Saturday, October 8, 2016

MBR October 7, 2016 - New Brunswick/Prince Edward Island Edition

Here is the latest beer news for New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island for October 7th. 

PEI Brewing Company has a new beer Gose on tap from Gahan Beer. It is a slightly salty, slightly sour and comes in at 3.8% ABV. Only available on tap at the brewery. 

Upstreet Craft Brewing continued expanding its range as they announced that they sent their first shipment of kegs over to New Brunswick. They say to ask your local pub if they plan to carry Upstreet. Right now it's only kegs but hoping for bottles to be sent soon.

Big Tide Brewing has Golden Hawk, their first white IPA, on tap now. Brewed with Super Alpha and heavily dry hopped with Cascade hops, all from Darling's Island Farm

Bore City Brewing has a couple of their hoppy beers back. First, Tipsy Giant their 8.5% ABV and 75 IBUs double IPA and Mondo IPA, 6.8%  ABV and 50 IBUs, Find them at Laundromat Expresso Bar and The James Joyce Pub.

Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault has their La Padrix back on tap at the Brewtique and next week will be at Alcool NB Liquor growler stations. This Oktoberfest is only available for a limited time.

Gray Stone Brewing has introduced their new ISA called Basecamp Idaho. It is named after the Idaho 7 hop used in it. This beer is 4.3% ABV and 40 IBUs. Ready to be served as pints, Crowlers and Growlers.

Shane's new fulltime role as a brewer at Hammond River Brewing is really starting to bear fruit. This season's last batch of Wet Hopped Harvest Ale was kegged this week. It is a 7.0% ABV and 70 IBU Ale brewed with 100% fresh hops grown at HRB. A couple of new beers being brewed soon. The first one is a new Imperial IPA that Shane used to brew when he was a Homebrewer. It will be brewed with all Simcoe hops and will be approximately 9.2% ABV and 102 IBUs. The next one will be a new version of the Vegas SMaSH IPA, this time using all Citra hops. Lastly for the Stout lovers out there, both the White Walker White Stout and Imperial Breakfast Stout have been brewed and will be out in the future. 

The Pump House Brewery has brought out The Oktoberfest Bier, a seasonal favourite for many beer drinkers world wide. It is now available on tap and in six packs at the restaurant. The malty amber beer rings in at 5.5% ABV and 12 IBUs. 

Savoie's Brewhouse has a new beer coming that has a local name to promote our area. The Fall Fair Harvest Ale is 5% ABV and should be available shortly. 

Shiretown Beer are currently brewing a limited run of a Blonde Du Quai made entirely with locally grown hops from Charlo's own Jean-Michel Levesque. Try JM's Harvest Blonde Du Quai while you can. 

Tide and Boar Gastropub proudly announced this week their next progression. They have opened their own brewery, Tide & Boar Brewing located right at The Tide & Boar and are currently brewing on a Nano brewery scale so they can experiment and try different things out. All of their beers will be unfiltered and all of their IPAs will be cloudy. They currently had two beers on tap.
-Forum Pale ale, the cloudy pale ale has flavours and aromas of melon, lychee and peach with so many hops in the brew and a little rye malt for some spice at an easy 5.75% ABV.
-Amarillo, Citra and Summit Pale Ale which packs lots of citrus and Apricot flavors with a light bitter back and a golden haze of color at 5.9% ABV.
They should have three new beers on tap next week including two different DIPAs and a sour.

Red Rover Brewing released their White Witch Cider this week. This cider is a white beer inspired that is semi-dry infused with lots of orange zest and cilantro. Available now.

Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy responsibly.