Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beer Review - Bad Apple Brewhouse American Pale Ale

I am trying my beer from Nova Scotia's newest brewery, Bad Apple Brewhouse. The American Pale Ale is a strong ale coming in at 5.7% ABV. I really like the labelling it is well thought out and I love the saying on the side "It is what it is but a cold beer will help". It is a clear copper colour with a decent amount of carbonation and a nice hop aroma and a hint of floral sweetness. It has a medium mouth feel with a good amount of carbonation. The ale gives the hoppy taste up front with a almost a sweetness before you get the dry finish. I really enjoy this beer as you know I like hoppy beers. I have been watching Greg Nash up there brewing with the owner Jeff so I knew it would be special. It is currently only available at the brewery in Somerset NS. A big thanks to Lori for picking the beer up for me and until next time, enjoy responsibly.

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