Monday, November 23, 2015

The Pump House Brewery released Bière de Garde and Stonefire

(Moncton, NB) - The Pump House Brewery has released Bière de Garde, the 2014 Atlantic Canadian Beer Awards Gold Medal Winner. The name Bière de Garde is a bit of a play on words: it is widely purported that this beer was so good people wanted to keep it, but in reality the term “de garde” meant a prolonged maturation time after primary fermentation to French and Belgian brewers. During this maturation time, the yeast has time to reduce unwanted fermentation by-products and taste-inducing esters are produced. This beer is available now and is 6.5% ABV and 15 IBUs.

They also released their 2015 Stonefire Ale in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The wort of this ale is heated by immersing hot stones into it that can reach temperatures up to 700°C (roughly 1,300°F). This tremendous heat forces the wort sugars to caramelize to the stones instantly, thus creating a one of a kind taste. A faint hint of smokiness in the background also pays tribute to this medieval brewing technique. This weighs in a 6.5% ABV and 7 IBUs.