Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bad Apple Brewhouse in trademark dispute

(Somerset, NS) - After opening in December 2013 and producing multi-award winning beer Bad Apple Brewhouse, in an on going trademark dispute, are now also brewing beer as the Mosaic Brewing Company.

What brought this on was in 2014 an operation in Ontario opened calling themselves the Bad Apple Brewing Company and trade marked the name. Shortly after they contacted the Nova Scotia namesake and threatened to sue for infringing on their trademark. The local Bad Apple met and attempted to come to an arrangement that would allow them to continue using the name. Unfortunately they were unable to come to an agreement.

So what does this mean? Because they properly registered their business in Nova Scotia the trademark infringement doesn't stand in that province. Unfortunately they can no longer sell beer outside of Nova Scotia as Bad Apple Brewhouse, hence the birth of the Mosaic Brewing Company which officially launched at the Fredericton Craft Beer Festival last week end.

Bad Apple Brewhouse fans are familiar with their Mosaic DIPA and will recognize Mosaic Brewing Company's logo. Which ever brand you find the beer under they promise to continue brewing great craft beer with an attitude.