Tuesday, December 15, 2015

First City Brewery opens in Saint John, New Brunswick

(Saint John, NB) - Partners Adam McQueen and Jeff Gibbons are the latest to jump into the exciting New Brunswick craft beer scene. The nano brewery is in uptown Saint John and will produce small batch craft ales for local beer lovers in the area. on their 1 BBL system. 

Adam and Jeff have been home brewing for about 4 years and brewed between 40 and 50 batches in preparing to open up. Besides their IPA that sold very well over the week end look for an ESB, DIPA, RPA, Double Coffee Chocolate Stout and many more interesting beers. Currently on tap in the Saint John area including The R-Bar, Peppers Pub, Lemongrass and in talks with James Joyce in Fredericton. 

As with any big project they got a lot of support from family and friends and great help from Enterprise Saint John in making their dream a reality. After only being open a few days they have no huge plans as the brewers plan to balance the brewery in addition along with their full time jobs but shared they have been approached by ANBL to be in their growler program when the open their new store in Saint John. 

I wish them the best of luck and who knows they may be following the footsteps of Trail Way Brewing in the years to come.