Friday, March 14, 2014

Garrison 2014 Home Brew-off Gala

I went to the gala at the Garrison brewery. There were a couple of hundred home brewers and guests in attendance all there to see who would be crowned in this years challenge. The road to get here started with a record 76 entries and 10 beer judges to get to 13 qualifiers. Brewers Daniel and Kellye reduced the entries down to the top 4. On the day of the gala 3 beer judges picked the winner. The four finalists in order were:

4. Ed Barkhouse
3 Roger Ringette
2. Kristin MacDonald
1. Jason MacDougall

Jason's winning Weizen was straw colored and cloudy, as is expected with this style, with a white foamy head. There was a distinct banana aroma with a good amount of carbonation and banana flavor. This beer is going to be a hit for sure.