Friday, February 3, 2017

MBR February 3, 2017 - New Brunswick/Prince Edward Island Edition

Lots of great news this week from our local brewers. 

Big Tide Brewing currently has on tap The Seaworthy IPA with an extra citrus kick, thanks to the addition of local Summit hops. They also have a special batch of the Chocolate Amaretto Porter on the way for mid February as well stay tuned for updates.

Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault are brewing another belgian-style beer, a dubbel. Details to be released shortly. 

Hammond River Brewing says back on January 17th they threw out a post on FB asking what folks would like them to brew next. The unanimous decision by everyone was to brew a Sour. Owner Shane had to wait for a couple things to arrive, but he brewed a new Kettle Soured Blackberry Berliner Weisse. He also brewed another batch of Quicksand Jesus Russian Imperial Stout. A portion of this batch will again be aged in an Oak Barrel and will be headed to the Fredericton Craft Beer Festival. 

Loyalist City Brewing are about to launch the first round of hop series beer. Two sessionable IPAs, brewed on the same day, identical except for the hops and designed to showcase the vast differences between hops from across the globe. First up in the hop series they have the classic American cultivar Cascade up against the recently released New Zealand Motueka cultivar.
American Cascade hops are synonymous with the craft beer revolution. Originally bred in 1956 from the open pollination of Fuggle hops in the USDA hop breeding program, Cascade rose to popularity in two classic American craft beer: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Liberty IPA from Anchor Brewing. The versatility of Cascade hops and their pleasant floral, citrus, and grapefruit flavor has helped maintain their status as one of the most popular American hops year after year.
New Zealand’s hop breeding program has produced some of the most unique hop varieties available on the market today, and Motueka is no exception. Originally bred from the noble Czech Saaz varietal, Motueka’s fresh crushed citrus and tropical fruit character exemplifies New World hops. Motueka’s pleasant mix of fresh lemon, lime, and tropical fruit flavor makes a great addition to IPAs, Pilsner’s and saisons.

Picaroons Traditional Ales introduced Trial and Error. A small batch experimental Belgian style Tripel. This big straw coloured beer has an ABV of 9.2% and is sweet and complex with a nice dry finish. It is now on tap exclusively at the Picaroons General Store. While supplies last. 

Pump House Brewery participated for the second year in a row in Gruit Day and are brewing Dungarvon Whooper Gruit. The Malt bill for this Gruit is based of their 4 Alarm IPA and flavoured with mugwort, sweet gale, Woodruff and wormwood. This old fashion botanical mix gives it a slight bitter herbal finish for this 6.5% ABV beer. 
"The Dugarvon is a side branch of the Renous river. Along this branch resides the Dungarvon Whooper - probably the most famous of New Brunswick ghosts. Some still claim to have heard the hair-raising, high-pitched howl that gave the ghost its name - it is the howl of murder, the smell of bacon, the echo of lumber camp injustice ."

Trail Way Brewing held their home brew-off over the week end with Pierre Gagnon and Roger Ringuette placing first and second, respectively. They say to look for Pierre's beer in the Trail Way rotation in the coming months.

Copper Bottom Brewing announced plans to open in the Eastern Graphic building in Montague, P.E.I this summer. The owners are P.E.I. folk singer-songwriter Ashley Condon and her husband Ken Spears.They plan to produce beer for the local restaurants, establish a taproom with an entertainment venue and eventually cans for the PEILCC. More details soon. 
For the full report go here.

Moth Lane Brewing says Saturday will be their usual Growler sand guitars jam session and they are also welcoming the popular food truck The Galley. Chef Norman will be cooking up some amazing eats. They also have a new beer. Weizen Up B'ye is a juicy, refreshing German-style unfiltered hefeweizen and it is on tap now. 

PEI Brewing Company says this week's featured cask is Belgian Summer, it's like a little ray of sunshine in winter. It is a 8.2% and 20 IBU beer. 

That is all I have for this week, thanks for the support and see you next week.