Monday, May 16, 2016

Halifax Beer Bus - Sampling the city's fine beers

 I recently had the pleasure of hopping on the new Halifax Beer Bus Tour. The Saturday afternoon tour took us around to a sample some of Halifax's craft beer scene hitting up several locations while trying some beers and snacks. 

My tour started at Gahan House with a couple of  the house beers while I meet other craft beer fans, our tour leader Susan and the brewmaster. This location is off the menu so to speak for the brewpub's busy summer season but an equally great substitution was implemented. 

From Gahan we boarded our wheels for the afternoon and made our way to Garrison Brewing near the Seaport Farmers' Market. Here we went into the brewhouse to sip two of their beers and have a talk about Garrison and brewing in general. There brewhouse here was their production brewery until last year when their new brewery opened but is still in use. Here we had a little extra time to shop in the retail store. No drinking is allowed on the bus but the have a cooler to store any products you decide to buy. 

Back on the bus we headed north while Susan talked about a few interesting facts to land at Propeller Brewing. In the events room we were treated to our choice of what was available on tap. The refurbished historic building that housed the total operation at one time but now is their specialty brewhouse. Again we had a moment to shop before heading to one of the newest breweries.

We reached our northern most point at the self-described "most questionable brewery in Halifax", Good Robot Brewing. We entered the breweries tap room and were meet by one of the co-owners, Josh Council, who talked on beer, brewing and the brewery itself. Josh is a very entertaining speaker and kept it very light. I grabbed a quick snack here (not part of the tour) while I enjoyed my beer in the tap room.

We got on the bus to head to out last destination, The Stubborn Goat Gastropub. This was the last stop for me as some of chose to end our tour here rather than be returned to out starting point. This stop offered a wide variety of breweries and a slider to wind up the tour.

If you decide to go the tour buy the numbers 5 stops, 10 beers, 3 hours, 1 bus and 1 great time. The tour is geared for tourists looking to sample what the city has to offer but would be a great way to kick off a Saturday evening or an activity for a group of friends.