Friday, August 21, 2015

Maritime Beer Report - August 21, 2015

Welcome to the August 21st edition of the Maritime Beer Report. 

PEI Brewing Company released a huge amount of news this week some of it new and some of it more details. First is some details on their cask program at the brewery, they say every two weeks, or less depending on volume, they'll have a new cask to try out. They say to expect some very interesting flavours and some things you may have never seen before.
They've still got the Galaxy hop version of our Vic Park Pale Ale available and say a Mandarina Bavaria version will be released shortly, watch social networks to find out when and where. They are also be releasing Vic Park in a 473ML can in September using the Citra hop variety. 
As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago they kept a fair amount of ReAnimator Bock and stored it away in some oak barrels. They will be releasing this as a 750ML premium seasonal in September. PEIBC also says their to look for their Pumpkin Ale, also slated to return in early September.  Finally their Transmitter Coffee Stout will also be returning this fall .

Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault has released a new seasonal, John Stadig, an Orange-Ginger White Beer. They warn this 4% ABV limited release and won't last long. If you are wondering the back story on John Stadig, he was a famous counterfeiter in the 1930s from the Saint John River Valley who got caught and sent to Alcatraz. He's one of the few men who managed to escape from this famed prison. His remains are buried at the Connors cemetery in Upper Madawaska County.

Flying Boats Brewing is having a Launch Party on Thursday September 3rd, starting at 7 PM at the Laundromat Expresso Bar, 382B St. George Street in Moncton. Come join in celebrating NB's newest local Craft Beer brewery and enjoy a hand crafted Ales.

Grimross Brewing Company's new beer, a Belgian Dubbel has been released. It is amber brown, smokey caramel, with a warm finish and 6.8% ABV. 

Hammond River Brewing Company also has a brand new beer, it's a 10.4% Belgian Dark Strong Ale called Sterke Monnik. Look for this one and the return of Gammie in a few weeks.

A new brewery that I heard of recently popped up on social media yesterday in a big way. Maybee Brewery is currently building a 10 barrel operation at 559 Wilsey Road in Fredericton this fall,  They go on to say their beers will be available at ANBL stores in 16 oz cans, at some of your favorite craft beer bars in Fredericton, as well as at the Brewery taproom by the glass, growler, keg or can. They list five beers on their website, looks like hop and belgian loving brewery. Look for my Q&A with the owner Paul Maybee.

Uncle Leo's Brewery has its Winterschlaf back on, it is the Kolsch they had on last winter. It is 5.5% and 25 IBU.  Light, refreshing and crisp.

The Official Beers and Ciders for Sausagefest next month were revealed. 
Propeller Wind Swell Wheat - This American Pale Wheat beer is a brew that’s mild and approachable yet has a lot of personality. Ample additions of Cascade hops bring flowery, citrus & spice notes while the wheat added provides a silky smooth finish.
Garrison Hammerschlagen Brau - Named after the German game played at Halifax Oktoberfest, this “Oktoberfest Brau” is brewed in the traditional marzen style to create Germany’s most popular fall beer. Pleasant toffee like flavours, medium body and low hopping make this seasonal lager worthy of celebration. 
Bulwark Hopped Citrus Cider - Celebrating two of our native crops—hops and apples—Nova Scotia’s first hopped cider is a citrus-forward brew. It begins with a special blend of Annapolis Valley apples designed to tame the bitterness characteristic of dry hopped brews. Cascade and comet hop varieties combine with the apple base to create a light and refreshing cider featuring notes of lemon and grapefruit. 
Boxing Rock Kerfuffle APA - A fresh, bright, coppery gold pale ale with a balanced malty backbone and smooth bitterness to wash down your carnivorous sausage indulgences. Dry-hopped for extra punch, the hop character is like a south shore hurricane, building in intensity until it blows you away. Henry also added that this has 100% Canadian hops. 

I had the pleasure of visiting Kellye Robertson at Spindrift Brewing yesterday, look for a blog on my visit early next week. 

Thanks for joining me again this week and as always enjoy responsibly.