Saturday, August 22, 2015

Q & A with Paul Maybee of Maybee Brewing

I would like to thanks Paul Maybee for taking the time to answer my questions 

Maritime Beer Report (MBR): Who is Paul Maybee?  
Paul Maybee (PM): Family man, handy man, canoeist, photographer, local food and culture enthusiast, musician, brewer.

MBR: Where are you from?  
PM: I grew up on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, and have been in Fredericton for about 8 years.

MBR: What is your brewing experience? 
PM: I have been home brewing for 10 years.  Like most people, I started brewing with kits because it was good and cheap beer.  Then as I discovered new styles, I realized that I could create beers that weren't readily available in my area.  A few years ago I was in Vancouver with a friend who was telling me about his beer club.  I told him this was one of the great things about a large city.  When I got home, I decided I would just check and found that we have an amazing beer community right here in Fredericton.  Joining the beer club here was the best thing I did for my brewing ability and love of beer.

MBR: What made you want to open a brewery?  
PM: It was actually my wife, Mikey who set things in motion.  It had always been in the back of my head, but only as a "wouldn't that be great" kind of thing.  She mentioned to me one day that I spent nearly all my free time brewing beer, and what if I put my business experience and passion for beer together.

MBR: How big will it be to start? 
PM: We will begin with a 10 barrel system, making double batches.  We gave ourselves enough space to expand our production capacity with demand over the next several years.

MBR: How and where do you plan on selling your beer? 
PM: We are a small production brewery, so our focus will be first to get our beer into (16 oz) cans and into the liquor stores throughout New Brunswick.  You will also be able to get our beer in cans, growlers, kegs and by the glass from our taproom.  We plan to have our beer on tap in a few key beer bars in Fredericton as well, but our focus will be on getting as much of our beer into cans as possible.  I look forward to the day when we are able to sell our beer in farmer's markets.  I think that day is coming, but as it stands now, we can't sell beer in Farmers Markets in New Brunswick.

MBR: When do you plan on opening? 
PM: We originally were hoping to be open by July 2016, but things have progressed much faster than we could have hoped, so now we are looking at an opening date before Christmas, 2015.  As with any construction project, there will be delays, so the window is still pretty wide at this point.  We will be posting our progress on facebook and instagram, so people can get a look behind the scenes of what's involved in building a brewery, and to see when we're getting closer to opening our doors.

MBR: You have some interesting styles, are they year rounds? Do you plan on seasonals? 
PM: Yes, most of the beers listed on our website will be year-rounds, but a plan is only a plan, and we will adjust what sticks around based on what is most popular.  We will most definitely be doing seasonals and special releases featuring local ingredients, as well as some Brett beers and sours down the road.

Please check out Maybee Brewing's progress on facebook and Instagram, so you can get behind the scenes to see how they build the brewery.