Saturday, October 1, 2016

MBR September 30, 2016 - New Brunswick/Prince Edward Island Edition

Welcome to the Maritime Beer Report for September the 30th for New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Big Axe Brewery says it's harvest time and this weekend we'll have our batch on of Purple Maize hybrid Pilsener, brewed with the purple corn grown here in the community by the awesome Krystle and Troy Ford

Grimross Brewing have released Petite Grim, a Belgian Blonde Session Ale. The 4.8% ABV beer is on tap at the brewery now. 

Mama's Brew Pub released a new beer today, Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout. 

Picaroons had a surprise release this week. The Spudnik Potato Stout. They teamed up with the folks at BioNB and CCNB - Coll├Ęge communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick and brewed a new Stout with Russet Potatoes grown from Toner Farms Limited in Grand Falls, New Brunswick. This smooth and full bodied stout, hopped with Willamette & Goldings hops, rings in at an approachable 4.7% ABV. and is exclusively available at The Brewtique in Downtown Fredericton. They also say they didn't use Ringwood yeast this time but experimented with a different English Ale yeast. 
Picaroons 2016 Harvest Ales made with local hops from the Maritimes is now available. This year's batches include a batch made with 100% feral hops from Moose Mountain Hops in Maplehurst, New
Brunswick, a batch single hopped with fresh Willamette hops from My Father's Farm on PEI, a batch single hopped with fresh Mount Hood hops from Wallace Ridge farm in Nova Scotia, and one more yet-to-be brewed batch using hops grown from LunaHop Farm in Cornhill, New Brunswick. Each batch has a unique hop flavour backed by an assertive and approachable malt profile. You can find out more about your harvest by checking out the batch number on the side of your bottle and heading to Now available at The Picaroons Brewtique in Downtown Fredericton, The Picaroons General Store in Uptown Saint John, Alcool NB Liquor, NSLC, and on tap at select bars and restaurants throughout the maritimes.  

Enjoy your week end and as always enjoy responsibly.