taps. The space will host a bar with 10-12 taps of their beer as well as other NS beer and cider producers, a retail section for merchandise as well as cans when they become available and a stage as music is very important to the owners, so expect lots of local talent there in the evening. 
They will have a Kolsch, IPA, Grapefruit APA, Scottish Ale and Stout available for opening as well as a very limited small batches of Strawberry Peppercorn Mead and Blackberry Chai Mead. The will also have live music Saturday with Willy Stratton

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Lake City Cider Opens in Downtown Dartmouth

(Dartmouth, NS) - Lake City Cider opened its tap room, production and retail space at 35 Portland Street in the former Nieforth Furniture building. The bright clean space offers cans and bottles, a sampling bar as well and 1 litre swingtop growler purchases. 
The ciders are all made from Nova Scotia apples and currently have three ciders available, District 5, Nieforth Original and Darkside Dry. District 5 is a crisp clean cider coming in at 6 % ABV and available in 473 ml cans, Nieforth Original is a semi-sweet cider and is 6.8% ABV and is in 750 ml bottles and also in a 750 ml is Darkside Dry coming in at 7.5% ABV.
Lake City joins a thriving rival of Dartmouth's downtown following many restaurants and shops. Lake City Brewing will be joined by Brightwood Brewing in the same building later this summer making a unique partnership and space. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Nova Scotia Craft Beer Full House Beer Fest [VIDEO]

The crew from asked me to talk to a few brewers at the Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia's Full House. Here is a playlist of the the afternoon in three videos. Watch it with the whole family or listen to it like a podcast. 

Friday, July 6, 2018

Garrison Brewing releases “This Beer Is Toast!”

Photo from Garrison Brewing
(Halifax, NS) - Garrison Brewing released “This Beer Is Toast!” Saison, a unique brew made with day-old bread from various local, independent bakeries in support of Feed Nova Scotia. They used 250 lbs of plain, rye, multigrain & pumpernickel bread was donated by Birdies Bread Co., The Old Apothecary and Smith’s Bakery. Garrison partnered with Feed Nova Scotia because of their work with food insecurity in the community with $0.50 from each bottle sold being donated as a result.
“This Beer Is Toast!” is a 5.4% saison-style ale, deep gold with light fruity apple and bread-dough flavours and a refreshingly dry finish. The beer is available at Garrison Brewing and next week at private liquor stores.

2 Crows Brewing Releases Dandy - First in Barrel-Aged Series

(Halifax, NS) - 2 Crows Brewing are releasing their first ever bottled beer and the first beer in their barrel-aged sour series. Dandy is a gin barrel-aged sour that is conditioned on burnt citrus.
Photo from 2 Crows Brewing
2 Crows says the beer was "Brewed with Pilsner malt, spelt, wheat, and oats, and hopped lightly with Calypso and Bramling Cross. Soured with a mixture of lactobacillus cultures, and fermented in gin barrels with a blend of saccharomyces and brettanomyces yeast. After conditioning in barrel for several months, the beer was transferred to stainless where it was further conditioned on the burnt zest of lemons, oranges, limes, and grapefruit. Finally, the beer was bottle conditioned with champagne yeast for a lively carbonation."
Dandy is limited quantity but there is no bottle limit and will be available on Saturday July 7th at the brewery as well Bishops Cellar said they were bringing a few in.
Tasting notes are "Bright, tart, lightly funky, with juniper, citrus, oaky tannins, a subtle burnt/smoky character and a firm minerality" and it is  5.1% ABV.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Propeller Brewing Hefeweizen is Back

Photo from Propeller Brewing
(Halifax, NS) - Propeller Brewing says "by popular demand, Hef is back!" It is their traditional Hefeweizen and they brewed one batch to kick off the summer. It’ll be available starting Friday for growler fills and in 500ml bottles. The notes on this 4.5% ABV beer are "Naturally cloudy, this wheat beer, made with German Nobel hops, features banana and clove flavours, with higher-than-normal carbonation". As an added note Propeller told me they have a variation on the Hefeweizen coming next week, so stay tuned for those details… 

Bore City Brewing Adds Grand Monk Artisan Ales Brand

(Moncton, NB) - There have been many changes at Bore City Brewing since their opening in 2015, from their brewer to their beers and with the recent expansion to a 3 BBL system they thought it fitting to introduce a fresh branding to their beer. 
Corporately they will remain Bore City Brewing but their beer will now be branded Grand Monk Artisan Ales and will be available in bars and restaurants throughout New Brunswick.The expansion will still offer no retail space but with a much larger capacity, they hope to be available at more ANBL locations for growler fills and plan on bottling by this fall. 

Roof Hound Brewing Releases Vandal Hound Lemon Meringue Doughnut IPA

(Hillgrove, NS) - Roof Hound Brewing has never shied away for experimental beers especially when it comes to adding unique flavours into ales. This week they release Vandal Hound Lemon Meringue Doughnut IPA. The  6% ABV beer comes from the mad minds of Roof Hound Brewing and Vandal Doughnuts in Halifax. Described as "It’s sour, it’s sweet, it’s hoppy", it was brewed with real vandal doughnuts, lactose, toasted sugar, house made lemon pie filling and dry hopped with Lemon Drop hops.
You can try the new creation at on July 5th from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Stubborn Goat Beer Garden on the Halifax Waterfront with Free doughnuts with the first 100 pints or at also on the 5th from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at WestSide Beer Wine Spirits in Clayton Park for samples, fills and bottles. There is also a Launch of the beer at Roof Hound on July 6th from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM with music from David Chamberland.
It is a very limited release so grab some fast. 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Bent Nail Brewery Opens in Windsor Forks

(Windsor Forks, NS) - Bent Ridge Winery and Bent Nail Brewery will be open July 1st. Halifax brothers Steven and Glenn Dodge are the driving force behind the project. The combo winery and brewery also has a pizza oven that can cook a pie in 90 seconds and can seat 30 inside and 40 more on the patio. Aaaron Miller will be brewing 240 litre batches with .their first beers on tap being an IPA, a cream ale, an English style beer and a pale ale. They are at  4499 Highway 14 across from Ski Martock. 

Friday, June 29, 2018

2 Crows Brewing releases Slam Jam

Photo from 2 Crows Brewing
(Halifax, NS) - 2 Crows Brewing released Slam Jam Brett IPA Brut with Blueberries, brewed in collaboration with Parallel 49 Brewing from Vancouver. The 6.7% ABV and 11 IBU beer is their take on the new Champagne IPA/IPA Brut style that has emerged out of San Francisco. 
2 Crows says "Brewed with Pilsner malt, oat malt, wheat malt, and special aromatic malt, and hopped in the whirlpool with Huell Melon, Vic Secret, and Azacca hops. We fermented warm with a blend of different brettanomyces yeast strains, and near the end of fermentation added glucoamylase, an enzyme capable of breaking down complex sugars into more fermentable sugars -- essentially giving the yeast more to eat, and making the beer dry as a bone". 
After fermentation they conditioned the beer on 400 lbs of blueberry puree, and dry hopped it aggressively with Azacca, Huell Melon, Vic Secret, and Galaxy hops. Finally, it was carbonated quite high to let the hop and fruit character shine and let the dryness be even more apparent.
Available at the brewery as well as Bishops Cellar.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Unfiltered Brewing Releases Mise En Garde Barley Wine

(Halifax, NS) - Unfiltered Brewing announced that its newest release, Mise En Garde, comes out this Friday, June 22nd. The barley wine is oak-aged and was fermented on both American and Belgian yeasts and rings in at 10.8% ABV. Mise En Garde, which means warning, will be available in vintage-dated 500 ml bottles, draught, kegs, pints, and growlers at the brewery and next door at Charm School. 

Boxing Rock Brewing Releases Bursted! IPA

Photo from Boxing Rock 
(Shelburne, NS) - Boxing Rock Brewing released Bursted! IPA and say  "Warning: This beer is hoppy!" but they say not to worry, they made sure the bitterness wasn't too over powering. Bursted! IPA is this year's runner up in their black box challenge. Brewed in collaboration with home brewer Derek Wood. The beer is full of late addition hops with Derek insisting on a mountain of dry hops too. Boxing Rock says "Balanced nicely by a great pale malt structure with a smooth creamy mouthfeel, it finishes dry so you can savour all the great hops we threw into this beer." Look for the 6.5% ABV and 58 IBU beer at the brewery and coming soon to the Halifax area private stores. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Tidehouse Brewing Releases Pitcher's Perfect Pineapple NEIPA

(Halifax, NS) - Tidehouse Brewing is releasing Pitcher's Perfect Pineapple NEIPA (6.3% ABV) on Friday June 14th. They say that there is "loads of tropical fruit flavour. Super juicy, hazy, mad tropical and pummeled with pineapple". Brewed in honour of their employee Mike Pitcher who has filled in the gaps and helped the nanobrewery succeed. The beer will be available in 340 ml bottles and on tap at the brewery on Salter Street. 

Picaroons Releases Flood, Sweat and Tears IPA

Photo from Picaroons
(Fredericton, NB) - Picaroons Traditional Ales introduced Flood, Sweat and Tears IPA. This limited edition beer celebrates NB's resilience during the great flood of 2018. Picaroons says "Ringing in at 7% ABV, this one-off is a tad citrus-y from some orange peel additions as well as little fruity from their signature Ringwood yeast. It's a little hazy and is all wrapped up with a nice crisp and bitter finish". It's on sale now at The Picaroons Roundhouse and The Brewtique in Downtown Fredericton, and will be flowing out to the Picaroons General Store in Uptown Saint John, The 5 Kings Restaurant & Picaroons Brewhouse, and to ANBL locations throughout the rest of the province. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Chain Yard Cider and Boxing Rock Brewing Release Snake Bite

Photo from Chain Yard Cider
(Halifax & Shelburne, NS) - Chain Yard Cider and Boxing Rock Brewing released Snake Bite (5.7% ABV). Although not the traditional recipe for the drink the collaboration is half Foundation Cider and half Hunky Dory Pale Ale, a combination that was arrived at by staff tasting and voting for the favourite combination. Look for Sanke Bite on tap and in limited edition cans at the retail stores and the NSLC this week.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Unfiltered Brewing Releases Inducement DIPA

Photo from Unfiltered Brewing
(Halifax, NS) - Unfiltered Brewing is releasing Inducement DIPA on Friday June 8th at Noon at the brewery and next door at Charm School Pub. The 7.5% ABV beer is described by the brewery as "Fruity-as-f@%& Mosaic and Falconer's Flight hops with a wee touch of honey malt". 

Further Reading
Inducements Remain Rampant in Beer Industry

The beer name is a comment by the outspoken Halifax brewery on the practice of providing inducements or bribes for bar owners to carry a certain beer, a practice that is illegal and hurts small craft producers. I say let producing great beer for the people be the inducement.

Picaroons Releases Melonhead for 2018

Photo from Picaroons
(Fredericton, NB) - Picaroons Traditional Ales says Melonhead is back and announces this years winner of the cat contest. This years winner is Henry Smith and his "cat mom" Jordan "he actually likes playing fetch and drinking from people glasses. He's sweet". Melonhead, a crisp pale ale infused with natural watermelon extract, will not be available in bottles this year but in 473 ml cans and of course on tap. Look for Melonhead cans on the shelves of Picaroons retail stores and ANBL stores. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Boxing Rock Brewing Releases OH, SNAP! American Brown

Photo from Boxing
 Rock Brewing
(Shelburne, NS) - Boxing Rock Brewing announced the release of OH, SNAP! American Brown Ale. This Beer was the winner of the 2018 Black Box Challenge and was brewed with the winner Aaron Spanik. The ale is lightly infused with ginger, combined with light and dark roasted malts, the palate is described as reminiscent of dark biscuit - almost like a ginger snap. The hop profile is all classic North American hops with a healthy dose of dry hops rounding out the finish. The 6% ABV beer is available at their retail store, their Seaport and Alderney market booths on Saturdays, and private liquor stores in HRM.

Stillwell Brewing Announces Poptones Farmhouse Pale Ale

Photo from Stillwell Brewing
(Halifax, NS) - Stillwell Brewing Company (SBC) will be releasing a new bottle this Saturday, June 9th, from Noon to 3:00 PM. Poptones Farmhouse Pale Ale is 5.3% ABV and  started out as a clean pale ale to which SBC added their house cultures for a three month secondary fermentation. SBC describes it as "Along with the wonderful, funky, hay-like fermentation characteristics we get hop bitterness and aroma from Saphir & Sterling in the kettle and dry hop, plus a light acidity from our house cultures". SBC adds that there is a barrel-aged version of Poptones coming soon as well. 
Also on Saturday you will find limited quantities of Preach farmhouse ale refermented on NS peaches, Gosh 2.0 mosaic-dry hopped farmhouse blend , plus a few a few more they have been releasing from the cellar. Sale is at the brewery at 2015 Gottingen Street around at the back of the building. 

Picaroons Releases Version 16 of Pivot IIPA

Photo from Picaroons 
(Fredericton, NB) - Picaroons Traditional Ales says that PIVOT #16 has arrived. In this Pivot they are bringing a whole new flavour profile to the table. They used Fuggles, Northern Brewer and in the hop percolator they used Willamette, to provide a "beer that any fans of English IPAs will really enjoy". They also say that "This combination of hops allows the aroma of their Ringwood yeast to shine through, provides earthy flavours, a nice lingering bitterness, and a slight fruity finish". The Imperial IPA is now shipping to all Picaroons outlets and ANBL locations throughout NB. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Tidehouse Brewing Brings Out The Sex RIS

(Halifax, NS) - Tidehouse Brewing is bringing a giant beer to its tiny shop on Salter Street. Calling it their fruity summer sipper, The Sex Raspberry Russian Imperial Stout is available Friday at 2:00 PM in 340 ml bottles and 4 oz glasses.
Whether it is a bottle to share with a friend or a night ender this dark, rich, stupid strong, chocolatey, raspberry stout fits the bill. The Sex is fortified with port for a little extra zip to help this beer top out at 11.9% ABV.

PEI Brewing Releases Rix Light Craft Lager

(Charlottetown, PE) - PEI Brewing Company (PEIBC) has announced the release of Rix Light Craft Lager. The 4% ABV and 12 IBU beer is described as a "Crisp light lager, craft brewed with the highest quality ingredients using traditional techniques". The lager is an homage to William F. Rix, who was widely considered Prince Edward Island’s craft beer pioneer in the mid-eighties.
They hope to have the beer at PEIBC Retail outlets today, including PEIBC Taproom, Gahan Beer Store and PEIBC Beer Station, as well as PEILCC locations tomorrow. 

Fils du Roy Releases La Grande Barbe Wheat Beer

(Petit-Paquetville, NB) - Distillerie Fils du Roy has released a new wheat beer highlighting one of Acadia's earliest beer pioneers. La Grande Barbe "The great beard’’ is a wheat beer created in honor of Nicolas Denys (1598?-1688). He began growing wheat in Acadia and made plans to build a flour mill and a microbrewery, which he wanted to substitute beer for wine that had to be import.
We do not know a lot of what he look like, except that he had a full, white beard which caused many of the Mi'kmaq to refer to him as “La Grande Barbe".
The 5.5% ABV beer is available now in 750 ml bottles.

Annapolis Brewing Opens Its Taproom

Photo from Annapolis
Photo from Annapolis Brewing
(Annapolis Royal, NS) - Annapolis Brewing who started brewing late last year successfully opened their taproom last Friday at 302 St George Street Annapolis Royal. Open for growler fills and pints of their own beer and will have 20 taps for guest beer, ciders and will have Nova 7 on tap. The establishment will have 50 seats and although they don’t have food available they encourage people to bring food along with them. The hours of operation are Monday to Thursday Noon to 8:00 PM, Friday Noon to 10:00 PM, Saturday 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM and Sunday 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM. 

Monday, June 4, 2018

New Homebrew Site BrewHQ Launched (discount code included)

(Dartmouth, NS) - I usually don't write about this sort of business but BrewHQ reached out with what they are trying to achieve and offered my followers a discount so I couldn't pass it up. The team at BrewHQ has over two decades of experience, and we want to pass that knowledge and experience on to you.
BrewHQ wants to offer a complete brewing experience to help you enjoy the hobby. BrewHQ have developed and tested exclusive beer recipes, have a growing collection of recipes to pair or cook with your homebrew, and are always available to give you advice on your brewing needs.
The offer the following perks :
- They offer free shipping on all orders over $75 (before tax)
- The BrewHQ Club. For every $1 you spend at BrewHQ (excluding gift cards, tax and any applicable shipping charges) you’ll get 100 Brew Points to use towards discounts on future orders. You're automatically enrolled in the club as soon as you create a BrewHQ account.
- BrewHQ also offers a quarterly beer recipe subscription. Their beer recipes have been created and tested in-house. Sign up, pay annually in advance and get a new beer recipe complete with all the ingredients you need shipped right to your door. 

Check them out at and use Discount code MBR15  to get 15% of entire order until Thurdsay, June 14th 2018.

(I am not associated with BrewHQ and recieve no compensation for this post) 

Friday, June 1, 2018

Trailway Brewing releases Scrumlurkers American IPA

Photo from Trailway Brewing 
(Fredericton, NB) - Trailway Brewing releases Scrumlurkers American IPA. From Trailway - "Anyone out there a fan of the segment "Scrum lurkers" on the Jay and Dan show? Well, we are!" This Friday they are releasing a beer in honour of this segment, as it brings the brewery plenty of laughs on a weekly basis! Scrumlurkers, a 6.5% ABV ale, has a hop profile they had been seeking out for a long while. Through their many weekly one off IPAs they developed this hop schedule that is an intense tropical and citrus fruit with a sweet candy and vanilla character that "lurks" in the background. Complex and really delicious! Find it on tap and in cans tomorrow at the brewery. 

Nine Locks Returns a Popular Blonde

Photo by Nine Locks
(Dartmouth, NS) - Nine Locks Brewing returned its popular seasonal Apricot Blonde today for a limited time. The beer is described as light, crisp, effervescent, and quenching with a hint of apricot. The North American-style Weizen brewed with Canadian wheat and barley is available at the brewery as well as The Port by NSLC now. 

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Upstreet Craft Brewing releases Latest in Neon Friday Series

Photo from Upstreet Craft Beer 
(Charlottetown, PE) - Upstreet Craft Brewing announces next up in Neon Friday Series is NEIPA with Simcoe. Neon Friday is a series of supercharged one-offs that are loud on the hops and push flavour and aroma to the limit. New England style IPA with the Simcoe hops gives a clean and smooth bitterness. Described by the brewer as "A complex and bright beer with notes of heavy citrus and a piney dankness - surprisingly easy drinking for its ABV. Pouring a hazy pale straw, NEIPA with Simcoe will make it beach weather, regardless of the temperature outside". The 7%ABV an 40IBU beer will be available in 4-packs of cans and on tap in the Upstreet Taproom and Craft Beer Corner starting Friday June 1st. 

Propeller Brewing Releases Stone Fruit Summer Ale

Photo from
Propeller Brewing 
(Halifax, NS) - Propeller Brewing releases a new beer for the summer of 2018. Propeller says "Bright and refreshing, Stone Fruit Summer Ale bursts with tropical and juicy stone fruit aromas and flavours of peach, apricot, and mango. This thirst-quenching brew offers a light golden colour and lively carbonation for a crisp finish. The 5% ABV ale is being released in 473 ml cans and will hit Propeller shops on June 1st and The NSLC shelves the week on June 4th. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

North Brewing Releases Champagne IPA

Photo from North Brewing
(Halifax, NS) - How does North Brewing celebrate winning three Canadian Brewing Awards? By releasing a champagne IPA. Alloy Champagne IPA will be released this Friday June 1st in 473 ml cans at both North bottle shops. Alloy is made with Pilsner malt and Ariana hops (in the boil and dry hopped) and boasts an ABV of 6%, IBU of 23 and FG is 0. The IPA will also be available on tap at Battery Park and a few other select bars. 

Sunday, May 27, 2018

New Brunswick Brewers Place in Eight Categories at Canadian Brewing Awards

Photo by Grimross Brewing
(Halifax, NS) - The 2018 Canadian Brewing Awards were held in Halifax on May 26th with four brewers taking home awards in eight categories. Grimross Brewing took home four awards, Foghorn Brewing grabbed two awards and Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault and Pump House Brewery taking one each.

Photo by Foghorn Brewing 
Grimross took Gold in European Style Amber to Dark Lager category for Après Lager, Silver in American-Style Black Ale category for Maritime Black IPA and bronze in Porter category for Pugnacious Porter and Maritime Cream Ale in the Cream Ale category. 

Photo by Les Brasseurs
du Petit-Sault
Rothesay brewer Foghorn Brewing nabbed two bronzes Golden Grover in the English Style Pale Ale category and one for Esty Special Bitter in the English Bitters – Best Bitter or ESB category. 

Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault achieved Gold for Col. John Baker Dubbel in the Belgian-Style Dubbel and Pump House Brewery took bronze in the Dry Stout category with its Muddy River Stout.
Full results for the 2018 winners available here.

Five Nova Scotia Brewers Win At The 2018 Canadian Brewing Awards

Photo from 2 Crows Brewing 
(Halifax, NS) - The 2018 Canadian Brewing Awards were held in Halifax on May 26th with five Nova Scotia brewers taking home nine awards in eight categories. All the winners are in the new wave of brewers starting in the last five years. 

New comer 2 Crows Brewing have been amazing beer lovers in Halifax won a gold Bonanza! Foedre Aged Wheat Wine in the Wood and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer category and two silvers for Dynamo Rustic Saison in the French and Belgian Style Saison category and   Never Again Foedre Aged Brett Pale Ale with Peaches  in the American-style Brett Beer category. 

Photo from Boxing Rock Brewing
Photo from Tatamagouche
North Brewing, who have won several CBAs peviously, added a silver in the Kellerbier/Zwickelbier category for its Little Beast, a silver in the  Belgian Style Abbey Ale/Pale Ale category for it perennial favourite Gus’ 65m Ale and a bronze for Oh My Darlin’-Clementine Brett Pale Ale in the American-style Brett Beer category. 

Photo from Meander
River Farm & Brewery
The other winners was Tatamagouche Brewing's Giantess Barley Wine taking silver in Barley Wine-Style Ale – American-Style, Boxing Rock Brewing took a silver in North American Style Amber/Red Ale for Temptation Red Ale and Meander River Farm & Brewery won bronze for its Smoky Chipotle Porter in the Experimental Beer category. 

Full results for the 2018 winners available here.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Full House - Nova Scotia Craft Beer Fest 2018

Did something new stepping in front of the camera for​. Watch for the full video with brewer interviews coming soon 

Monday, April 23, 2018

Bent Nail Brewery To Open This Year Near Ski Martock

The Hants Journal reports Bent Nail Brewery will be opening this year at 4499 Highway 14 (also known as Chester Road) in Windsor, Nova Scotia.
The Hants Journal says "Beer brewed at the Bent Nail Brewery will be made in a smaller, two-barrel system – something Steven (Dodge) calls a nano-brewery.
“We’ll probably have four or five varieties on tap, with some year-rounds,” Steven said. “Certainly an IPA, an English cream ale, we may go with a light Belgian beer. Then we’ll have some seasonal beers, probably a pumpkin ale at harvest time.”
Steven said he’s hoping to try new things and be a little creative with the seasonal and limited releases.
They’ll also have growlers and grunters for folks who want to take some of the brews home with them."

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Gahan House Restaurant and Brewery Opens in Fredericton

(Fredericton, NB) – Murphy Hospitality Group (MHG) has opened its fourth location of The Gahan House Restaurant and Brewery in Fredericton at 426 Queen Street in New Brunswick's capital city. 
The restaurant features a 120 seat dining room, two seasonal outdoor patios and a 5 BBL DME brewing system. The restaurant will also feature an oyster bar with a variety of fresh, local oysters. The brewery is up and running with Spencer Gallant as brewer.
The Gahan brand, which was established in Charlottetown, PEI in 2000 also operates brewpubs in Charlottetown, PEI, Halifax, NS, and most recently Saint John, NB. A third New Brunswick location is slated to open in Moncton later this year. 

Friday, April 13, 2018

Picaroons Traditional Ales releases new version of Pivot

Photo from Picaroons 
(Fredericton, NB) - Picaroons Traditional Ales have released the 14th iteration of their Pivot series. This time they moved away from the big bang tropical and citrus hops and ventured into a melon territory using only two hops: Ekaunot and Huell Melon. Upfront there is a pleasant mild bitterness from the Ekaunot, followed by some honey dew, berry, and grassy notes before it winds down with a medium dry finish.