2018 Maritime Craft Beer Events

2018-01-18    5th Annual Craft Beer & Local Food Celebration
2018-03-09    Friday “Newbie Night” Fredericton Craft Beer Festival
2018-03-10 Fredericton Craft Beer Festival
2018-04-14 Saint John Beerfest
2018-04-27 NS Beer Week FULL HOUSE Cape Breton 
2018-04-28 Tapped Truro Craft Beer Fest
2018-05-05 Craft Beer Week Full House
2018-05-26    Atlantic Beer Festival
2018-06-16 East Coast Cider Festival
2018-06-16 Yarmouth Craft Beer Festival
2018-06-16 Sussex Rotary Brew Festival
2018-07-07    Beer on the Bridge
2018-07-14 Big Axe Craft Beer Festival
2018-08-04 Down East Brew Fest
2018-08-10    Halifax Seaport Beerfest
2018-09-21 Prince Edward Island Beer Festival
2018-09-22    First Town Craft Beer Festival
2018-09-29 Atlantic Canadian Craft Brew Oktoberfest
2018-10-13 Celtic Oktoberfest
2018-11-08 The Beer & Cider Throwdown
2018-12-01 Cape Breton Beerfest (date may change)