Friday, March 4, 2016

Garrison Brewing releases The Cellar Series

(Halifax, NS) - Over the last three weeks Garrison Brewing released three beers in a new series. Two are from their large line of seasonals and specialties, with one new surprise. The cellar series are beer that are appropriate to age or "put in the cellar". They are good now but they get better with age. 

First was the Ol’ Fog Burner Barley Wine (11.5 ABV & 60 IBUs). An exceptionally mellow and complex ale, this British Barley wine is as smooth as it is chewy and rich with excellent balance. 

Next out of the gate was Grand Baltic Porter (9.5% ABV & 30 IBUs).  Smooth complex lager brewed coffee-black with blackstrap molasses and whole dates. A rich caramel and liquorice sweetness is balanced by specialty German hops. 

Garrison's final release today was To Prussia With Love (10% ABV & 35 IBUs) is described as intensely dark and flavourful, this regal brew combines strong Baltic Porter with Barrel Aged Imperial ESB for a rich complexity.

All the beers are available at the brewery now, only Ol' Fog Burner will go to private stores and possibly New Brunswick.