Friday, June 20, 2014

Cask List released for Garrison Brewings Cask Takeover of Stillwell Beer Bar June 21, 2014

Here are the casks announced for Garrison Brewing's cask takeover event of Stillwell Beer Bar on June 21st.

Cask 1 Spiceman's Session Saison - Spiced Belgian-style Saison with Spiceman's Casia buds and Wild Voatsiperifery Pepper.

Cask 2 - Christmas in June - Pale Spruce Ale with Meander River Farm's Lunch Box Pale Ale and Garrisons Spruce Beer.

Cask 3 - Summit Buzz - Vanilla Expresso Brown with Spiceman's Vanilla Bean and Javablend K2 expresso.

Cask 4 - Peanut Butter Jelly Time - PB&J Brown Ale with peanut butter and Noggins Farm Raspberries.

Cask 5 - Some Like It Hot - Tall Ship Amber Michelada with Chef Graeme's own spicy michelada mix

Cask 6 - Blueberry Raj - Spiced American Wheat with Acadian Maple Products Blueberry Juice and The Tea Brewey Masala Chai

Cask 7 - Brand New and Already Bitter - XXXtra dry hopped IPA, Garrison IPA with Citra and Amarillo hops.

Cask 8 - Makin' Bacon - Maple Bacon Ale with Sugar Moon Farm's Maple Syrup and Chef Graeme's own bacon rum.

Cask 9 - Imperial Mystery ???

Cask 10 - Lovers Quarrel - Belgian-style Spiced Wit with Wild Camomile and rosehips.

Cask 11 - My Thai Wheat - Thai/American Wheat with Pineapple , Mint and Kafir Lime Leaves from Pete's Frootique

Cask 12 - La Moreno Loco - Chocolate Chili Brown with Alex's Chili Peppers and Rawthentic Cayenne Dark Chocolate & Cacao Nibs

The first sip session is sold out and the session at 2 PM is first come first serve. Drop me a tweet and let me know what you think or if you see me there say hi and tell me.