Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Shiretown Beer Closing Operations

(Charlo, NB) - Shiretown Beer is ceasing operations this month. Opening its doors in 2011 with a year hiatus between 2015 and 2016 owner Derek Leslie has called it quits. The brewer grew from a tiny brewhouse to its current location and could be found on ANBL shelves through out New Brunswick.  He released the following statement via social media on Monday:
With a heavy heart and sadness Shiretown Beer is closing its doors by the end of this month. We have experienced many Good Times serving our cherished customers over this past year and hopefully we've left a good experience that good beer good people bring together. If you've been to see us a number of times or haven't had a chance, dont be shy and drop in if you can over the next week and a half and we'll lend you the same type of service as always. Many great beers left on hand at the shop try and get in before they're all gone. It's been a pleasure serving in New Brunswick.
There is no immediate information on what will happen to the brewing equipment.