Monday, November 30, 2015



November 30, 2015

HALIFAX - Nova Scotia’s craft brewers are flattered that international beer conglomerate InBev subsidiary Labatt’s Brewing Company announced last week that they are interested in learning about how to brew craft beer in Nova Scotia. This is the latest endorsement of the world class, award winning craft beer coming from Nova Scotia.

“Those of us who brew premium craft beer in Nova Scotia have always been proud of the world class quality of our products”, said Emily Tipton, president of CBANS and owner of Boxing Rock Brewing Company. “This new attention supports what Nova Scotians have been saying for the past several years, that they want to see more craft beer.”

Nova Scotia beer market data over the past few years has shown that the Nova Scotia craft beer market share has grown by over 25% per year, while traditional, multinational beer products are losing market share.

“We believe in Nova Scotia. We believe in the people who buy our beer and support our industry. We believe our commitment to the Nova Scotia needs to be more than glitzy ads and gimmicks. Even with the endorsement from Anheuser Busch Inbev SA we will continue to work hard and brew all of our beer right here in Nova Scotia, and we will let our products do the talking.” said Tipton. “In addition to brewing great beer, the Nova Scotia craft beer industry employs Nova Scotians in every region of the province, and we reinvest in the province, and in these communities.”

Labatt Brewing Company Ltd. is a Belgian-owned beer company. In 1995, it was purchased by Belgian brewer Interbrew; it is now part of Anheuser-Busch InBev. Anheuser-Busch InBev SA is a multinational beverage and brewing company headquartered in Leuven, Belgium. It is the world's largest brewer and has a 25 percent global market share. Their market capitalization is $197 Billion and trades on the New York stock exchange (ABI).

CBANS represents craft breweries in every region of the Province, including sixteen microbreweries and seven brewpubs from Sydney to Yarmouth. More than half of our members are located in rural communities, and our members employ more than 300 hundred hard working Nova Scotians. Our industry has more than doubled in size since 2011 and we now retail more than $16 million dollars of locally made craft beer annually in Nova Scotia. Our members have won national and international awards for our products and export sales are growing every year, establishing our industry’s products as world class and Nova Scotia as a destination for craft beer lovers across North America and the world.

Emily Tipton, President
Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia