Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Todd Tapped Out - Stillwell Beer Bar

I had been waiting for the new beer bar in town to open for sometime, especially after meeting the owners at an event earlier in the fall. A trip with friends to Stillwell Beer Bar on Barrington Street in Halifax happened during a Saturday afternoon. 

We arrived shortly after they opened at four o'clock and it was already starting to fill up. On entry you see a low key bar with tables, chairs, light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, and of course the bar. As I explored a little further there was shelves in the corner with a bunch of vinyl records, a collection of "empties" and downstairs there are some old school video games and even some old city bus seats. I liked the decor, it made me feel at home.

The bar takes up the bulk of one of the walls and behind it is twelve taps of primarily Maritime craft beer with an odd wildcard thrown in. The wall containing the taps is used like a chalkboard with each tap labelled with all its information and wiped and the next one added. One thing Stillwell is arrange the taps number one to twelve with the beers going for light to dark.

The snack fare was varied and different from the usual pub grub, the dozen items varied widely and is changed often they tell me. I got the oysters and fries with "atari" sauce and both were absolutely delicious.

The staff and owners were very friendly and attentive and kept us satisfied. My first experience there was extremely positive and I will be back again soon.