Friday, January 29, 2016

Maritime Beer Report - January 29, 2016

Hello and welcome to the January 29th edition of the Report

Johnny Jacks Brewing has produced JJ Viking Ale. The infamous yet, ancient Viking brew made many years ago by Vikings who used traditional herbs and natures own preservative, unpasteurized honey. Along with its earthy aromatic hops, they give you a down to earth Amber ale. 

Pump House Brewery will be releasing a gruit beer at the brewpub on International Guit Day, February 1st. Gruit is an herb mixture used for bittering and flavouring beerthat was popular before the use of hops.

Big Spruce Brewing says Czech Out Eric, the Home Brew Challenge 2015 winning beer brewed by Eric Gautier in conjunction with Justin Clarke, has been released. They step mashed, and slow lagered this beer, and say it's a great release for winter. It is malty smooth, and the lagering process compliments the flavours perfectly. The 5.4 % ABV and 25 IBU beer is available now at the Sprucetique and fine taps everywhere.
This week Big Spruce brewed a simultaneous collaboration with Stone City Ales in Kingston, Ontario. The Watchtower Conspiracy Imperial IPA being brewed on two identical 7 BBL systems in each brewery.

Garrison Brewing has brought nucleation to the Maritimes. What is nucleation you are probably asking. In the glass there is etching at the bottom which breaks the smooth surface of the glass providing a nucleation site. This causes carbon dioxide bubbles in your beer to continuously rise up to the surface of the glass, carrying with them the aromas trapped inside your brew. The new Fizzics 16oz Nucleated glasses are now available at the retail store.
Pucker Up is back at the brewery The lovely pink pomegranate hibiscus beer is only available now only at the Brewery.

Good Robot Brewing has the All-New Burban Legend v3.0 is now on tap. They say it has more hops giving you more value. This version is dry-hopped with Citra and Cascade,

Sweet Hereafter Cheesecakery on Quinpool Road has released a new flavor. Normally this is not beer news but this one is a Chocolate & Stout. It is infused with Good Robot Brewing's stout and chocolate, and topped with a stout coulis, this cheesecake is every beer-lover's dream.

Saltbox Brewing is opening in Mahone Bay this summer. They are building the 10 BBL brewhouse at a former service station at 363 Main Street. They are splitting the two bays with one side being the brewhouse and the other a taproom for people to socialize. The front corner will have a retail space where they will sell growlers and merchandise, including kegs for parties. Look for it hopefully this summer. See more details here.

Spindrift Brewing says Signal Fire, a Rauch-Pils is out today. This light amber beer is slightly sweet and fruity to compliment a distinct smoke flavour and aroma imparted from smoked cherry malt. It weighs in at 25 IBUs and 5.7% ABV and is available for growler fills now.

Uncle Leo's Brewery has Jam Session APA out now. The session beer with citrus notes is 5.0% ABV and about 35 IBU's and is bittered with magnum hops and uses cascade as a late addition hop and for dry-hopping. Look for it at the brewery, fine taps in NS and New Glasgow Farmer's Market.

Unfiltered Brewing says DOA is back once again at the brewery and Charm School. Double Orange Ale is a 7.5% ABV and 100+ IBU beer and as they "get on it" or you may be disappointed.

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