Friday, May 30, 2014

Maritime Beer Report - May 30, 2014

Hello and welcome to the May 30, 2014 edition of the Maritime Beer Report.

Tonight we start in northwestern New Brunswick where the Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault launched their new beers recently, a blonde ale, named Bob LeBoeuf and a white, named Tante Blanche. The company’s Communications Director Mychèle Poitras explains that the group always had two goals in mind in the development of their new beers. "We always said we absolutely wanted to create quality beers that people would ask for time and again. We also said that our beers should tell a story… the story of our area. After much discussion and brainstorming, we quickly reached a consensus when we decided to honour our area’s legendary characters… people who, in some way, captured the imagination of local residents.
Bob LeBoeuf was a bit of an excentric and a legendary prospector in Edmundston, who spent his life digging for precious metals in the mountains surrounding Edmundston. Tante (Aunt) Blanche saved her colony from a famine at the end of the 18th century by ordering that the rich should share with the poor in such desperate times and even delivered food to the poor in snowshoes."
They go on to say "The characters on the two labels were created by local artists from Baker-Brook, Luc Cyr and Paula Lentz. Luc sculpted the characters, and Paula, with her paintbrushes, gave them their vivid colours. Edmundston graphic artist Sandi Émond packaged the work and created the labels.
To stay in tune with the nostalgic fantasy of the beers’ branding, Petit-Sault Brewers will be bringing back the old "stubby" bottle for their beers. The “stubby” disappeared from the beer world in the early 80s. “We wanted to stand out yet again and this bottle seemed appropriate for our beers and our branding,” says Mychèle Poitras. The beers should be available in local NB Liquor stores as well as in the brewtique for off-site consumption. Beers will be available in single bottles, six-packs and 1.9 litre growlers that people will be able to have refilled at the brewery."
They hope to be open in the old police station in Edmunston for the tourist season in June.

A little down river Big Axe Brewery has its Shakesbeer Chocolate Oatmeal Stout on tap. They say it is a full and silky body stout, dark chocolate in colour. Aroma is rich with caramel malts, chocolate and a hint of vanilla. Very low citrus, earthy, roasty, charred bitterness herb hop character that makes this stout complex and original. This stouts weighs in at 6.5% ABV.

Garrison Brewing Company asks if "Cornbread with Imperial IPA braised walnut + homemade queso fresco tickle your taste buds" If it does there is a beer dinner with Seasons by Atlantica Hotel Halifax on June 4th. For reservations call 490-3366. They are also looking for a passionate and qualified Sales Representative to join their team. If you want to check it out visit the Garrison website.

A brewery I don't mention much is Keith’s Brewery, but the had an interesting news release this week. They say "Nova Scotia’s original local beer, Alexander Keith’s, is tapping into a growing trend. Labatt Breweries of Canada announced Tuesday that the 1.89-litre jugs known as growlers will be available at the Keith’s retail store in the Historic Farmers’ Market in downtown Halifax starting Sunday." 
“This is an exciting move for Alexander Keith’s beer,” Labatt corporate affairs director Wade Keller said in a release.“Growlers are becoming more popular among consumers so it makes sense that the most popular beer in Nova Scotia would be available in this kind of packaging.”
The Keith’s retail store is open seven days a week; empty jugs and refills will each sell for $10.

Meander River Farm has been busy since selling out on opening day and they say to get your growlers ready. The next batch of Lunchbox Pale Ale is ready and they will be open this weekend both Saturday and Sunday from 11-5.

Propeller Brewing has yet another one off today with its Smoked Ale. This is a pale ale has 2 types of smoked malt, warrior and columbus, for bittering and willamette for flavour and aroma. They describe it as Malt forward with a light smokey flavour & aroma.

"It's Lager time!" says the Rock Bottom brewpub as Hali-Lager hits the taps this week. From their brewers blog "This is our big little lager, with flavour. The perfect lawnmower brew, perhaps?! Brewed with North American malts to 4.5% ABV and 17 IBU worth of Hallertau Hersbrucker with a twist of Cascade hops in the finish; a fun little continental hybrid." 

Schoolhouse Brewery is pleased to announce that their beer will soon be on tap in pubs. They will be on tap June 6th at the Library pub and June 7th at the Spitfire. Their initial beers are the "Principal Ale" a dry hoped pale ale and the "Chequers Ale", a robust porter. I am anxious to try these for sure.

Uncle Leos Brewing are working on a new beer coming out in a few weeks, they tell me they are leaning towards a German Wheat. Stay tuned for developments.

The Celtic Oktoberfest in Port Hawkesbury launched their website this week. They say "We’re proud to be Cape Breton’s first ever craft beer and local foods celebration, and we can’t wait to share the experience with you on October 25th! And what better way to celebrate than by a taste testing of our Island’s best food and craft beer." So far they are showcasing 10 Nova Scotian microbreweries; Big Spruce, Propeller, Uncle Leo’s, Authentic Seacoast, Boxing Rock, Rock Bottom, Townhouse Brewpub, Garrison, Sea level and Hell Bay and 8 Cape Breton food establishments as well as live Celtic music. Looks like a blast.

Thanks for joining me again this week, enjoy responsibly and to those at Atlantic Beer Fest tomorrow afternoon be on the look out for me and say hi.