Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Beer Lover Gift Guide

Do you have someone that loves beer? Beer has had a revival these last few years with the craft beer revolution going. But what do you get for the beer lover in your life and where? I have a few suggestions local and otherwise to help you out. 

Of course buying them their favorite beer is an option if it is available remembering fresh is better and if it is growlers it will need to be kept refrigerated and bought a couple of days before gifting. A lot of people stock up on beer prior to the holidays so merchandise from their favorite brewer is a good option. Many brewers will ship if you call your order in, check out their social media to see what they have.

So the fridge is stocked with beer and they have every shirt hat and bottle opener ever made now what? If you are wanting to stay local there are a few options. 

Mashed In Beer Gear started by making custom-brew-in-a-bag for home brewers and branched out to resin encapsulated grains and hops coasters, tap handles for  kegerators or keezers and business card holders. A bonus id they offer free shipping. 
If your beer fan wants to dip their toe into making beer a great place to call for help find what you need to buy is Everwood Ave Brew Shop . They have everything from starter on up and brew kits.

Maybe a product made from natural material is more to your liking, Ravenview makes wood handles and lots of other cool stuff.

Moving on from local to other items, there are some good books on beer, cooking with beer and pairing. A couple of good Canadian books are Beerology by Mirella Amato and Craft Beer Cookbook by David Ort. There are loads of books out there for whatever the interest in beer may be. 

My last suggestion is glassware. There are many glasses for specific beer styles and tasting sets that give you several glasses that go with many different styles. These are at Canadian Tire, Bed, Bath and Beyond and most kitchen stores. 

I hope this helps and happy shopping.