Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sneak peek at Spindrift Brewing

I had the pleasure of getting an early tour of the Spindrift's brewery that is tucked away on Frazee Avenue in Dartmouth's Burnside Park. Brewmaster Kellye Robertson, who is a native Nova Scotian and worked previously at Beau's Brewing and Garrison Brewing, was my guide. As you enter the front door it is not hard to envision the bright southern facing space being inviting to patrons buying beer, getting growlers filled and sitting enjoying a beer after work.

Passing through the space you enter a hall and pass the cooler and a window which allows a view into their lab. As you walk into the expansive brewhouse I was impressed with towering fermenters and size of the start-ups 25 BBL brewing area. Rob Green, the General Manager, is quite proud that all the brewing equipment from DME is Canadian made and the canning and kegging system is from Cask Brewing Systems of Calgary. In fact Spindrift tries to source as much as they can locally.

The plant is state of the art and will support quality brewing and a great deal of control to Kellye during her brewing days. Spindrift plans to do things a little different. They are producing one beer year-round and perhaps 5 or 6 seasonals which is quite different than what we have seen in our region. Their flagship beer is Coastal Lager that weighs in at 5% ABV. It was shipped to the NSLC last week and hit the shelves this week at four stores so far if 473 ml cans available as singles and four packs.  

Other plans on the drawing board are a barrel aging program, which I for one am excited about, a few other secret items and believe it or not expansion if things go as planned. 

Welcome Spindrift Brewing to the Nova Scotia craft beer community.