Saturday, November 14, 2015

Maritime Beer Report - November 13, 2015

Hello hope every one is well on this Friday the 13th edition of the Maritime Beer Report.

Bulwark Ciders are releasing Bulwark Hopped Cider in bottles. It is made from their trademark apple blend (Russets, honey crisp, mac, etc...) and in post-fermentation (they ferment to dry unlike original, which they leave a bit sweeter) they dry hop with Cascade and Comet. The hops impart a very citrysy character to the cider--almost grapefruit. Bottles will be going out to NSLCs on Tuesday  and hitting select stores, It's 7.0% ABV and will be in 500ml bottles. This is the same cider that has been available on draught for almost two months now.

Garrison Brewing has released details on its 2016 Home Brew-off.  In order to give some basic structure and make judging easier, they've defined the style as "American IPA (BJCP 21A) with an Experimental Feature". This means that IBU's, ABV, colour and flavour all need to fit within the guidelines for an American IPA. Experimentation can come from the addition of herbs, fruit, tea, etc. and must be clearly stated on the entry form. Still lots of room to play here and the standardized base beer will make the experimentation aspect stand out even more. Samples must be received by February 11th with the awards on March 3rd.
In other news, the first bombers of Martello Stout this season are hitting the market this week end and should be around till end of winter. It's been bumped up to 5%  ABV as well as the Oatmeal component increased. 
Also just released their flagship Irish Red in quarts for the next couple months at NSLC stores. 

Propeller Brewing newest One Hit Wonder has hit the taps. Sales and Marketing Manager Andrew Cooper says "This unfiltered IPA exudes west coast character with an aggressive pine & citrus aroma. It displays a golden orange-ish color with a creamy white head. Weighing in at 6.8% ABV. Down East North West IPA is dominated by big hop flavours, a prominent yet balanced bitterness, and a touch of sweetness". It is available now for growler fills at both Propeller Shoppes on Gottingen Street in Halifax and Windmill Road in Dartmouth while it lasts.

Just in time for Rememberance Day Distillerie Fils Du Roy released a new Barley Wine called The North Shore NB Regiment. It is an homage to an Infantry Battalion based in Northern New Brunswick that can trace its origins back to 1870.
The brewery describes the ale as "A showcase of malty richness and complex, intense flavors. Chewy and rich in body, with warming alcohol and a pleasant fruity or hoppy interest. When aged, it can take on port-like flavors. A wintertime sipper." It clocks it at 12 % ABV and 45 IBUs.
It is currently available at select ANBL in the Moncton Area and northeast New Brunswick as well as the brewery.

Hammond River Brewing has announced its Home Brew-off . Their beer is Category 9E: Strong Scotch Ale, also known as a Wee Heavy. Entries must consist of two 12 to 16 oz bottles with no identifiable features or marks. Brewers are limited to 2 entries each and the registration fee is $10 per entry. Entries must be received by: January 15th and judging will take place on January 17th.

Maybee Brewing Company's first batches of Roseway Red and Work Horse IPA will be made with New Brunswick hops thanks to Southan Farms. They delivered a truck load of hop pellets to Maybee to us in their first brews.

The James Joyce Pub says the next "Meet Your Makers" event will feature Picaroons. The Picaroons Traditional Ales crew will be in the house on November 26th. 

Trail Way Brewing revealed their new home is 280 Main Street (old Canadian Tire Building) on Fredericton's Northside. More details as I get them.

Lastly I got to join Big Spruce Brewing and Ladies Beer League at Boxing Rock Brewing in Shelburne today to work on a special beer. It will be called Triskaidekaphobia and it is an Imperial Brown Ale weighing in at 9% ABV. Look for it to hit the taps and shelves just before Christmas.

Thanks for checking out the blog again this week and until next time enjoy responsibly