Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Stillwell Brewing Announces Poptones Farmhouse Pale Ale

Photo from Stillwell Brewing
(Halifax, NS) - Stillwell Brewing Company (SBC) will be releasing a new bottle this Saturday, June 9th, from Noon to 3:00 PM. Poptones Farmhouse Pale Ale is 5.3% ABV and  started out as a clean pale ale to which SBC added their house cultures for a three month secondary fermentation. SBC describes it as "Along with the wonderful, funky, hay-like fermentation characteristics we get hop bitterness and aroma from Saphir & Sterling in the kettle and dry hop, plus a light acidity from our house cultures". SBC adds that there is a barrel-aged version of Poptones coming soon as well. 
Also on Saturday you will find limited quantities of Preach farmhouse ale refermented on NS peaches, Gosh 2.0 mosaic-dry hopped farmhouse blend , plus a few a few more they have been releasing from the cellar. Sale is at the brewery at 2015 Gottingen Street around at the back of the building.