Monday, August 8, 2016

Tatamagouche Brewing continues Giant Series

(Tatamagouche, NS) - Tatamagouche Brewing is continuing its Giant Series this week with four new beers. 
They made a Belgian golden strong earlier this year that they aged in barrels and then added fruit to each. One barrel had raspberries, one had strawberries and ginger, and one had cherries and blackberries. There are very limited amounts of each of these. All of the new beer will be on tap at the brewery for samples but very small amount of each. 

They are also finally ready to release their 8.4% ABV bottle conditioned Belgian tripel as well as a barrel-aged version of their Baltic porter ( only 15 cases). 

The new Giant beers will be released as follows:

Wednesday - Barrel Aged Baltic Porter
Thursday - Raspberry Golden Strong
Friday - Strawberry & Ginger Golden Strong
Saturday - Tatamagouche Tripel

But wait there is more, Cellar slammer will be released again this week for Growler fills, cans, kegs and a cask on Saturday at brewery.

The Food Wolf Food Truck will also be on site Friday from 2 PM to 8 PM and Saturday from 3 PM to 7 PM cooking up a versatile menu including Asian (Korean, Taiwanese, Sichuan) cuisine, locally sourced meats and vegan comfort foods.

The Giant Series are all in 650 ml bottles and a few kegs for special occasions.

Watch for the Cherry & Blackberry Golden Strong to be release over the next couple weeks.