Thursday, November 27, 2014

Muskoka Brewery adds two offerings in the NSLC

      Muskoka Brewery had a launch party at The Stubborn Goat in Halifax to announce the launch of two of its beers, Mad Tom IPA and Winter Beard Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout, at the NSLC. Muskoka is not new to Nova Scotia as it was available at private stores in HRM for sometime now.

     Craig Prentice spoke to the attendees about Muskoka Brewery's history and distribution within Canada and in addition to Mad Tom and Winter Beard they are bringing a couple more offerings to the NSLC in the spring.

      The Stubborn Goat had a great sampling of fare to go with the beers we could try. I first tried the Mad Tom, this IPA is a strong 6.4% ABV and is dry-hopped with Chinook and Centennial hops giving it a crisp aroma and a very citruy and piney taste. 

      I was worried that the Winter Beard was going to be overwhelmed by sweetness and chocolate but the chocolate and sweetness were just right and after that flavor faded a fruitiness lingered. This is a nice beer to sip and enjoy on a cool winters night.

     Both beers are in the NSLC system now with Mad Tom being a year-round offering and the Winter Beard for Christmas.

     Watch for a full review on these beers coming soon.