Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bore City Brewing set to make waves in Moncton

(Moncton, NB) - Three partners Stéphane Cormier, Denis Babineau and Jamie Melanson have formed Bore City Brewing they opens this month. All three are from the Moncton and Dieppe area, in fact Jamie says he actually grew up within a minute's walk from the Petitcodiac River, so the tidal bore has always been close to his heart and liver.

Mondo IPA
Stéphane and Denis both have day jobs and will handle the bulk of the brewing while Jamie, who is President, will do quality assurance and the day-to-day business. But as with most small breweries everyone helps everyone. Stéphane who assumes head brewer role, has been brewing all grain for four years now and developed his recipes over that time. Denis started brewing kits years ago but now assists Stéphane and is learning the process of 'all grain'.

Stéphane and Jamie both worked in IT for the same company and over time became friends through their love for craft beer. One evening, while drinking some of Stéphane's beer, they mulled over the thought of selling it. They enjoyed drinking it and figured they knew people that would drink it as well. Denis came on board right away and around this time last year they registered the business name and are days away from its beers flowing.
Marécage Belgian-style saison

Bore City brewing is starting off using a 1.2 bbl all electric system distributing kegs only. Their goal is to grow the business to the point they can all work full time and quit their day jobs. They say Tide and Boar and The Laundromat have expressed interest in carrying their beer and they will "likely get some kegs to NB's 'go to' beer bar - The James Joyce Pub".

So far, they have three regular beer on rotation - a west coast style IPA called Mondo 6.8% ABV, a Belgian-style saison called Marécage 7% ABV and a coffee porter. They are all about experimenting and coming up with new recipes so there will definitely be specialty and seasonal beers brewed often.

They've met many people in the industry and are amazed to see the camaraderie and willingness to share past experiences in order to help. Stéphane chatted with Shane Steeves from Hammond River Brewing earlier on and got some great information, Bruce Barton from Celtic Knot Brewing has helped them out as well whether it was answering questions or lending a piece of gear they needed to get set up. Jamie also had a few good chats with Marc Melanson from Flying Boats Brewing, Stephen Dixon from Grimross Brewing and Sean Dunbar from Picaroons. They say they haven't even launched yet and they are getting questions from people on getting a nano-brewery off the ground and even had someone interested to stop by for a visit.

Bore City is working diligently to be ready to launch around mid-January and say social media is the best way to know when and where they launch and they are looking forward to serving at the Fredericton Craft Beer Festival on March 12th.