Thursday, June 22, 2017

Tanner & Co Brewing Opening in Chester Area Summer of 2017

(Chester, NS) - Tanner & Co Brewing is planning to open in August on Angus Hiltz Road in Chester Nova Scotia. Owner and brewer Dan Tanner brings a wealth of knowledge from the restaurant industry, is a sommelier as well as having five years of homebrewing experience. Tanner and his partner Peggy Locke plan to be producing a core group of ales including a lightly hopped pale ale, as well as a lighter Dampfbier and darker Roggenbier. 
They’ll be doing different beers and experimenting also around the German beer roots with a Cabernet Franc Stout and Chardonnay Hefeweizen that they produced last year with grapes grown in their onsite vineyard.
Mr. Tanner, a Lunenburg native, will be brewing on a 3 BBL system with sales coming from keg sales and Farmers Markets. Longer term there may be onsite growler fills at the brewery but not initially. 
Tanner says he got a lot of assistance from Jeff Saunders from Bad Apple Brewhouse as he proceeds toward his production brewhouse.