Tuesday, June 20, 2017

NS Craft Beer Sales Grew 34.2% Last Year at NSLC

(Halifax, NS) -  The NSLC released its year-end results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017. The result showed a decrease in earnings ($239.2M) and total volume there was a slight increase in sales ($611.8M). 
Overall total beer sales shrank about 1% to $276 million or just over 45% of total sales at the provincial agency and Nova Scotia Craft Beer growth continuing at stellar rate with sales growing by 34.2% to $10.2 million. 
The NSLC says there are now 18 local breweries products on their shelves, up from three four years ago and one of every four beer listings in their stores is a local craft beer.

Other items of note are:

  • NS Craft Beer surpassed NS wine made with local grapes last year
  • Nova Scotia ready-to-drink products, which are largely ciders, had a strong year with sales increasing by 83.7% to $2.9 million
  • Nova Scotia commercial beer sales coming in at $160.9 million

NSLC Announces 2017 Year End Results