Thursday, June 7, 2018

Unfiltered Brewing Releases Inducement DIPA

Photo from Unfiltered Brewing
(Halifax, NS) - Unfiltered Brewing is releasing Inducement DIPA on Friday June 8th at Noon at the brewery and next door at Charm School Pub. The 7.5% ABV beer is described by the brewery as "Fruity-as-f@%& Mosaic and Falconer's Flight hops with a wee touch of honey malt". 

Further Reading
Inducements Remain Rampant in Beer Industry

The beer name is a comment by the outspoken Halifax brewery on the practice of providing inducements or bribes for bar owners to carry a certain beer, a practice that is illegal and hurts small craft producers. I say let producing great beer for the people be the inducement.