Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2014 Atlantic Canadian Beer Awards

The inaugural Atlantic Canadian Beer Awards were held over the week end here in Halifax. There were several events from food pairings to beer judging and the gala on Sunday night at The Stubborn Goat. There was great support with 27 Breweries and Brewpubs entering 168 beers into the competition. 

The judging was officiated by 18 judges, a head judge and nine other volunteers. The beers were judged in 15 categories and beer of the year. Additionally the was an award for brewery of the year, brewpub of the year and Peoples choice award. Boxing Rock Brewery took the tops in medals with two gold and two silver followed closely by Bad Apple Brewhouse with two gold, one silver and two bronze. Beer of the Year was a tough choice for the judges but it went to Pumphouse Brewery's Barley Wine. Lastly there was the Stillwell's Peoples Choice Award that went to Big Spruce Brewing's Cereal Killer. Full medal count see Table 1 and medal details Table 2. 

In addition to the beer categories there were two other awards given out, the first being Brewpub of the Year that went to Rockbottom Brew Pub and the other was Brewery of the Year that was given to Bad Apple Brewhouse.

It was a great success and they tell me they are already working on next years awards. Congratulations to all that participated.

Table 1 : Medal counts 
Company Gold  Silver Bronze
Boxing Rock Brewing 2 2 0
Bad Apple Brewhouse 2 1 2
Propeller Brewing 2 0 1
Pumphouse Brewery 2 0 1
BarNone Brewing 1 1 2
Rogues Roost Brew Pub 1 1 1
Hop City Brewing 1 0 0
Rare Bird Craft Beer 1 0 0
Rockbottom Brew Pub 1 0 0
Uncle Leo's Brewing 1 0 0
Garrison Brewing 0 2 3
North Brewing 0 2 0
Big Spruce Brewing 0 1 1
Big Axe Brewing 0 1 0
Moosehead Breweries 0 1 0
Paddys Brew Pub 0 1 0
Tatamagouche Brewing 0 1 0
Grimross Brewing 0 0 1
Brasseurs du Petit-Sault 0 0 1

Table 2 : Full Beer Category Breakdown 

North American & European Style Lagers
Gold:    Hop City Brewing - Barking Squirrel
Silver:  Tatamagouche Brewing - Lagerhosen
Bronze: Propeller Brewing - Bohemian Style Pilsner

German Specialty Beers
Gold:    Uncle Leo’s Brewing - Vohs Weizenbier
Silver:   Paddy’s Brewpub - Dom Arthur
Bronze: none

UK Specialty Beers
Gold:    PEI Brewing - Iron Bridge Brown
Silver:   Gahan House - Iron Bridge Brown
Bronze: Paddy’s Brewpub - Raven Ale

North American Specialty Ales
Gold:    BarNone Brewing - Black Eye Pale Ale
Silver:   Boxing Rock Brewing - Hunky Dory Pale Ale
Bronze: BarNone Brewing - Sessions Ale

Belgian Style Specialty Ales
Gold:    Pumphouse Brewing - Pompier à Vos Garde
Silver:   North Brewing - Summer Saison
Bronze: Grimross Brewing - Chantelope

North American Amber & Red Ales
Gold:    Boxing Brewing - Rock Tempation Red
Silver:   BarNone Brewing - Substanchel
Bronze: Garrison Brewing - Sweet Rye’d Harvest Wheat Ale

Fruit & Field Beers
Gold:    Rare Bird Craft Beer - Pumpkin Ale
Silver:   Rogue’s Roost Brewpub - Raspberry Wheat
Bronze: Bad Apple Brewhouse - Operation Green Ring

Pale Ales
Gold:    Bad Apple Brewhouse - American Pale Ale
Silver:   Moosehead Breweries - Boundary Ale
Bronze: Garrison Brewing - Hop Yard Pale Ale

Stout & Porter
Gold:     Rogue’s Roost Brewpub - Oatmeal Stout
Silver:   Big Axe Brewing - Shakes Beer Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
Bronze: Pumphouse Brewing - Muddy River Stout

Strong Stout & Porter
Gold:     Propeller Brewing - Revolution Russian Imperial Stout
Silver:   Bad Apple Brewhouse - Black & Tackle Russian Imperial Stout
Bronze: Rogue’s Roost Brewpub - Imperial Stout

India Pale Ale
Gold:     Rockbottom Brewpub - Fathom IPA
Silver:   Big Spruce Brewing - Tim’s Dirty American IPA
Bronze: BarNone Brewing -  IPA

Imperial IPA
Gold:     Bad Apple Brewhouse - Mosaic Double IPA
Silver:   Boxing Rock Brewing - Vicar’s Cross Double IPA
Bronze: Garrison Brewing - Imperial IPA

Strong Ale
Gold:     Pumphouse Brewing - Barley Wine
Silver:   North Brewing - Strong Belgian Dark
Bronze: Brasseurs du Petit-Sault - Bob LeBoeuf

Experimental Beers
Gold:     Boxing Rock Brewing - U-­889 Russian Imperial Stout
Silver:   Garrison Brewing - Honey Lavender Ale
Bronze: Big Spruce Brewing - Hoppucino Coffee IPA

Wood & Barrel Aged Beers
Gold:     Propeller Brewing - Lambic Style Framboise
Silver:   Garrison Brewing - Barrel-Aged Grand Baltic Porter
Bronze: Bad Apple Brewhouse - Barrel-Aged Black & Tackle Russian Imperial Stout