Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Saltbox Brewing to open in Mahone Bay NS

(Mahone Bay, NS) - The sleepy seaside town of Mahone Bay, famous for its three churches, festivals and beautiful scenery, will be welcoming Saltbox Brewing Company later this year.

Lunenburg County residents and 'founders' Patrick Jardine, Jane McLoughlin, George Anderson and Andrew Tanner had the desire to open a brewery for some time now, but the stars never aligned. Andrew Tanner says " We met each other in the fall and decided to go for it. We wanted the brewery to be community based and a place where people could drop in and feel at home. Mahone Bay seemed like a natural fit and the site is perfect". 

They are building a 10 BBL brewhouse and intend to sell kegs, growlers, grunters and bottles. Building at a former service station at 363 Main Street, they are splitting the two bays with one side being the brewhouse and the other a taproom for people to socialize. The front corner will have a retail space where they will sell growlers and merchandise, including kegs for parties.

The brewery have been actively meeting with pubs and restaurants in Lunenburg County and say the support from them to put Saltbox's beers on their menus is phenomenal. Although still finalizing their first releases they will probably start with an IPA, a pale ale and a wheat beer. Look for seasonals coming and they intend to try their hand at cider using burgandy apples.

Saltbox is extremely thankful for all of the community support they have received. They also add that the guys at Good Robot Brewing are their heroes and have been a tremendous resource. Mr Tanner said they have also had support from Boxing Rock Brewing, Hell Bay Brewing and Tatamagouche Brewing. Nova Scotia craft brewers have been so willing to share and assist.

Mr. Tanner added  that "We just want to product great beer and offer a great experience that the community is proud of. We want tourists to feel like they have experienced Lunenburg County hospitality at its' best and to want to come back soon." 

The planned opening is summer 2016 but so much depends on renovations and equipment delivery a firm date is impossible to nail down. Follow the Maritime Beer Report and I will make sure you get all the details