Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Beer Review - Bad Apple Brewhouse Black & Tackle Russian Imperial Stout

Bad Apple Brewhouse is currently Nova Scotia's newest brewery. The Black & Tackle is one other their two original beers and quickly became a favorite of mine. I also got to help make a batch of this 9.0% ABV stout.

The Black & Tackle is as the name states black with a tan head that dissipates fairly quickly.

There is a distinct chocolate and coffee aroma with a slight berry like sweetness.

The coffee and chocolate are dominant in the beginning with a nice dry finish.

Medium mouth feel with a good amount of carbonation. There is a slight alcohol feel but not much surprisingly for this high alcohol brew.

It is a nice beer to sip for a evening or to have with food. It can be purchased at the brewery in Somerset Nova Scotia or occasionally on tap at Stillwell. I guess the bottomline on this is a great beer brewed here.

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